Labrador retriever Pitbull Mix: Top 9 Characteristics to Know  


The Labrador retriever Pitbull Mix, which is also occasionally called a Labrabull, a Bullador, and a Pitador, is the outcome of crossing a Pitbull with a Lab. These cross pups are recognized for being a robust and clever dogs. They are faithful and easy to train; the Pitbull Lab mix will make an outstanding addition to any family and give great companionship. If you want to read more about this joyful dog, take a look below to know about their history and their characteristics.

Labrador Retriever Pitbull Mix Highlights


Labrabulls are hybrid breed dogs. They are not pedigree like their American Pit Bull Terrier and Labrador Retriever parents. The key colors of Labrabulls are white, brown, black, grey, and yellow, as well as silver. The majority of Pitbull Lab mixes are black with white accents. 

Due to their short, sparse furs, Labrabulls aren’t mainly suitable for risky weather. They don’t like being left alone and could show destructive behavior once isolated. Labrabulls love kids. Sturdy, robust, and tolerant, they are perfect playmates. 

Pitador History


The Pitador mixed dog breed might have existed naturally over the years; however, designer breeders started deliberately mixing American Pit Bull Terriers as well as Labrador Retrievers in the 1990s, to be expected in North America.

Breeders desired to mix the two parent dog breeds to reduce health problems affecting pure dog breeds as they are frequently inbred. Breeders sustained to generate Labrabulls as demand for the hybrid breed pups scaled.

Although the Labrabull dog breed began as a designer dog, some have ended up in accommodations or rescue groups. Go for adoption if you think this is the dog for you. Check your native shelters, search Labrabull rescues, or find breed-specific rescues because they occasionally help to re-home mixed dog breeds.

American Kennel Club does not accept labrabulls; however, they can be registered with:

  • The International Designer Canine Registry
  • The Dog Registry of America 
  • The American Canine Hybrid Club 

Characteristics of Pitbull Lab mix 


1.      Size

As the Lab Pit mix is a comparatively new breed, some standards exist when discussing size. That said, as a cross between American Pit Bull Terrier as well as Labrador Retriever parents, you can assume Labrabulls to be average in size.

Most Lab pit mixes weigh 45-90 pounds and range in height from 20-24 inches at the shoulder. On the other hand, numerous can be smaller or larger. Besides, the males usually run up to thirty pounds heavier than females.

2.      Lab pit mix personality

Lab pit mix parents generally describe them as being affectionate and trustworthy. They prefer a game of fetch because of high energy levels. They love fondness, so give them some snuggle sessions during the day.

Pitbull Lab mixes are easily terrified. If you are seeking a rough, tough pooch, continue searching. These puppies might look tough; however, they are big ol’ softies. Pitbull Lab mixes are also very trustworthy and defend their family. If their family is defenceless, they would not be shy to show anger.

Lab Pit mix does well with prompts training; they are keen to gratify and flourish on positive reinforcement. Ensure to establish yourself as a leader and be regular. They are smart with a sweet nature.

Lab Pit mixes have strong, muscular figure. They are spirited and excel in alertness training as well as sports. If you need a pooch to exercise with, this might be your new buddy and preferred workout mate.

Pitbull mixes would be just okay in single-person families; however, they’re not suggested for trainee dog owners. Their energy levels mean they might prefer a house having a lawn; however, ensure that the yard is safe, as some might show wanderlust. For a very active person with a good lifestyle, a Pitbull Lab mix would be good in a room.

3.      Pitbull Lab Mix Health

The Pitbull Lab Mix breed is prone to some of the same health issues that the American Pit Bull Terrier, as well as Labrador retriever, also experience. Although most are usually healthy, some may have a few health problems. Because of this reason, it is significant to uphold good care and consistent veterinary inspections.

Some common health issues Labrabulls suffer from are:

  • OCD
  • Epilepsy
  • Bloat
  • Hypothyroidism

4.      Labrador retriever Pitbull mix Care

As with all canines, you should carry on with your Labrador retriever Pitbull mix’s regular veterinary inspections to detect any health problem early. Your veterinarian can help you make a care routine to keep your pooch healthy.

Labrador retriever Pitbull mixes are susceptible to weight gain. Ensure your dog does at least one hour of exercise daily. Check your Labrabull’s ears for debris and annoyances daily and clean them as your vet suggests. 

Cut your dog’s nails once or twice a month. They must not be ticking against the floor. Your dog groomer can aid with this. Your main worry about your dog’s care will be sustaining their oral health. 

This breed is predisposed to tartar formation. Brush your canine’s teeth at least 2 or 3 times a week to eliminate the tartar accumulation and the bacteria inside it. Daily brushing is even good for preventing gum infection and bad breath. Consistent dental visits are strongly suggested.

5.      Labrabull Feeding

A perfect Pit Labs diet should be made for a medium-sized dog with high energy. These dogs can gain weight if overfed; thus, you must stick to a steady feeding schedule. Limit their quantity of treats, too.

As with all dogs, the Pitbull mix’s dietary requirements will change from an early age to maturity and will continue to alter into their elder years. You must ask your vet for suggestions about your Pitbull mix diet because there is far too much dissimilarity among individual dogs, comprising weight, energy, as well as health–to make a particular suggestion.

6.      Pitbull Lab Mix Coat Color And Grooming

Labrabull furs are frequently a mix of their American Pit Bull Terrier as well as Labrador Retriever parents’ furs and colors. The key colors of Labrabulls are black, brown, silver, white, grey, and yellow. Most of the Labrabulls are black.

They generally have short, thin coats. You can easily groom their coats. A good brushing routine per week could do with the infrequent baths. Due to their short, sparse coats, Pitbull mixes aren’t mainly suited for harsh weather. 

You’ll likely require fur in the winter for your canine, and you might have to apply sunscreen to the ears, delicate areas, as well as nose.

7.      Lifespan

The Lab Pit Mix holds a comparatively long lifespan and can live around 10 to 14 years.

8.      Exercise

A Pitbull Lab mix is a medium to large dog and thus has high exercise requirements. A dog of this size must exercise for approximately 120 minutes daily; thus, you must ensure you have the time to offer to this breed before purchasing.

Once the Pitbull mix is a puppy, remember the five-minute rule. Five minutes of exercise once a month of age. Consequently, if your Pitbull mix pup is 4 months old, you should exercise them for approximately 20 minutes.

These Pitbull mix puppies, like their Lab parent, will like to join you on a walk. Due to their cleverness, they can also learn several dog sports like flyball or agility; thus, this is something to ponder.

Remember, due to the common misapprehension that pitbulls are aggressive canines, some areas have limitations on the breed. Check to see whether your region has any limitations. You might need to keep your pooch.

9.      Training and Socializing Pitbull Mix

I have discussed above that the Pitbull Lab mix is a genius dog. This means you can train them easily. These pups react best to positive reinforcement methods of training. This comprises verbal praise as well as reward-based training like treats.

Socializing your Lab pit mix is also easy. They deal with kids well; thus, there should be no problem within your family home. You must start socializing them early and familiarise them with new sights, noises, places, odors, individuals and animals once you are out.

Family Compatibility

The Pit Lab Mix makes an outstanding family dog. Affectionate and friendly, these dogs thrive once they are around individuals and like to be good in the middle of all, getting all the consideration!

These dogs do not do well once left alone and can show destructive deeds and symptoms of separation anxiety. So, you must ensure if you are thinking about carrying one of these canines into your family.

These dogs have to be kept amused and inspired mentally, because of this reason, they can be such a good pal for kids. They also deal well with other pets; thus, there is no need to be concerned about their interaction with other dogs and cats.

This is a very smart dog, which means you can train them easily. They also like to learn tricks and to gratify you; therefore, they can be excellent pets even if you don’t have much familiarity in training a large dog.

Labrador Retriever Pitbull Mix Children and Other Pets

Lab Pit Mixes love kids. Sturdy, enthusiastic, and tolerant, they are perfect playmates. Don’t let kids pull on a dog’s tail or ears. Teach them not to approach the pooch when sleeping or eating food.

If your Pitbull mix has had lots of exposure to other canines, cats, as well as small animals and has been trained, they’ll be approachable with other pets, as well. 

Pit Lab Mix Rescue Groups


Finding a breed-specific rescue group for Pit Labs might be challenging as they are a hybrid. However, you might have to try American Pit Bull Terrier or Lab breed-specific rescues because they frequently care for mixes. Here are some rescues:


Is a Pitbull lab mix a good dog?

The Pitbull Lab mix, called Labrabull or Pitador, is a smart, faithful, loving companion. Even though they may occasionally be protective of their owner, it always originates from a place of affection. This exciting mix carries together two tremendously prevalent dog breeds in capricious ways.

How smart is a Pitbull lab mix?

This dog breed is very intelligent and, therefore, easy to train. Lab Pit mixes also like learning new actions; thus, you can keep them promised by teaching them something different occasionally. Labrabulls make excellent playmates for children as they are robust, enthusiastic, and easy-going.

Do Lab Pits like water?

Most pit Labs enjoy stumbling in the mud, playing with sprinklers, and running through low water. If your Pit Labs show symptoms of being pro-water, you can certainly teach them how to swim.


Currently, the name Pitbull can raise some eyebrows with questions of protection. However, numerous myths regarding their levels of aggression and ability to bite and hurt people have been exposed. The fact is that you have an outstanding mixed breed with the lab pit mix.

Labrador retriever Pitbull mix qualities of faithfulness, courage, cleverness, sociability, and love shine through this gorgeous animal daily. Great around small kids, adults, and other animals, a Pitbull Lab Mix might be the perfect option for you. Just keep in mind that it is tremendously significant that you train them without violence and give them a lot of time to release their energy!

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