19 Best Labrador retriever Breeders In New York State


Are you looking for the best quality Labrador Retriever Breeders in New York state, as you see there are a lot of Labrador breeders around. Finding the best lab breeder who will guarantee you a purebred Lab puppy is a tough job.

So, I have done my research on the Labrador breeders in New York. I’ve featured the top 19 trustworthy breeders depending on their dog’s lineage, breeding experience, client reviews and significantly their desire for labs. 

I hope that this list will make it easier for you to find the best Labrador puppy breeder in this state. 

Top 19 Best Labrador Retriever Breeders In New York State

1.     Prospect Hill Labrador Retrievers

Prospect Hill Labrador Retrievers

Prospect Hill Labrador Retriever gives you quality Labs. They are situated on 12 acres of property in the lovely Hudson Valley. They work to create outstanding Labrador puppies. They breed black, chocolate, as well as yellow lab Puppies. 

Prospect Hill’s owner has unconditional affection for their Labs. They have devoted their life to their dogs. They cautiously select their canines for breeding. All their pooches have champion bloodline pedigree. They breed both English as well as American-type Labrador Retrievers. 

They grow their dogs with the highest love and attention. They ensure their dog gets appropriate health care and steady exercise. They also hold two ponds on their land where their canines can have a good time. 

If you are keen to have a Labrador puppy from them, you can call them or visit their website. 

Breeder Details:

2.     M & L Labrador Retrievers

M L Labrador Retrievers

If you are seeking some quality type English Labs you can contact M & L Labrador Retrievers. They have been working in the breeding industry for more than 30 years. While visiting their website you would find it funny how keen they are on their dogs.  

This breeder has been creating Labradors for more than 3 decades. They are satisfied with their nice collection of dogs. They love nurturing Lab puppies due to their sound and approachable nature. 

They breed yellow, black, as well as chocolate Labrador puppies. They love growing English sLab puppies commonly for their personality. They give all the necessary health care to your dog. Your puppy will go home with its first vaccination and worming. You can bring your Labrador puppy home at eight weeks of age. They also provide stud service to new Lab breeders.

Breeder Details:

3.     Wiscoy Labradors

Wiscoy Labradors 2

Wiscoy Labradors is a small hobby kennel situated in Eden. This breeder has been breeding Labrador puppies for more than 35 years.

Jill DiGesare, the owner is a certified AKC Judge for Labs. That is so, she could know about other dog breeds, meet other breeders all over the world and see their breeding philosophy. 

The information gained from others assisted her much in beginning her own Lab breeding plan. Jill raises Labradors due to their sweet personality. Raising Labrador puppies has become an urge for her. She loves devoting her time to her canines.

She recommends you take a look at her website to get more info regarding the dogs. So you can get your perfect dog. 

Breeder Details:

4.     Hidden Pond Labradors 

Hidden Pond Labradors

Hidden Pond Labradors is a certified professional breeder located in Waverly. They are a family-owned Labrador breeder. David and family are the owners of Hidden Pond Labrador puppies. They ponder themselves highly educated breeders because they hold degrees in Animal Science as well as Agricultural Engineering. 

They are proud to create beautiful and healthy Labrador puppies using the uppermost quality parents. They guarantee you the best quality Labs. All their parent dogs are best-quality champions. 

Their parent dogs go through annual tests as they produce healthy lab pups. That means every pooch gets hereditarily tested. They raise their canines in an affectionate caring homely atmosphere. 

They make sure appropriate health checks for your pooch. Your pooch will have a 1 year written health assurance, health certification and first dose of shots. They also provide stud service. 

 Breeder Details:

5.     Weaver Farm Labrador Retriever

Weaver Farm Labrador Retriever

Weaver Farm is a family-based Labrador breeder situated in Cato, NY. Their whole family performs together to sustain their farm. 

They started their breeding program in 2018. Besides, breeding Labs have become a hunger for them. They focus on creating healthy Lab pups for you that will be your best companion.

They choose the parents of the hereditarily best quality line. The dogs go through appropriate hereditary testing and vet exams.

If you want to buy a lab puppy from them you must pay a non-refundable deposit of $300. Your puppy will go with a two-year health assurance against any congenital disease. If you are keen to know more about this breeder and their Labrador puppies visit their website. 

Breeder Details:

6.     Hampton Labradors

Hampton Labradors

Hampton Labradors are situated in Ontario and have been breeding Labs for over 20 years. The Hampton family has been breeding Labs since 1998. They bought their 1st Lab around that time and got love with it. Therefore, they started their lab breeding program. 

They create Labradors for their health, affectionate, and kind nature. While breeding Labrador puppies, their focus is to offer you a healthy puppy with a great personality. They breed black and chocolate Labrador puppies for the time being. They plan every litter cautiously. They reserve their privileges for the 1st selection of every litter. 

You have to pay a compulsory deposit if you need to have a puppy. You can go to their website. 

Breeder Details:

7.     Moonlit Labradors

Moonlit Labradors

Moonlit Labrador is a breeder who strives to create stable and perfect Labrador Retrievers. They have been breeding Labrador puppies for several years. They create litters mostly for themselves to support their genetics. 

They breed yellow, and black, as well as chocolate Labs. All dogs are hereditarily tested to make sure they don’t have any weak genes. I think this guarantees you that they create a thoroughbred Lab for you.

Your canines will go home with all the testing, for example, PRA, EIC, CNM, HNPK, as well as others. All their Lab pups are AKC registered and go with AKC registration. They will only provide you with a puppy with full registration under specific conditions. 

Breeder Details:

8.     Humehill


Humehill has been breeding Lab pups for 35 years. They breed not only to create lots of pups but also to maintain the hereditary quality of each canine. 

Humehill does detailed research on the dog’s lineage and DNA testing. They also get semen from other states infrequently to produce future peers of quality Labs. 

They create classic English-style Labs for themselves. They also infrequently have pups available. So if you need a puppy from them then you can contact them. 

Your Lab will come home at eight weeks with 1st dosage of vaccine, deworming, and vet examination. Your Lab pups will have a restricted registration.

Breeder Details:

9.     Hatszel Kennels 

Hatszel Kennels

Hatszel Kennels is a breeder as well as trainer of Labrador situated in Oswego. Their viewpoint is to create the best companion that has both good personality and hunting skills. In addition to Labradors, they also work on Vizsla. They use breeding dogs raised in their kennels to create outstanding hunting quality pups for you. 

The dogs experience essential health clearances to guarantee you get a sickness-free puppy. They train them in different environments; get presented to birds, gunshots, as well as water. 

They need a deposit of $200 if you need to buy a puppy. Your Lab puppy will come home at 7 weeks of age. 

Breeder Details:

10.   Labs Landing

labrador puppies

Labs Landing is a family-owned Lab breeder kennel. Their dogs are raised at their home with the highest love and attention until they go home at seven weeks of age. 

They create only Labrador Retrievers. Their breed Labs in 3 colors, black, chocolate, as well as yellow. they breed them for the right conformation and personality. Although they do not breed other canines, they like training them. 

They grow up pet labs. They also give dog grooming as well as boarding services and provide stud services to other breeders. 

Breeder Details:

11.  Old House Labs

Old House Labs

Old House Labs breed fox red Labrador Puppies. Their pups receive individual affection until they leave for their homes. They breed Labrador puppies that are excellent with field work and hunting skills. The breeding dogs get hereditarily tested to create the best quality pups. 

Their focus is to grow up healthy as well as quality Labs. The dogs experience appropriate vet health checks. Your puppy will go with a 26-month hip as well as eye guarantee. 

You can buy a puppy from them on restricted registration only. If you need to buy a pup you can visit their social page.

Breeder Details:

12.  Onyahsa Kennels

Onyahsa Kennels

Onyahsa Kennels is home to the best-quality Labradors located in Falconer. If you are seeking a hunting dog or family dog with show or field style you can select one from them. 

They have been breeding Labs since 1986. All of their dogs were selected due to their personality, cleverness, and working ability. Their goal is to raise top-quality Lab pups for you. 

To purchase a puppy you have to pay a deposit of $30. Your Lab puppy will go with 1st dose of inoculation dewclaws clipped, hip assurance and AKC registration documents.  

Breeder Details:

13.  Pinecrest Kennels

Pinecrest Kennels

Pinecrest Kennels is show quality Labrador Breeder. They are family-owned kennels. They have been breeding quality Labrador puppies since 1986. They breed labs for their conformation and personality.  

They grow their canines as pets only. The canines are good with children of any age. All the breeding parents are DNA tested, also OFA as well as CERF verified. Your Lab puppy goes through essential health care. Your pup will go together with their 1st shot of deworming and vaccine. They also provide stud service. 

You can contact this breeder through email or call them if you need to know more regarding their upcoming Labrador puppies. 

Breeder Details:

14.  Bab’s Labs 4 U

Babs Labs 4 U

Bab’s Labs 4 U is a Labrador breeder in New York. Here the canines can play and love the fresh air. Barbara is the owner of this breeder and has been breeding Labrador puppies for 20 years. She breeds Labs for their affectionate nature, health, and appearance. Barbara has added a Labradoodle to her farm. 

They do an annual vet checkup of the Lab pups for shots and overall checkup. Their Lab puppies are raised in their home. They are liable kennels who prioritise the Lab pups’ health.  

Barbara loves growing puppies and leaving them in their new homes. Your Lab puppy will go home with health assurance and additional health care. They provide you shipping service if you need one.    

Breeder Details:

15.  Hemlock Hill Labradors

Hemlock Hill Labradors

Hemlock Hill Labradors are small breeders of Labs in New York. Their breeder has great affection and desire for Labrador Retrievers. They grow up their Labs as a part of their family. 

They aim to produce the top Lab companion for you. Their canines are free from any hereditary blemishes, hip dysplasia, as well as eye disease. Hemlock Hill Labs also gives you dog boarding, plus daycare service. If you have abrupt emergencies they will look after your puppy.    

You can go to their website to keep updates regarding their future litters. When a new litter reaches you can contact them to select a puppy. 

Breeder Details:

16.   Cold Spring Labradors 

lab pups 1

Cold Spring Labradors is a skilled breeder of Labrador Retrievers located in Cold Spring, NY. They love creating quality Labs of good nature and sharing their dogs with other dog lovers. 

They have been breeding Labradors since 1995. They focus on breeding English Labradors as well as English Bulldogs. They have also worked with Golden Retrievers, Yorkies, as well as Cocker Spaniels, as well. 

The female canines go through appropriate exercise, and routine health checkups, and get high-quality food once they are pregnant. They get all the affection and attention during their pregnancy period. They work carefully to approve you can get a healthy Lab puppy.

You can buy a Lab from this breeder for $3000. For any additional inquiries or discussion, you can call them. 

Breeder Details:

17.  Calyho Labradors

Calyho Labradors

Carol Hoyt is a zealous Labrador Retriever fan. She produced Calyho Labradors out of her affection for dogs. Carol as well as her grandkids spend time with their canines and newborn pups. She loves Labradors for their looks and aptitude.  

Carol breeds female Labs only one time a year. She selects to breed them in warm weather because it is easy to train the Lab puppies in warm weather. 

They do not breed their dogs for business purposes. Instead, they breed to spread love with others. If you are engrossed in their puppy you can deposit a $50 to be on their waiting list. After a new litter lands you would pay around $150 to have the one pick. 

You can bring your Lab puppy home at eight weeks of age. Your puppy will have an AKC recording and, a thorough vet check-up. You can have Lab breeding only for $100. 

Breeder Details:

18.   Labs of Love

Labs of Love

Labs of Love are AKC-registered AKC, family-based Labrador breeders. They are skilled Labrador breeders holding a breeding history of around 18 years. 

Labs of Love has been in the breeding industry since 2002. Marty, the owner has been breeding Lab pups for 19 years. They grow Labs for their working ability and rigorous nature. 

They raise their Labrador puppies at home and socialize them with others. This guarantees that you will get a good-natured Lab puppy. If you need to have the first pick of the litter, then call them for booking.  

Several family members and volunteers support them in raising and training Labrador puppies. 

Breeder Details:

  • Owner: Martin
  • Address: 3956 CANAL Road, Spencerport, NY
  • Web URL: http://labsoflove.org/
  • Phone No: 585-754-4487
  • Email: Labsoflove24@rochester.rr.com

19.   Eastlake Labradors 

Eastlake Labradors

Eastlake Labradors is a family-based breeding plan. Wayne as well as Lynn had a lure with dogs and lived with Labs for around 32 years. They have been breeding and training Labradors since 1986. After their initial litter was born in 1986. 

They create a well-balanced blend of English as well as American Labradors. You will have a puppy with show, service, as well as field quality. The dogs are raised in a healthy as well as homely atmosphere. Your puppy will arrive with important vaccines and microchips. 

Breeder Details:


Do English Labrador retrievers bark a lot?

Rather than other dog breeds, Labs are temperate barkers. While some breeds have unnecessary barking habits, Labradors are a bit more aloof. But they’re not like other dog breeds that only bark to be watchful of danger; thus, you’ll possibly find your pooch barking occasionally during the day for numerous reasons.

What is the coolest breed of Lab?

Yet again, calmness relies on breeding, not color. Additional yellow Labradors have been bred to be medical as well as service dogs, meaning they have been bred for calmness. Numerous yellow Labs hail from English Labrador pedigrees, too. English Labradors are calmer compared to American Labs.

Final verdict 

From the list mentioned above, which Labrador retriever breeders in New York State left a good impression on you? Is there any breeder that is close to you? Have you ever purchased a lab from any of these breeders? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section. 

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