Are Rottweilers Mastiffs? Ultimate Guide in 2024

are Rottweilers mastiffs

The Rottweilers are the dog breed that was part of some most ancient human civilizations. The Rottweilers are family dogs and easy to handle. There is still much confusion about the origins of the Rottweilers. Many people ask questions about the origin of the breed that are Rottweilers mastiffs?

Some historians write them as a breed of descendants of Mastiffs. However, others consider them a completely different variety. The Mastiffs are ancient dog breeds with an origin around 5000 years ago. They are hardworking giants. But despite being hardworking, they have a lazy lifestyle. Their temperament differs from the Rottweilers.

Similarities between Rottweilers and Mastiffs

People consider the Rottweilers and Mastiffs related because both breeds have many similarities. They both give an impression of large-sized working dogs that are good at taking care. The similarities present in these two breeds are as follows.


There are some traces of similarities between the origin of these species. The Rottweilers are the close descendants of Italian measures. They are similar in appearance, but the historical purpose varies.

The Mastiffs have an even temperament and a lazy lifestyle. Because of these traits, we kept them as house dogs. The English Mastiffs have an origin as old as 5000 years ago.

However, Roman people kept Rottweilers as war dogs and carriage dogs. They had duties like guarding the farm and herds. Roman soldiers left many Rottweilers in different parts of the world during wars and expeditions. As a result, many region-wise crossbreeds appeared later.

Life span:

The Rottweilers and Mastiffs have a similar life span. These dogs can live from 8 to 10 years. The life span of these breeds can become even longer if you follow their health care parameters nicely.


Because of larger body sizes, both breeds need an active lifestyle and work. It is good to take your Rottweilers and Mastiffs out for a walk daily.

Similarly, you can use many fun activities to keep your pet busy and active. These breeds become obese because of their large body size. Therefore, it is crucial to make a good care routine for your pet.

Differences between Rottweilers and Mastiffs

Despite some traces of similarity of origin, there are many things in which the two breeds differ. These differences can raise this question again are Rottweilers Mastiffs?


Rottweilers have an appearance different from Mastiffs. The Mastiffs are large size dogs having rectangular bodies. They have thick muscle mass and a fawn-colored body coat with short hair.

The Mastiffs have a withers height of 27-32 inches. The weight is around 130- 220 pounds for adults. They are medium energy to lazy energy dogs.

The Rottweilers have medium-sized squared bodies. Their ears are floppy, and their mandible is broad. The average withers height in Rottweilers is 22-27 inches. Their adult weight is around 80-135 pounds.


The Mastiffs are lovely and docile animals. They love to be calm and courageous. They have sedentary lifestyles, but they become very playful around the people they love.

But, most of the time, they love to sleep cuddling their parents. They are gentle and good-natured dogs who love to protect their family. They also develop bonding with kids easily.

The Rottweilers, on the other hand, can sometimes become aggressive. They have a dominant nature, and they love to guard their territory. However, better training can make them more obedient and docile.

What Are the Health Problems of Each Dog Breed?

Each of the two dog breeds does not share any potential health problems, and the Rottweiler can be less vigorous than the Mastiff dogs.  Besides, a Rottweiler dog is prone to allergies, heart as well as eye diseases, specific cancers, hip dysplasia, plus bloat. However, Mastiff dogs may get some kinds of cancer, vision issues, and seizures.

What Coat Colors Does Each Breed Have?

Pedigree Rottweiler dogs have black fur with distinctive tan, rust, and mahogany patterns. The lighter patterns are present on the chest, legs, snout, and eyebrows over the eyes. A Pedigree Mastiff has a solid and light tint of apricot, brindle, and fawn, and he might or might not contain black patterns as a mask on his ears and the tip of his toes. He might also have a white chest.

You must now decide among which of these two magnificent dog breeds you would relish for a new member of your house. You can relate their sizes, natures, appearance, and personality to decide which dog breed will be best for you.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Are Rottweilers and Mastiffs same?

People thought the Rottweilers to be the descendants of Mastiffs. However, they are not the same dogs technically. They have many differences. These differences in lifestyle, activities, and nature make them significantly different from each other.

Q: Are Rottweilers better pets than mastiffs?

Both these breeds differ in their purpose. The Rottweilers are good at guarding dogs, while Mastiffs are a better companion for households and kids. However, both these breeds are loving, caring, and protective of their family.

Q: Do Mastiffs need lesser maintenance than Rottweilers?

Rottweilers are dogs with bad temperaments. They can become aggressive and need more time to bond with their owners. They also need proper training to become docile and obedient. Therefore, yes, you might need more time, patience, and care to deal with Rottweilers than with the Mastiffs.

Conclusion: Are Rottweilers Mastiffs?

The Answer to the question are Rottweilers Mastiffs? is still tricky. You can consider Rottweilers a part of the Mastiff family because of their large body size and appearance. However, their habits and docile nature say something else. Anyhow, you can keep any of them with you as a loving and caring companion.

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