How to teach a dog to smile? Best three techniques


Teaching a dog to smile is a charming trick that everyone can use to entertain and boast his talents. However, this is also a habit you can train your dog once you or your dog feel helpless. This article will tell you about how to teach a dog to smile. Teaching your dog to smile can either be a lovely smile or a threatening grimace.

Besides, you can choose what times you have to teach your dog to smile through the command you provide him. Train your dog to smile or stare without creating sound. Just expect the giggles, smiles, and even fear your furry friend can show just by an effortless task similar to showing his teeth.

Once you ask your pooch to smile facing others and he smiles, you can imagine smiles from your family members too. Asking a dog to smile by command near other dogs can be threatening to others. While teaching your dog, it’s essential to reward your canine as soon as it follows your command.

This will help to teach your puppy that when he listens to you, a delicious treat or admiration is coming. This way, your dog will associate a magnificent reward with a exact verbal and physical command.

Important Tasks: Three Best techniques

This helpful reinforcement teaching rewards your dog for learning, whereas commands allow him the reason to practice and continue teaching. You can utilize this trick to get your dog to show his teeth or grimace.

Furthermore, dogs can learn to smile at any stage though it can be slightly easier to train a pup compared to an adult dog. The importance at any age is repetition as well as rewards. Schedule some suitable time with your puppy to teach this cute, entertaining, or scary trick.

You will require many delicious treats to reward your dog for listening, observing, good manners, and following the command. You can use several techniques to teach your dog to smile. Some are given below.

#1 The Click to Smile Technique

  1. Gather supplies

Collect all the supplies you want to train your dog to smile while also pleasing him with your teaching clicker and numerous treats.

  1. Touch his whiskers

Slightly touch your puppy’s whiskers. This will obtain his attention allowing him to open his mouth to smile.

  1. Click and give him a treat.

When your dog shows his teeth after touching his whiskers, offer him a tasty treat. It can be a difficult job for several dogs, and you might need to lift his mouth to some extent.

  1. Touch and lift

When you slightly touch your puppy’s cheek, very gradually elevate the dog’s upper lip displaying the teeth.

  1. Please give him a treat again.

This time as the outcome was what you desired with his smile, you should click and give him a treat.

  1. Using command

Carry on to repeat this deed, gradually lifting his lips when you touch your pooch’s cheek; however, at this moment, give it a command like ‘smile’ and finish with a click as well as a treat.

  1. Practice

Repeat several times by using the command and the action. Practicing numerous times, you can give your furry friend the command and assume him to lift both lips to smile.

  1. Reward

Whenever your dog effectively smiles, whether you have helped or he is finishing it by self with the command, make sure to click, mark the performance, and offer him a tasty treat.

#2 The Tickle Technique

  1. Get ready

Make these teaching sessions short for this trick as this is not an ordinary effort for your puppy, and he can tire or bore. Have numerous delicious treats on hand to reward your dog when he smiles.

  1. Tickle

Tickle your canine’s cheeks. This will allow him to elevate his upper lips a bit; however, perhaps out of irritation.

  1. Command

Then, give the command ‘smile.’

  1. Treat

When you have given the command, offer your dog a tasty treat.

  1. Practice

You have to do a lot of practice before your dog links the command ‘smile’ with the performance of elevating his lips to smile. Practice numerous times by tickling your dog’s whiskers to acquire him to raise that upper lip.

Make sure to reward him when he raises his lips. By time and exercise, he must clarify where you give the command and don’t need to touch his cheeks.

  1. Rewards

Make sure to give rewards to your furry friend whenever he becomes successful at smiling. Carry on rewarding your dog because he picks up the trick and follows it for other individuals too.

#3 The Toothbrush Technique

  1. Ponder times

There are several times your dog can smile on his own, and you don’t need to give the command. Thus, take care of these times, and give an order along with a treat once he completes this.

  1. Tooth brushing

For the period of tooth brushing, your furry friend lifts his lips to put up the toothbrush. When your dog learns how to brush his teeth, then he grasps the toothbrush, your dog can automatically elevate his lips up in training for the brushing.

  1. Give him a treat

Anytime you offer your dog a delicious treat, he can open his jaws and lift his upper lips to smile automatically.

  1. With love

When you tickle your dog’s lips, he can automatically raise his upper lip to smile.

  1. Command

Whenever you get your dog while smiling, give him a knack to smile. After providing the command, always offer him a tasty treat.

  1. Practice and reward

Make sure to practice this frequently, and whenever you get your dog to smile, give the command and offer your dog a treat. After doing practice, your puppy should smile, elevate his upper lip via command, and get a treat.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Can I teach my dog to smile?

A: Whenever you touch your dog’s face, he can automatically raise his upper lip to smile. Anytime you get your furry friend in the act of smile, give your dog the command to show his teeth. Then, give him a delicious treat.

Q2: How do I make my dog smile?

A: Dogs can show their teeth or smile. This occurs once they open their jaws and lift their lips, allowing their tongues to lay on their teeth. Dog smile generally happens when they are calm and look happy; because of this, dog owners consider it a smile.

Q3: What is the most challenging trick to teach a dog?

A: The majority of the difficult tricks as well as commands to teach a dog are:

  • Wait
  • Bark
  • Crawling
  • Rotation
  • Sit beautifully
  • Go and Bring
  • Stand on rear limbs

Q4: What is the coolest trick to teach a dog?

A: Some cool tricks to teach a dog are:

  • Sit
  • Open the door
  • Close a Door
  • High-Five
  • Hide and Search
  • Play Soccer
  • Sing
  • Kiss

Q5: Are dogs become happy whenever they smile?

A: Do not suppose the same from the pet. Your furry friend is not smiling as they get something funny. As an alternative, they are smiling as they feel comfortable and, due to that, one possibly will venture that your dog is glad.

Final thoughts

By considering the tricks discussed above, teaching a dog to smile becomes easier than you have imagined. The toothbrush technique is easy to teach your dog to smile, unlike other methods. With the right inspiration, you can train your dog to do comparatively anything you want!

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