Can Rottweilers handle cold weather? [New]

can Rottweilers handle the cold weather

When the winter comes, we have to prepare in every single way for the cold weather that awaits us. However, can Rottweilers handle cold weather, and what should we do for our canines? Rottweilers’ furs do an outstanding job to bear colder temperatures; however, you should bring them inside when it gets excessively cold. Can Rottweilers Stay Outside in the Cold?

How cold is too cold for your Rottweilers?

So, it is essential that you change some things throughout the winter if you want to keep your Rottweiler outside.

Can Rottweilers live outside in the snow?

Yes, Rottweilers can live outside in the snow. They are working dogs that can bear particularly cold weather. If given the opportunity to play, they will prefer to stay outside. They have coats that are rough, dense, and straight, having insulation against any life-threatening temperatures. Because of this reason, this breed sheds two times a year.

They grow a new coat to bear the upcoming season modification. They shed to prepare themselves for the winter season and get a thicker coat. You need to observe the temperature when your Rottie is outside. Any temperature above 40 degrees Fahrenheit is fine; however, when it gets low, then you will pay extra attention.

Temperatures between 20 as well as 40 degrees still cause little threat; however, there is some danger. You will keep an eye on your dog and ensure they aren’t out for a longer time. When the temperature gets 20 degrees, it becomes dangerous. Your dog shouldn’t spend extra time outside during these conditions.

How to care for Rottweilers in the cold weather?

As I discussed above, you will have to care for your Rottweiler in several ways in the cold temperatures to keep your dog safe due to extreme circumstances. Here are a few things that you should remember for the cold weather.

1.      Food and Water Consumption

You should watch and observe your Rottweiler puppy’s food and water bowls; however, it is particularly important in the winter season. When you feed your canine outside, there is the likelihood that his food could freeze, making it difficult for your Rottweiler puppies to dig in.

Additionally, you must have water accessible to your Rottweiler, and that surely is a danger to freeze outside. You can consider feeding your pup inside during the cold season.

2.      Look out for Ticks and Bugs

Bugs can handle pretty dangerous temperatures. Particularly bugs like ticks and fleas. They will be alive even in cold temperatures. However, they hate cold weather; thus, they look for a warm body to enjoy. Rottweilers are good for this job to these creatures.

3.      Make sure there is an Appropriate Shelter.

Rottweilers love being in the cold weather. They do this only if they hold a place where they can go for warmth. If your puppy is an outside pooch, you will need to ensure that they contain a warm shelter outside to protect themselves from the snow or rain. Always provide shelter to be dry, as again, being wet is dangerous for them.

Frequently asked questions 

Q: Can I leave Rottweilers alone outside?

Healthy Rottweilers can perform well alone when they’re trained appropriately. But, you shouldn’t leave them alone for beyond 4 to 6 hours once.

Q: Are Rotties indoor or outdoor dogs?

Rottweilers are indoor dogs. Due to their size as well as demeanor, individuals frequently think they must be kept as outside canines; however, it’s the difficult thing you can do for your Rottweiler.

Q: At what age can Rottweilers sleep outside?

Yet, the time will come to shift your Rottweiler puppy from your house to the lawn, and this timing is essential. However, within 4 to 6 months of age, you can start the transition.


Although Rottweilers don’t too much like traditional winter dogs, they’re still able to tolerate cold weather rather than other dogs, and most Rottweilers puppies enjoy being outside in the snow. So, you should always observe the whole picture of the weather.

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