Can Rottweilers eat cheese? Complete Guide in 2024

can Rottweilers eat cheese

Many people ask can Rottweilers eat cheese? To answer this question briefly. YES, they can eat cheese. Cheese bits can be a good treat while training your pup. But, similar to all treats – it is good to feed your dog cheese within the limit.

Additionally, cheese is safe for dogs, and Rottweilers can consume cheese just like mozzarella, cheddar, as well as cottage cheese. But, because of its high-fat concentration, it is suggested to feed it within limits. Likewise, ensure your Rottweiler is not lactose intolerant.

Can Rottweilers Eat Cheese? Benefits of Eating Cheese in Dogs

Cheese is a pleasant treat for your dog. You can give cheese as a high-value treat while teaching them tricks or commands. Here are some remarkable benefits of eating cheese in dogs:

Nutritionally Rich: Cheese has many nutrients that are good for your canine. In addition to the healthy amount of calcium as well as vitamin D – which is essential for large and strong dogs, such as Rotties – cheese is an outstanding source of vitamins and proteins.

Great Mode to Give Medicines: Pet owners see well how difficult it can be to give medicines to their pets. The great approach to do this thing is to hide the medication in a small slice of cheese.

Superb Treat for Training: As revealed before, cheese is a wonderful treat to reward your dog during training sessions. Sliding a bit of cottage cheese once your Rottweiler goes for potty outside is a great way of training by encouraging reinforcement.

The Disadvantages of Eating Cheese in Dogs: Can Rottweilers Eat Cheese?

Before you start offering cheese to your Rottie – you must know some basic potential drawbacks linked to dogs and cheese.

Cheese can be high in fat; because of this reason, you should be careful regarding the type that you get for a Rottweiler. Go for cheese with less fat and doesn’t have any salt, for example, mozzarella cheese.

Not all cheeses are suitable for Rottweilers. There are exotic cheeses that contain yeast, herbs, and garlic in them. These are not good for Rottweilers or any other dog in this world. Feeding your dog low-fat cheese can decrease the chances of severe illnesses, for example, pancreatitis, weight gain, obesity, and more.

Lactose Intolerance in Canines

Not all canines digest cheese sound, and although cheese holds little lactose once associated with whole milk, dogs having severe conditions of lactose intolerance might have contrary feedback to cheese, even in minor quantities. See your dog carefully for symptoms of intestinal distress after offering cheese for the initial time, and look up your veterinarian with any queries you might have about feeding cheese to your dog.

Feeding Cheese Safely to Your Rottweiler Dog


Although cheese can be safe to feed your Rottweiler dog, there are numerous things to keep in mind. Cheese is rich in fat, and feeding excessively to your Rottweiler dog frequently can lead to weight gain and cause obesity.

Even more challenging, it could cause pancreatitis, a grave, and potentially fatal disease in dogs. Along with the difficulties presented by the high-fat content, numerous types of cheese hold herbs or additional products that are poisonous to dogs, for example, garlic, onions, as well as chives.

So, it’s good to feed your Rottweiler dog low-fat cheeses, such as mozzarella, cottage, and soft goat cheese. Besides, cottage cheese has less fat and sodium compared to other cheeses, aiding in decreasing the danger of obesity. Cottage cheese also has a low level of lactose, therefore decreasing the possibility of intestinal upset.

What is the safest cheese for Rottweilers?

Not every type of cheese is safe for your dog. Here are a few types of cheese which are safe for Rotties.

  • Swiss
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Mozzarella
  • String Cheese

The cheese must be entirely plain, and it shouldn’t have onion, sauce, and any spices.

What can Rottweilers not eat?

Fillers as well as grains, for example, corn, yeast, soy, and all spices, can cause food allergies in your Rottweiler puppy and must be avoided. On the other hand, barley and potatoes utilized as the carbohydrates in the Rottweilers diet can decrease allergic symptoms. Furthermore, soy products along with table scraps can trigger turgidity in Rottweilers.

Frequently asked questions 

Q: What cheese is good for dogs?

Mozzarella, as well as cottage cheese, has less fat compared to other types of cheeses. So they are ok for dogs.

Q: Can dogs eat pizza?

You should never offer pizza to your pooch. They can get a slight stomach disturbance if they’re subtle to dairy because of the excess fat; however, overall, in several circumstances, dogs are fine.

Q: Is cheese safe for dogs?

Cheese is not toxic to dogs (excluding blue cheese). However, some cheeses have additional constituents that can cause dog harm, for example, onion, garlic, and other additions.

Take away 

Although Rottweilers can eat cheese, so it is important to feed them cheese within limits. Excess of anything is not a better idea, and the same goes with cheese as well as Rotties. Although cheese is allowed, numerous dogs might be lactose intolerant, too. Consult with your veterinarian before you choose a treat.

This will guarantee that your Rottweiler is glad, healthy, and completely fit. After reading this guide on can Rottweilers have cheese, you would take care of your dog’s feeding requirements. After doing this, your dog can live longer and not have to sort out illnesses.

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