How to Give Your Cat a Spa Day: New Guide

how to give your cat a spa day

Grooming is just as important for cats as it is for people. Treat your cat to a cat spa experience by creating a grooming routine that is fun and exciting for him. But the question is how to give your cat a spa day. Continue reading to find your answer.

How to Give Your Cat a Spa Day

To properly care for our cats, we give them the food, love, and veterinarian care they need, but do you pamper them occasionally? With so many options for pampering your cat, you don’t have to visit the grooming salon to make him feel like a million bucks. This is how you can give your cat a spa day.

Cat Spas

If your cat needs good pampering while you are away, a cat spa activity center is the perfect solution. The type of cat massager you choose depends on its size, shape, and style. Massagers for cats usually have a rubber surface for self-massage, gum stimulators to promote gum health, and pads with acupressure to massage their feet.

Hair Styling

Regular grooming is the easiest way to pamper your cat. It is fun and beneficial for the cat as well. Your cat’s hair will remain glossy and mat-free with regular brushing, pet combs, and slicker brushes.

Pay Attention to Your Cat

A cat will generally let you know exactly what he wants. You will see them stand directly in front of your face when they want you to watch them instead of TV. You can pet them by jumping on your lap or nipping your hand when they want to be petted.

Make cat lounges

A cat loves to spend time up high and hidden in a cubby. Create a few places like these for your cat and make it comfortable. Buy or build a cat tree to help it climb.


Even if your indoor cat uses her scratching post frequently, you will have to trim her claws. When you need your cat’s claws with neatly trimmed claws, she will not only be able to avoid snagging on furniture and clothing, but it will also make her more comfortable as her claws will not get snagged or split.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to make a cat spa?

Wrap a piece of wood in fabric or rope for your cat to use as a scratching post before building the cat spa. Play with your cat’s toys on the scratching post after that. Glue a cardboard or wood piece to the back of a couple of cat brushes once you’ve finished the scratching post.

Q: Where are cats’ pressure points?

Cats have pressure points under their noses and beneath their eyes that help relax the muscles, while stretching helps prevent problems with their eyes and nose.

Q: Do cats like a spa?

In general, massages are wonderful! Some cats enjoy massaging themselves, rubbing themselves, or getting heavily petted. Veterinarians recommend skipping cat massages for cats who are sensitive to touch or dislike being handled.


There is no doubt that cat lovers love, care for, and spend time with their feisty pets. Therefore, it is only right that they are treated as well. The question that so many cat owners are asking is how to give your cat a spa day. With that in mind, we have compiled a few of our favorite ways, as mentioned above, to pamper kitties. We hope they can provide you with all the information you need.

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