Top most popular cat breeds in Pakistan


Cats are the most adoring and faithful animals. However, they need appropriate care and time to get a good health. The majority of people keep them as a pet. In addition, keeping a cat comes with several responsibilities like offering them suitable hygienic surroundings. There are several cat breeds in Pakistan.

While keeping cats in Pakistan, you can select any according to your character and daily habits. However, keeping a cat is more comfortable compared to dogs or additional pet animals because cats are liberated in most of the chores. Their affection for you is absolute. They require your consideration in return for their love for you.

Besides, there is an extensive range of cats all over the globe. In addition to our amazement, all cat breeds possess different eating ways, living styles, and ages. Each breed contains additional attention requirements, too.

Furthermore, some cat breeds have extra furs; thus, they require extra care compared to other breeds.  Here, I will describe some of the most popular cat breeds in Pakistan. Whenever you need to keep a cat, we will aid you by mentioning top cat breeds. Thus, you can select a cat as per your choice and behavior.

Most popular cat breeds in Pakistan

  1. Persian Cats


If you search for a loveable, fuzzy, quiet, and attractive pet, it would be best to choose the Persian cat. They are very furry with lovely eyes and a gorgeous doll face having friendly manners; however, their hairs shed enormously, therefore can be unsafe for those suffering from fur allergy.

Additionally, they frequently keep up eye contact and deliver very charming expressions. Besides, they retain their love for their owners and do not create problems while doing chores and cooperating with them.

Moreover, they love staying in laps and hugging with their owners. Also, they do not consume human food comprising milk and meat; however, they feel comfortable with any indoor feline meals.

Additionally, white triple coated Persian cats are the costly cats in Pakistan. Their weight is around 7 to 12 pounds, and their lifespan is approximately equal to 15 years and are accessible in double as well as triple coat and need appropriate health care.

  1. Maine Coon Cats


Maine Coons are known as big cats and have approximately 10 to 18-pound weight. They get their complete size in around 4 to 5 years. Besides, their normal life span is similar to the Persian cats, for example, 10 to 15 years.

Additionally, they have a flat rugged, shaded hair coat with big golden, blue, and green eyes. Besides, their eyes might be Bi-Colored and even White. Maine Coon cats have a lovely furry tail, whereas fur on their shoulder region is shorter rather than on their belly and britches.

They generally contain a brown tabby arrangement; however, they can be present in further colors and outlines as well, for example, red, black, and white tints and as bi-color such as red & white or patterns like tortoiseshell.

Furthermore, they do not mind while dressing up, and they are friendly cats; however, they are not very loving of remaining in laps but enjoy to stay near and track you. These loving cats like to chase rousing objects. Also, these cats are extremely smart and clever with a nosy nature.

  1. Siamese Cats


Siamese is the most popular cat due to its friendly as well as faithful personality. These felines are very friendly and brave. Their appearance is cylindrical and fairly agile with a stylish neck. Besides, their rear legs are lengthier as compared to the forelimbs.

This cat breed is very clever and nosy with caring nature. They want your devotion all the time and detect your every action. They continue following you. Thus, if you are a hectic individual, never adopt a Siamese cat or adopt two Siamese cats so that they offer each other attention in your time off.

Furthermore, these cats have fascinating eyes with a navy blue color. The majority of the Siamese cats are entirely white during their birth; however, they show a brownish fur pattern in maturity.

Siamese cats show their appropriate color when they are one-year-old. These loveable cats also show attitude; they need you to provide the proper care.

Furthermore, these cats are famous for their affection for talking. Siamese cats are unbelievably vocal and will talk with you for the whole day. This cat breed is also well-known for its high tone noise.

Siamese cats are prone to diseases such as mediastinal lymphoma, abdominal growths, as well as feline asthma compared to other cat breeds

These cats are full of fun; they enjoy playing with several toys and love rubbing. These cats are among the best indoor friends. They will love to stay and nap in your lap; they need warm places.

  1. Bengal Cats


Bengal cats are among the most popular cat breeds in Pakistan. These cats are also called Jungle cats due to their physical look. Besides, these cats are not gentle at all. They have fir characteristics with robust muscles.

Additionally, these cats are extremely playful, loving, active, and clever. The finest thing about them is that this cat breed is groomed easily due to their short furs. They shed less hair. Their normal lifecycle is 11 to 17 years.

Furthermore, these cats are indeed fun-loving, assertive, and conversational. These cats can jump high because of their long limbs and being enthusiastic. These cats are considered to be street cats; however, the love and attention they provide to their owners are immense.

Bengal cats like to stroll outside the home. They also share your bed. These beautiful and human- friendly felines can notice and touch a lot of things without giving a clue. Bengal cats come in numerous tabby arrangements of white, tan, and black color.

In addition, these cats barely sit for an extended moment and are permanently on an assignment of doing something. This cat breed requires routinely nail cutting and ear cleaning too.  If you need to keep your kids busy, these cats would be the best choice.

  1. Khao Manee


These cats are also recognized as Diamond eye cats, and they are famous for their exceptional eye color that differs from blue, khaki, gold, as well as odd eye colors. These cats having odd eyes are gorgeous, valuable, and have a noticeable effect.

Furthermore, Khao Manee is found in Thailand and is recognized as a sign of good luck and worthy prosperity among Thailand’s individuals. These cats are very beautiful, loving, talkative, and human-friendly and can be renowned for their attractive eyes and lovely white snowy hair along with pink lips, muzzle, and footpads.

Khao Manee cats love to hug and nap with their owner and acquire what they need by creating loud noises. Also, these cats contain long healthy limbs and like to play numerous games with family members.

Some Khao Manee kittens are born deaf because of a gene apt for the white pattern of coat, which causes harm to the cochlea. In addition, these cats hold less hair fall and generally do not need much grooming due to their short hairs. Also, they are human-friendly and perfect for any family.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What cats are known as street cats?

A: Feral cats, wandering or stray cats, and pet cats are entirely similar species; all of these cats are domestic felines.

Q2: What are the most popular indoor cat breeds?

A: Sphynx. Frequently recognized as the Velcro cat, loves to twist up in their holder’s lap. On the other hand, Ragdoll cats are also indoor cats. They are fond, friendly, and always ready for snuggles. Some other popular indoor cats are given below.

  • Scottish Fold
  • Himalayan cat
  • The Moggy
  • Devon Rex
  • Siamese

Q3: Which is the most attractive cat breed?

A: Maine Coon cats, British Shorthair, Bengal cats, Siamese, Persian cats, Ragdoll, and Scottish Fold are the most attractive cat breeds.

Q4 What is the ugliest type of cat breed?

A: Although every cat breed can turn out an unpleasant kitten occasionally, several individuals would say that the ugliest cat breed in the world is the Sphynx. Some extra ugliest cats are the munchkin and Devon Rex cats.

Q5: What is the smallest cat breed?

A: Singapura is also called one of the smallest cats all over the world. Besides, this cat is half the bulk of the normal cat. Holding a kitten size during their lives, their physiques are small and subtle, and they generally do not weigh over 5 pounds.

Q6: What is the most expensive breed of cat?

A: Ashera cat is the most expensive breed throughout the world. Just like the Savannah, this breed is the cross of an Asian Leopard and the domestic cat.

Take away 

Now, it does not matter which cat breed you choose for adoption; always remember that they all want appropriate care, love, and kindness. Try to know what these beautiful animals are unable to express to you.

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