How Often to Bathe a Bernese Mountain Dog? 4 Tips

How Often to Bathe a Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs plus thick coats need lots of care, and one of the common questions I have from Mountain dog owners is how often to bathe a Bernese Mountain dog.  After every 2 to 4 months is how frequently Bernese Mountain Dogs require bathing. This is sufficient to have them clean without eliminating excessive hair.

How often to bathe a Bernese Mountain dog? Briefly Explained   

To retain it quickly, the fewer bathes you give to your Berner, the better. It’s recommended to bathe your dog only once after 2 to 4 months. Despite having thick double furs, bathing isn’t required to happen frequently (and shouldn’t), assuming you continue on top of a better grooming routine.

Berners contain long outer coats that can get additional dirt along the way; however, most hair will fall out. By only providing your Berner with dedicated bath frequencies after every 2-4 months, you confirm that his natural oils persist on his skin and all over his coat.

Because these natural oils do a great job of retaining his skin as well as fur clean and odor-free.

Why Shouldn’t You Bathe your Bernese Mountain Dog Too Often?

To know why infrequent bathing is suggested, you must look at what occurs when you provide baths too often. Let’s have a look:

Problems that occur when you bathe your dog too often:

● A lot of natural oils are exposed from the skin as well as the coat

● Generates dry skin, which can trigger irritation, discomfort, and even scab

● A surplus of natural oil will be formed by his body to pay off for losing it while giving bathe

● Excess oil creates a smelly and dull coat rapidly

Occasionally, NOT bathing your dog will retain them cleaner! Once excessive oil is eliminated from extra-bathing (this occurs as shampoos are all degreasers), it will let his body overgenerate oil in an emergency response.

Excessive natural oil inappropriately lets him dirty again and fouler than before! Thus, extra bathing will retain him from being clean.

4 Tips for Bathing Your Bernese Mountain Dog

Bathing a Bernese Mountain Dog

1.      Use a Pin Brush

The use of the pin brush will aid in eliminating the dead hair. This will also give your Bernese Mountain Dog a feathery look, which is his characteristic. Grasp his tail, then brush his hair towards the floor to remove the tangles, and a full plume will be formed. After this, perceive to it that your brush will be cleaned often. You can utilize a small comb to eliminate the hairs trapped in the brush.

2.      Clean Ears

Smear the inner surface of your Berner’s ear completely while grasping his ear leather straight. Mildly wipe the part near his ear canal, and grasp his ear up till the ear cleaner vanishes.

3.      Use a Hair Dryer

Brush your canine’s fur while drying it utilizing a hairdryer. Ensure that you try the hairdryer too low. Besides drying your dog’s fur, it recovers its body as well as volume. If your Mountain Dog is unhappy with the hair dryer, offer your Bernese Mountain dog numerous treats to aid turn bathing into an optimistic practice.

4.      Room temperature water

It’s very alluring to consider warm water. However, room-temperature water is the best option. This prevents drying out its skin when the bathing halts. Utilizing excessively warm water could also make your Bernese Mountain dog colder when the bathing stops, mainly if there is wind or the outside temperature is more relaxed.

5.      Rinse him fully 

It sounds understandable and clear; however, you would be astonished at how hard it can be to eliminate the suds. Eliminating shampoo is significant in preventing irritation and discomfort. Even if you consider a natural-constituent shampoo, leaving some when you’ve finished will finally cause scratching and uneasiness.

When Giving More Baths Suitable?

If you live in a rural region and have access to canals, hikes, farms, as well as muddy trails, it means your Berner will be coming home unclean A LOT. Therefore, what do you do after this? Don’t you worry! It’s wonderful to bathe your Bernese mountain dog with water as often as you want.

After bathing your Berner with water, make sure he is completely dry, then give your dog an excellent brushing, utilizing a basecoat rake followed by an excellent slicker brush. After then, most of the additional dirt, as well as mud from your walk, must have gone.

The issue isn’t water; it’s utilizing shampoo each time. It’s the shampoo that eliminates his extra healthy natural oils.


Can I bathe my Bernese Mountain Dog?

Bernese Mountain dogs with normal skin and a coat can be bathed using delightful scent products for a long-lasting smell. Make sure the bath is with conditioner. This will aid keep the fur hydrated to guard against harsh weather circumstances.

How to bathe a Bernese Mountain dog?

Start at his head, and utilize your hands to squeeze the cleanser out of his fur. Rinse until no soap remains in the coat. A Bernese dog may shake vigorously once he departs the tub, thus preparing to become wet.

Final Thoughts

Your Bernese Mountain Dog must only be bathed once after 2 to 4 months. This is often sufficient to have him clean and irregularly enough to make sure you don’t strip his fur from vital natural oils.

With bathing, the less, the better. Keep in mind to utilize a trustworthy shampoo prepared from natural constituents.

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