How to Remove Cat Litter Stains: Best 9 Steps

how to remove cat litter stains

When it comes to cleaning up cat litter messes left by cats, we cat lovers sometimes need to “get our hands dirty. In a household with cats, accidents such as pee, poop, and barf occasionally happen. So, in this article, we will teach you how to remove cat litter stains.

9 Steps to remove cat litter stains  

Step 1

Remove all litter from the litter box.

Step 2

Use Paper towels to collect the wet litter. Paper towels to collect the wet litter are the best way. You may be able to grab some of the litter with your hands.

Step 3

To protect your floors, spread an old towel on them.

Step 4

Fill your spray bottle with one-part hydrogen-based bleach and two parts hot water. Mix thoroughly.

Step 5

Spray the litter box thoroughly to remove all clumps. Be sure to soak them thoroughly before removing them.

Step 6

Make sure you thoroughly spray the litter box to remove all the remaining clumps.

Step 7

Put the clumps of debris into the trash bag when they come off. Then continue to dislodge the clumps until all of them have been removed.

Step 8

Use a sponge to scrape any remaining traces of litter or stains off the litter box with bleach solution. At the bottom of your litter box, you may see liquid and bits of litter accumulating. Flush the litter box contents down the toilet.

Step 9

Let it dry.  Scrub the carpet fibers to remove dried litter.  Use an odor eliminator to wash the area.

Tip for removing cat litter stains

How Do You Keep Your Hardwood Floors from Cat Litter?

There are several ways to guard your hardwood floors from feline litter:

  • Place a big rug below the litter box.
  • Buy a large litter mat to catch the dust and clean felines’ paws to stop tracking litter through your house.
  • Have your litter box in a room with mat, tile, and vinyl flooring.
  • Wax your hardwood floors frequently times a year to shield the flooring.

How To Prevent Your Litter Box Deposit on The Floor?

Consider buying dust-free feline litters, which will suggestively decrease dust that will gather and turn out to be residue. Similarly, place a feline mat ahead of the cat litter box that will grasp debris and aid clean your feline’s paws once they come out from the litter box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to get a cat litter stain out of the floor?

Add some drops of grapefruit oil to the vinegar solution and mix it into a warm bucket of water to eliminate odors. Focus on the most prominent spots when using this safe cleaning solution. You will notice the odors and stains disappearing as you scrub.

Q: How to dissolve cat litter in the toilet?

Dirt and debris can be removed from carpets with a broom, dustpan, and elbow grease. For effective dirt removal from carpet piles, the bristles of the broom need to be stiff. If you want to reduce the amount of bending, use a handle-equipped dustpan.

Q: Does cat litter ruin vacuums?

Cat litter can sometimes get into vacuums. As litter contains small clay particles, your regular household vacuum cleaner might be damaged by it. Additionally, the clay dust it produces can clog your vacuum, causing it to smell like cat litter.

Q: Is it OK to vacuum up kitty litter?

Using a regular vacuum cleaner to vacuum cat litter may cause damage to your regular vacuum cleaner.


This was all about how to remove cat litter stains. In addition to bleach, you can use vinegar as well. Both are good for removing urine stains from the cat litter. Just make sure not to use a vacuum cleaner. The cat litter can clog your vacuum cleaner.

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