Bordernese: The Border Collie Bernese Mountain Mix

Border Collie Bernese Mountain

Two gorgeous dog breeds, the Border Collie as well as the Bernese Mountain Dog, were just crossed to develop a new dog breed that has won the emotions of numerous dog lovers around the world. The Bordernese or the Border Collie Bernese Mountain Dog Mix is a dog that is recognized for his cleverness and attractive personality.

Here, I will discover the Bernese Border Collie in detail. What does this hybrid look and perform like? What are their lifecycle and well-being? And more significantly, how do you get a healthy Bordernese dog that will fulfill your lifestyle?

Continue reading to learn all about Bordernese. 

The History of Border Collie Bernese Mountain Mix 

Since the Bordernese is a stylish dog that was designed recently, only a little is recognized about his basis. But, both the parent dogs have long and exciting histories. To get a good know-how of where the Bordernese canine came from, let’s dive into the origins of parent dogs.

Border Collie History:

The Border Collie dog is one of the most intelligent dog breeds all over the world. These dogs were formerly bred for herding drives. Intrinsically, they were supposed to be smart and courageous.

This dog originated on the border among England as well as Scotland, where they were usually used as ranch dogs. The Border Collie was publicly known by the AKC in 1995 and is recognized for his stylishness, kindness, and outstanding work ethic.

Bernese Mountain Dog History:

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a faithful dog initially developed to work with its masters. The ancestors of the existing Bernese Mountain Dog were presented to Switzerland several centuries ago by Roman militaries.

These dogs were also usually utilized as farm dogs as well as draft dogs. The breed was listed with the AKC in 1937.

The Physical Features of the Bordernese


The Bernese Mountain dog mixed with Border Collie is a medium to big dog who can rise to a height of approximately 23-28 inches. This dog frequently weighs anywhere from 40 to 80 pounds once fully grown.

When we talk about its appearance, this dog contains long, thick fur that is usually brown or black with additional white color rather than any other Bernese Mountain Dog mixes.

Because of his size and attentiveness, this dog makes for an excellent watchdog. Because of his calm and relaxed nature, this mixed dog can adjust to any living situation and frequently does not need a large home or lawn to flourish. Their calm personality makes these dogs ideal for any living space.

The Behavior and Temperament of the Bordernese

Both the Bernese Mountain Dog as well as the Border Collie are recognized to be calm, smart, and great with kids. Thus, you can bet that your dog will be an outstanding family pet. Your new Bernese Mountain Border Collie Mix dog will be attentive and active like the parent dogs.

This mixed dog would also be a splendid choice for anybody seeking a guard dog because he will woof whenever he perceives a burglar. Your Bordernese will be a reliable furry friend who will be on your side and prepared to come to your liberation if necessary.


In the meantime, the Bordernese is highly bright and eager to gratify; he will be easy to train. An excellent training program will ensure your dog learns good habits and does not become bored.

You’ll perhaps find it easy to train a Border Collie mixed with a Bernese Mountain Dog’s numerous commands and tricks. These canines can learn rapidly, and they frequently do like training to avoid dullness. 

They are also suitable viewers eager to follow commands to satisfy their owners. So, you will have to make just some repetitions before your Bordernese holds whatever you’re training them.

Use a strong and positive method when training your dog. Avoid being strict with your doggy and use positive strengthening training approaches that contain food rewards, treats, as well as praise words to inspire your dog.

It is also significant to socialize your pooch from a young age with kids and additional dogs. Puppy obedience training is a great technique to socialize your puppy with additional pets. Although the Bordernese can be lively around kids, verify to teach your children how to interact with your dog without hurting or mocking him.

Exercise Needs


Bordernese dogs are very energetic and need sufficient exercise regularly to release extra energy. The exercises will also aid keep your dog physically strong and at a suitable weight.

The appropriate exercise routine for this pooch should comprise regular walks as well as playtime with the household. Use collaborating dog toys to have him physically and emotionally fit indoors. They also like playing or running on a safe or fenced-in lawn.

It is also an excellent idea to take your pooch to an adjacent dog park frequently so that he can socialize with other dogs. These dogs are excellent exercise associates, and I always retain you on your toes. They generally enjoy a game of fetch or even jogging with their owners.


Grooming your Border Collie mixed with Bernese Mountain Dog must be easy. Usually, these dogs have gorgeous coats that need regular brushing because of their inclination toward heavy shedding.

Likewise, be sure to examine your dog’s ears frequently for any symptoms of infection. In the meantime, your Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with Border Collie contains folded ears; you must dry them carefully after bathing. This is as a gathering of moisture inside their ears can cause infection as well as inflammation.

Moreover, cut their nails to keep their feet in good condition. 

 Feeding Requirements 

The Bordernese is a moderate consumer and consumes around 2 to 3 cups of dog food daily. Ensure to feed your dog dry dog food, which is made for dogs. Without any doubt, dog food quality will make a huge variance in his complete health.

So, make sure to purchase high-quality dog food that offers your dog the nutrients he requires for his growth as well as development.

Bordernese Lifecycle

The Bordernese has a lifespan of around 12 to 15 years, which is standard for canines of his size. Regular exercise, appropriate nutrition, and mental motivation all play an important role in extending the lifespan of any pooch.

You must also take care of your pup’s mental condition for his general health. Understanding how your dog feels, both bodily and emotionally, is a significant part of having a dog.

Bordernese Health Issues

As with any dog, inheritances and the atmosphere play an important role in the general health of your Bordernese dog. Discovering responsible breeders keen to breeding fit Bordernese pups is very significant.

When selecting a dog, learning about its possible health complications is worthwhile to avoid emotional agony and vast vet bills.

The Bordernese can get major health issues, for example, hip as well as elbow dysplasia, collie eye anomaly, and meningitis. Minor health issues comprise patellar luxation, epilepsy, cancer as well as familial nephropathy.

The Price of Bordernese Pups


The average price of a Bordernese puppy is approximately $1000. As these puppies are fairly expensive, do your research before making your last decision. But not each price tag is high, and you can buy the best agreement possible. Before choosing a new dog, regular maintenance and medical charges must also be considered.


What two dog breeds make a Border Collie?

Roman breed and a Viking breed make a Border Collie dog. Even though the Border Collie was developed along the border among Scotland as well as England, they do not arise from either a Scottish or English dog breed. As an alternative, the Border Collie is a mix of a Roman herding breed as well as a Viking Spitz-variety dog breed.

Why are Border Collies very intelligent?

One of the chief reasons these canines are so smart is that they were bred for their intelligence. For above a century, individuals have bred Border Collies for their cleverness and capabilities instead of just their appearance.

Do Border Collie’s make excellent family pets?

Yes! Overall, Border Collies are active, even-tempered, and keen to gratify, making them an outstanding option for a family pet. They cope well with kids and additional pets if they are introduced appropriately.

Take away 

If you seek a low-maintenance pooch, the Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with Border Collie will not disappoint. The Bordernese is very prevalent due to his high aptitude levels and his calm as well as friendly behavior.

However, the Bordernese is perfect for active owners who carry them out for regular walks and bathe them with love and fondness. If you can do this, then the Bordernese dog can be an excellent companion for you as well as your family.

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