How Long for Cat Fur to Grow Back? Latest Guide in 2024


The risk of hair loss is the same whether you just had surgery on your kitten, if you groomed your long-haired cat every day, or if you took in a rescue cat. It will be interesting to see how long for cat fur to grow back?. Keep reading to learn how long it takes for cat hair to grow back, why cat hair doesn’t grow back, and how to speed up the growth of cat hair.

 How long for cat fur to grow back?

Whatever the reason for your cat’s hair loss, whether you cut it or it fell out due to a medical condition, it is natural to wonder how long for cat fur to grow back? It is important to establish a general guideline for when to expect hair growth back after molting in cats.

Spring and summer are the most common times for cats to molt, and cats that have outdoor access are more likely to exhibit it. The reason is that indoor cats often live in a climate-controlled environment. It should take short-haired cats less than 3 months to regrow their hair fully, while long-haired cats will need 4-6 months.

What can I do to make the hair on my cat regrow faster?

The following steps can help your cat’s hair grow back once it has been shaved:

  • Make sure your cat does not overgroom the site by wearing an e-collar
  • Soothe the area by using oils and cat-friendly creams
  • Provide omega-rich supplements
  • Don’t Stress Your Cat
  • Comfortable room temperature
  • Keep Your Cat Bathed Consistently
  • Cats Need Foods with Vitamins, Proteins, And Minerals

How come my cat’s hair doesn’t grow back?

Cats lose their hair for many reasons, but not all of them result in it not growing back. Cats that have problems with hair regrowth are usually suffering from diseases. Here are a few possible reasons why a cat’s hair doesn’t grow back:

  • Allergies
  • External parasites
  • Fur Shedding
  • Ringworm
  • Stress
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Scabies

Does Cat Fur Grow Back After Any Injury?

This situation depends on whether it is a genetic condition that might be triggering your cat’s hair to fall down, for which there could be no treatment. In cases where your cat has foraged or cut its skin, its hair will generally grow back. Hair might not grow back on a body part where there’s blemishing. It is imaginable that the fur possibly will regrow and cover all the scars.

How Much Time Does It Take for Cat Fur to Grow Back?


The total time it takes for cat fur to grow back is based on numerous factors. Mainly, it will rely on whether the cat fur was shaved off or chopped down due to a medical condition. It will be based on the natural length of your feline’s hair and its condition. The well-being of your feline matters, and even its age, as older cats can lose some of their fur and make it more challenging to grow hair back.

Usually, a shaved, healthy cat must grow some hair back after a few weeks. Short-haired felines will have their fur back within two months, whereas long-haired cats might need to wait six months before their fur is completely regrown.

To boost regrowth, make sure to have a decent diet, provide soothing creams, and do not cut or shave your own feline’s fur in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take for cats’ hair to grow back after surgery?

Following surgery, a small area of the feline’s body will be shaved. Within a couple of weeks, the fur will regrow. Female cats have stitches as well. The vet will remove them around 10 days after the operation if they are not dissolvable. In general, cats recover quickly after operations.

Q: If a cat has fleas, when will the fur grow back?

A flea-infested cat may require up to 12 weeks to grow a full coat again.

Q: What is the average time it takes for Persian cat hair to grow back?

Persian cats usually have their fur grow back within four to six weeks. In the case of illness, however, it may take longer.


A kitten’s body will always be covered in fur from the moment it is born. However, hairless cat breeds are an exception. It is common for the hair of a cat to shed at certain points and appear thinner. When that happens, you probably wonder: How long for cat fur to grow back? The time it takes long-haired cats to grow back their fur is typically between 3 and 6 months. Cats with short hair usually take about 2 months to grow back their fur.

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