10 Interesting Fun Facts about Bernese Mountain Dogs

Fun Facts about Bernese Mountain Dogs

Also called the Berner, this large, robust, and good-looking working dog is a pleasure to own. They are good-natured, cool, and friendly. Furthermore, they are easy to train, intellectual, and trustworthy. They might not be appropriate for apartments; they can drool, shed more, and have loads of energy. This guide will discuss some fun facts about Bernese mountain dogs. Thus, let’s divine into this without any delay.

Top 10 fun facts about Bernese mountain dogs

1.     Bernese mountain dogs are from the Alps.

As you know, Bernese Mountain Dogs were used as farm dogs in the Swiss Alps 2,000 years ago. Known as the canton of Bern in Switzerland, these dogs are one of 4 types of Swiss mountain dogs. These comprise the Appenzeller, Entlebucher, as well as Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, even though only the Berner contains long hair. 

2.     They’re useful working dogs.

This is a multi-talented dog and, maybe, one of the great all-rounders. These dogs originated as ranch dogs in Switzerland due to their robust bodies and legs that were appropriate to mountainous terrain. 

These dogs were used to herd cattle from the farms and to guard the farmers’ possessions and land; however, they also made outstanding companions because of their friendly, attentive, and self-assured nature. 

3.     They adore the outdoors.

This is the pooch for you if you like backpacking, camping out, or snowy explorations. Bernese mountain dog puppies are not only cold climate dogs; however, they like the outdoors, doing plenty of exercise, and being energetic – particularly in the snow. This doesn’t mean these dogs are outdoor dogs. 

4.     They were once considered delivery dogs

Also called “cheese dogs,” with the inaugural of cheese plants throughout the 1850s, mountain dogs were used to draw carts with dairy products, for example, milk and cheese. This dog is strong and can pull around 1,000 pounds. 

While drawing started in Switzerland, it rapidly reached further countries. Although today the Berner is not used for drawing carts, carting has to turn into a sport.

5.     The dog breed was at risk due to St Bernard.

In the 1800s, St Bernard raised in reputation in Switzerland, which placed the Bernese mountain dog in danger. The Manufacturing Revolution also meant that agriculturalists were using extra machinery, and Berners were required less, which almost directed to their death. 

Luckily, Swiss fancier Franz Schertenleib devoted his time to upholding the dog breed across entire Europe and making it prevalent again.  

6.     They make the best babysitters

This dog breed will make the best friend for your kid. The Bernese mountain dogs are not only calm and loving with children, but as they were bred as watchdogs, they will look after them as well. 

The Bernese mountain dog is a protector, so they might be a bit large for smaller kids; they make delightful babysitters and even good guard dogs. Just ensure they’re proficient and socialized at an early age. This dog breed is impressive but not intimidating. They’re not an admirer of strangers, but they’ll warn off thieves by barking noisily. 

7.     You’ll have a Bernese mountain dog puppy for longer

The Bernese mountain dog makes a gorgeous, loveable, and fluffy puppy, and you’ll have a pup for longer with this dog breed. But, I am not discussing its size. Although it will grow better as it becomes older, the Berner becomes an adult slowly compared to other dogs, and thus you’ll need a playful pet who is young at your heart for longer. 

8.     You’ll want a vacuum       

If you dislike vacuums and are hurt by allergies, this might not be the right breed for you. These dogs shed heavily all over the year; however, more in spring as well as autumn. Its double coat can be curly or straight; however, it’s always dense and glistening.

To keep your Berner looking sweet, you’ll have to brush its fur once or twice each week, and, based on how dirty it becomes, it must be bathed once a time in a month.  

9.     Cancer is the enemy of Berner

Unluckily, Bernese Mountain Dogs can get a number of health problems comprising hip dysplasia, gastrointestinal torsion, and tumors. Around half of the Bernese Mountain Dogs die due to cancer. It is the primary cause of death for Berners. 

They only live for 6 to 8 years. It’s significant to know this once you decide to carry one home. Ensure you find a good breeder and be ready by doing your investigation.

10.  They are doggy stars

There are some examples of this dog performing heroic achievements. In 2013, Bella from Canada saved his owner Chris Lacoque from a fire. In addition, in 2015, Berner Nico saved two people from a cleft current, drawing them out to the ocean in California. And in 2017, Izzy survived thriving wildfires in California. They’re not only robust and clever, but they affectionate their owner. 

What is the chuckle effect?

The Bernese mountain dog’s funniness is called the “Berner chuckle.” This breed enjoys making its beloved one laugh, and once you do, they’ll continue repeating this action that allowed you to chuckle. 


Q: Are Bernese Mountain dogs dominant?

The breed is robust and can pull around 1,000 pounds. It’s an outstanding cart-puller; however, a strong participant in dog sports, for example, agility as well as obedience training. Although carting began in Switzerland, it soon got hold of other countries.

Q: Will Bernese mountain dog guard you?

As he was bred to guard farms as well as pastures, the Bernese mountain dog is a marvelous watchdog. He can protect his family and land and will bark to be aware of intruders; however, he is not hostile. He might be standoffish with outsiders; however, he will accept them when his owner encourages him.

Q: Do Bernese mountain dogs sleep more?

He will work assiduously and apparently without the requirement for rest. But, when he comes back home, he will go to sleep and stay sleeping for several hours. Give him his everyday exercise, and later, he will crouch with you and fall asleep on the sofa all day.


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