16 best cat breeds in India

best cat breeds in India

There is a common concept that it is unusual or next to difficult to ‘Own a Cat.’ But, the common idea may not be entirely correct; however, it isn’t totally wrong too. Cats are known to be regional; they are more committed to the area than to people. Whenever you see a cat rubbing itself against your arm with those emotional eyes, it will let you cuddle her. To know comprehensive knowledge about cats, here is a list of 10 best cat breeds in India:

Top 16 best cat breeds in India

1.Bombay Cat


Bombay cat is one of the most common types of cat breeds in India, and they look like a black panther of small form. Bombay or Black cats have gorgeous and charming golden eyes and contain shiny and black fur. These cats are very muscular, having a rounded head.


Bombay cats are Asian breeds, and they have two major types: The American Bombay as well as the British Bombay.


Bombay cats are amiable in nature, and they are always ready for different naughty tricks. Besides, they are very versatile because they adjust to different environments.

2. Himalayan Cat


Among all the cat breeds, these cats are heard mostly several times. They are usually recognized by names, for example, Colourpoint Persian and Himmie.


This cat breed came into being after they bred Persian and Siamese cat breeds to develop the pretty blue eyes and the different colorful points.


Himalayan cats are generally white with fluffy skin. Not only do they have white color, but they also have several other colors, for example, red, brown, and cream color with different colorful points scattered throughout the different body parts like ears, face, limbs, tail, etc.

Furthermore, these cats are recognized to have very attractive and beautiful eyes. In size, Himalayan cats come under the class of medium to bulky.

3. Siamese Cat


Siamese cat is one of the inexpensive breeds present in India. Also, it is among the friendliest cat breeds in India.


This cat is very commonly found in Asia and originated from the different kinds of cats present in Thailand.


Siamese cats are mediumly born in size, having very strong thin limbs and wedge-shaped heads with ears, which are triangular. These cats contain attractive blue eyes and a lengthy tail.

4. Persian Cats


Persian cats are also called Iranian or Persian Longhair cats. They are recognized to be one of the most stylish cat breeds.


These cats come from Iran.


They have a rounded face with big eyes, which are shiny and beautiful. They have a gorgeous long white coat and do need grooming often.

5. Maine Coon


Maine coon is the oldest cat breed on this planet. Likewise, the cuteness percentage of this cat is very significant.

Origin: This cat breed is originated from Maine, New Englander.

Appearance: This cat breed has a large body having thick fur. It has limbs of medium size and contains rounded eyes and extra-large paws.

6. The American Bobtail


This cat breed is among the most common cats. These cats are popular for their bobbed tail.

Origin: These cats came from America.

Appearance: In size, the American Bobtail has a medium-sized body size is quadrilateral in shape. They show a very muscular appearance and are bulky. They are famous for their flexible tail.

7. Spotted Cat


This cat breed contains a sporadic and different body structure and is recognized to adjust to the Indian climate conditions rapidly.

Origin: According to some historical info, these cats originate from India as well as Sri Lanka.

Appearance: This cat breed contains a different look overall. They contain grey-colored spots on their whole body. Their tail has a dark color, but the color of their body is different. They have oval-shaped paws.

8. Abyssinian


This cat breed is known to be very smart and is usually considered as “Aby-Grabbers”.

Origin: This cat breed came from Ethiopia.

Appearance: This cat comes under small to medium-sized cat breeds. Abyssinian has short in red, blue, or brown in color and is entirely known for its ticked hair pattern. These cats are identified as active and curious, always keen to discover their surroundings.

These cats are also very social and cope well with kids and other pets. They need regular exercise and mental inspiration to keep these cats happy and busy. The best part is that these beautiful creatures are usually healthy and low-maintenance; thus, they don’t need a lot of grooming. With their spectacular appearance and welcoming nature, these cats make great buddies for any cat fan.

9. American Curl Cats


This is a rare cat breed that contains curled up ears. These cats are usually referred to as “Peter Pan.”

Origin: American Curl Cats initially originated from the US.

Appearance: This cat breed is usually small in size and contains medium-sized hair, which is present in different patterns as well as colors, for example, white, lilac, chocolate, fawn, gold, etc. They have straight ears, which usually start curving later in 3 to 5 years.

10. American Shorthair


This cat breed is known to be the best-behaved felines having a friendly nature. It is a smart cat breed that is very active, having strong and advanced mental skills.

Origin: This cat breed came from America.

Appearance: They are usually medium-sized cats, and as the name shows, they contain short hair coats and are seen in several colors like red, white, silver, blue, and cream. The cat usually contains a longer life span of approximately 15 to 20 years and is famous for having strong hunting nature.

11. Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll Cat

Origin: The origin of Ragdoll cat is Riverside, California.

Appearance: The Ragdoll Cat is famous for its calm and kind temperament, making it a perfect pet. This cat has blue eyes and juicy semi-longhair fur in several colors and patterns. Ragdolls are recognized for their enormous size, with males weighing around 20 pounds.

Once lifted, they relax and get pliable, stimulating their exceptional name. Ragdolls are friendly creatures that naturally mingle with other pets, making them a preferred choice for people. To preserve their superb appearance, regular grooming is necessary.

12. Birman Cat

Birman Cat


The Birman cat came from Birmanie, the French form of Burma.


The Birman cat, also called the Sacred Cat of Burma, is a royal breed that attracts with its shiny, silky coat and oval paws. This cat came from Burma (now Myanmar) and is deliberated sacred in Burmese shrines.

Their robust build and approachable disposition make Birmans valued as loving friends. They are kind, affectionate, and perfect for families and persons seeking a faithful cat friend. When selecting a Birman, finding a trustworthy breeder to confirm the cat’s general health is essential. Routine grooming is essential to preserve their exquisite fur and prevent matting.

13. Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair


The Oriental shorthair is a hybrid cat, developed through crosses with American as well as British Shorthairs


The Oriental Shorthair stands out for its smooth and elegant look. These felines are true eye-catchers with a lean bodies, long limbs, and big ears. Accessible in numerous coat colors and patterns, for example, solid, tabby, as well as tortoiseshell, Oriental Shorthairs provide a wide variety of visual appeal.

But their loveliness goes beyond their physical qualities. These brilliant and active cats need mental inspiration and a lot of playtime to flourish.

14. Sphynx Cat

Sphynx Cat


This cat came from got its start in Toronto, Canada.


The Sphynx cat, a breed recognized for its hairless looks and wrinkled skin, is extremely distinctive. Regardless of lacking fur, these cats are very loving and form strong connections with their owners.

They need consistent bathing to have their skin free from oil accumulation and may require extra warmth throughout colder months. Shielding Sphynx cats from sunburn is vital by having them indoors.

While usually healthy, they might be predisposed to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy as well as dental problems. Suitable grooming and attentive carefulness are important to guarantee the well-being of these excellent felines.

15. Turkish Van

Turkish Van


The name came from the utilization of the term “Van” in its origins (Iraq, Iran, Soviet Union, and Turkey), describes the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).


The Turkish Van is an exceptional and attractive cat breed. With its outstanding white fur and colorful patterns on its head as well as tail, it is really a sight to see. This medium to large-size feline is recognized for its playful and lively nature, always prepared for a game of chase.

Its affection for water sets it aside from other cat breeds, as it likes swimming in low pools and playing with running nozzles. The Turkish Van is lively and highly loving, forming solid bonds with its family members. Consistent grooming is essential to maintain its good-looking coat, but generally, it is a low-maintenance cat breed that carries happiness and friendship to any home.

16. Tonkinese Cat

Tonkinese Cat


These cats came from West.


The Tonkinese cat combines the Siamese and Burmese breeds, recognized for their lively and loving nature. With a medium-sized, beefy body and a short, smooth coat in numerous colors and patterns, this cat makes a great friend for families or persons who can offer them consideration and love.

These smart cats are easily trained. With an Affectionately colossal nature, the Tonkinese cat has a life expectancy of around 12 to 15 years.

FAQs: Cat breeds in India

Q: Which is the best domestic cat in India?

A: the best domestic cat breeds in India are:

  • Bombay Cat
  • Himalayan Cat
  • Maine Coon
  • Persian Cats
  • Spotted Cat

Q: Which one is the most costly cat in India?

A: The most expensive cats in India are:

  • Sphynx
  • Scottish Fold Cats
  • Bengal cat
  • Russian Blue Cat
  • Persian cat
  • Savannah

Q: What is the most popular cat in India?

A: Persian cats are the most popular cats in India.

Conclusion: Cat breeds in India

This is the list of the most popular and best cat breeds in India. After reading this article, be responsible while adopting a cat!

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