Are Rottweilers Good Guard Dogs? What Makes Them Good Guard Dogs


Rottweilers are likely the most suitable breed to serve as guard dogs. With their confident gait and aggressive appearance, these dogs will send thieves running for cover. The question remains, are Rottweilers good guard dogs? Rottweilers make the best guard dogs since they possess all the attributes that make a good guard dog. Since their earliest times, they have been bred to protect, and their strong instinct to protect is what defines them.

They are good guard dogs because of their intelligence, courage, and strength. They need little training to perform at their best. Here’s everything you need to know about are Rottweilers good guard dogs and why Rottweilers make great guard dogs.

Are Rottweilers Good Guard Dogs?

A Rottweiler is the typical guard dog. They are robust and fearless and have a threatening look. They are smart enough to govern what is and isn’t a danger and then react consequently. With socialization as well as training, you can enjoy an excellent family dog that is affectionate with you and your kids that will courageously protect you once the need arises.

What Makes a Good Guard Dog?

The term guard dog indicates several people to think of roaring, barking, and scowling dogs that will attack someone who goes near them. In fact, a guard dog will determine when there is a danger and then protect their loved ones. This does not mean violence but could mean a warning to intruders or standing between a kid and anything that they think to be a threat.

 Why Rottweilers are Good Guard Dogs? 7 Reasons

Rottweilers can sometimes be distrustful of strangers despite their loyalty to their families. They will defend their loved ones when threatened. Early socialization and regular training are the best ways to prevent this protective behavior, and guarding is not an aggressive trait and can even be viewed positively.

Even though Rottweilers make great guard dogs, numerous other breeds show the same level of devotion to their families. Here’s what you need to know about, are Rottweilers good guard dogs, and what makes them the best guard dog.

  1. Loud Barking

Barking is another strong characteristic of Rottweilers. They should bark when they want to alert you to something. Rottweilers can give you a clue if something is wrong by barking loudly and deeply. Additionally, intruders are hesitant to enter areas with Rottweilers due to the sound they emit.

Guarding Rottweilers tend to roar rather than bark when they are guarding. Many people have the impression that their voices sound like lions or bears rather than dogs. A potential intruder knows if they continue to break into a property what will happen because this bark is so intense.

  1. Physical Ability


Dogs like the Rottweiler are extremely powerful. These dogs are heavy and muscular and can weigh 100 pounds or more. With their big head and huge jaws, Rottweilers have one of the strongest bites among all dogs. It is also helpful to present a threatening appearance with the black and tan coloration.

  1. Chase Thieves

Rottweilers are not afraid of chasing people who steal from you, assault you, etc. Depending on whether they can stop them or bring them down by biting, their instinct is to chase them down and chase them down until they stop.

  1. Cautious Around Strangers

Especially if you don’t accompany your Rottweiler, they are not accustomed to welcoming strangers around. Rottweilers can be cautious and unsure about strangers in the home, but they should warm up to them over time. A Rottweiler may act aggressively towards strangers if they are not sure about them and they come near you.

  1. History and Instinct

It is believed that Rottweilers arose from Roman cattle herding dogs that protected and herded cattle during invasions. Germans breeding Rottweilers retained those with the strongest guarding instincts, so they created the breed we know today by breeding only those with the strongest guarding instincts.

Even as the demand for large, powerful guardians diminished in the early 1900s, the Rottweiler did not lose its ability to protect. However, a later increase in demand for personal and property protection continued to reverse that trend.

  1. Intelligence

Dogs need to be critical to be good guard dogs. Guard dogs must be capable of differentiating between family members and potential threats. These characteristics make Rottweilers a perfect choice.

Rottweilers, when socialized properly, learn to distinguish between work and leisure time. However, Rottweilers cannot be trusted to decide for themselves whether a stranger is a threat that should be dealt with by biting.

Your Rottweiler should be safely contained on your property if you know a stranger will be coming on your property. The Rottweiler, however, may not bite in an uncontrolled manner like other breeds.

Rottweilers possess incredible discrimination if properly trained, being capable of accompanying even a small child and not biting a stranger unless they engage in aggressive behavior and grab the child. ·

  1. Bravery

These fierce dogs are unafraid of threats and are usually very confident and fearless. This is one of the reasons why these dogs have been so successful as police and military dogs. Despite gunfire, bombs, or explosions, Rottweilers will charge regardless of the sound. A person trying to scare them off is unlikely to be able to intimidate them into backing down. Rottweilers may attack even if they are untrained and young.

Feel Safer Having a Rottweiler


If you are worried about your care or home security, a Rottweiler dog can greatly help. These influential dogs are excellent guardians of your home and family and are pleasing, highly trainable dogs with loving and goofy natures.

Selecting any dog as a guard dog comes with numerous inherent tasks, and the Rottweiler dog is no exemption, so it is very significant to know what you are receiving when you select to train your Rottie as a guard dog. But if you seek an excellent guard dog, there is no motive to look beyond the Rottweiler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rottweilers or German shepherds make the most effective guard dogs?

As they are instinctively very protective of their families, Rottweilers make great guard dogs. Their presence will certainly scare any creatures on your property, as they weigh even more than German Shepherds.

Is a female Rottweiler a good guardian?

The Rottweiler female is incredibly protective, and she makes a fine guard dog. Although they are somewhat more obedient than males, they are usually cuddlier. Many people also think of them as more affectionate.

Is Rottweiler protection training necessary?

Despite being friendly and happy with strangers, Rottweilers can be taught to protect, even in the house. In particularly young dogs, the instinct is still developing, but with training and time, it will become more firmly established.

Are Rottweilers aggressive towards intruders?

They wouldn’t necessarily attack an intruder outright, of course. These behaviors are often displayed when a guard is guarding their family and property: growing, snarling, nipping, and physically blocking an intruder’s access.


The Rottweiler is one of the most legendary guard dogs. Their physical appearance is intimidating, and their strength is legendary. Intelligence enables it to distinguish between threats and non-threats and then act accordingly.

These qualities are enough to answer anyone asking, are Rottweilers good guard dogs that were bred to be for this purpose. Socialization and training can give you a companion who is caring, loving, and fearless when it comes to protecting you and your family.

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