Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Need Haircuts proficiently? (New guide in 2024)

do bernese mountain dogs need haircuts

According to experts, there is a “no shave” instruction for double-coated canines. This comprises the northern dog breeds, such as Huskies and Malamutes, and herding breeds, for example, Golden Retrievers, Shelties, Border Collies, Aussie Shepherds, and Bernese Mountain dogs. So, do Bernese mountain dogs need haircuts? Berners do not need frequent trimming, but to maintain the shine of their coat, they require regular bathing and brushing.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs need haircuts? (Answer revealed)

Do Bernese Mountain dogs need haircuts? Answer to this question is Bernese Mountain Dogs do not have to be trimmed or clipped frequently, their shiny coats need frequent bathing and plenty of brushing to keep their natural shine. This giant dog will shed all over the year; however, he will shed freely during the spring as well as fall.

Why should you not give a Bernese mountain dog haircut?

But in reality, shaving a double-coated pooch is the foulest thing to do. Trimming stops cool air from entering the skin as the undercoat is still existing. Besides, shaved fur doesn’t shield against the sunlight either, which discloses your dog to higher risks of heat, sunburn, and skin cancer.

How do you groom your Bernese mountain dog at home?

Pin brush, a dog comb made up of metal having medium spaced tines, trimming scissors for feet hair, as well as a shedding blade for eliminating dead undercoat. Numerous individuals frequently brush dry coats without any issues, whereas others recommend lightly fogging over the dog’s coat using water.

How frequently should Bernese mountain dogs be bathed?        

If you are pondering how frequently you should bathe your mountain dog, you must recognize that heavy-coated canine breeds, such as a Bernese mountain dog, must be bathed one time every 2 to 3 months. This is as your Burner’s coat is oily and repellent.

Where to Bathe Your Bernese Mountain Dog?

Numerous people train their Bernese Mountain dogs to go in and out of the bathtub as that is the place in your house large enough where you can bathe your Berner. When warm, Bernese Mountain dogs can be bathed outdoors.

What is meant by “Blowing a Coat”?

Dogs having double coats, such as Berners, shed their basecoats twice a year, in spring as well as fall. This is termed “blowing a coat”, as the shedding of massive clumps is so unexpected. Brushing aids keep the shed basecoat in one place rather than blowing all over your house.

Several individuals use shedding blades to aid speed of the procedure. Use moderately so as not to harm the dog. These need two hands to utilize; thus, you require a second individual (or perhaps even three) to grasp your dog.

Can you trim a female Bernese mountain dog’s pee hair?

Yes, you can trim your female mountain dog’s pee hair. Thus, ensure that you and your pooch are 100% comfortable and calm; thus, the trimming method is easy to do. A better choice is to ask your friend or family member to aid you and provide treats to your dog during the hair clipping method.

Do double-coated dogs shed more?

Double-coated dogs like Bernese Mountain dogs shed two times a year. After that, the shedding is normal, and that is perceived in all animals having hair. Besides, shaving them does not stop shedding from happening.

A Gorgeous Working Dog

Bernese mountain dogs are a good-looking breed. They’re working canines built for plenty of activity and pleasure. Your Berner will be pleased once they’re active. Consequently, it’s domineering that you pick up how to groom your Berner so your dog will be happy and healthy.

Ensuring your pooch is well-groomed is a significant part of having them healthy. It aids you in spotting any issues early and treating them rapidly. On top of that, the practice can be fun! It’s a good approach to bonding with your Bernese Mountain dog. If done well, your pooch and you will be glad together for longer.

Frequently asked questions 

Q: Can a Bernese mountain dog has short hair?

Some Bernese mountain dogs have incredibly dense, lengthy coats. Some Berners have sport shorter, extra open coats. Numerous Berner coats are wooly, and others have curly coats.

Q: What type of dog brush do you use on your Bernese mountain dog?

A double-sided pin brush is needed for any Bernese mountain dog as it’s a double-duty brush. The side having the pin bristles becomes a bit deeper into Burner’s coat, untangling and eliminating hair. On the other hand, the soft bristle side evens the coat, allotting healthy, naturally arising oils that keep the coat nice and shiny.

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