Most Reputable Labrador Retriever Breeders Texas 2024


Why is the Labrador retriever such a beloved dog, not only in America, but also around the world? Well, most importantly, this dog loves individuals and is very submissive. The most significant thing to him is to gratify his owner and he is tremendously willing to collaborate and is very easy-going.

Similarly, the Labrador is a dog that loves kids and gets by well with them. He holds a very kind character, he is tolerant and kind. Simultaneously, this dog is very diligent and is outstanding as a therapy canine, a rescue dog, as well as a police dog.

Considering its magnificent characteristics, it is no astonishment that this dog is ranked 1 on the list of the most prevalent dogs of the AKC for 2021. This is the 31st time that the Lab is the preferred option of American families!

As they are so popular, there are many Labrador breeders in all the USA. But, this does not mean that all these breeders are trustworthy and responsible. So, we are here to limit your choice! Keep reading to learn more about trustworthy Labrador retriever breeders Texas.

Top 11 Responsible Labrador retriever breeders Texas

The following is our list of top 11 Labrador retriever breeders Texas: these are all Lab breeders who deal with puppy health tests, keep them in outstanding conditions, and ensure that each of their Labs end up in a loving home.

1.     AlderCreek Labradors, Larue

AlderCreek Labradors Larue

AlderCreek Labradors is situated in Larue and has been breeding Labs for more than 35 years. These breeders grwo their dogs on a 20-acre land. Besides Labs, you can also get other animals, like cats, donkeys, as well as horses at AlderCreek.

AlderCreek breeders focus on the temperament and working capability of their Labs. All of their Labrador puppies are AKC registered.

AlderCreek’s Labradors hold their OFA cardiac documentation and CERF eye authorizations. Similarly, these breeders ensure that all of their canines are tested for progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and exercise-induced collapse (EIC).

Breeder Info                                                                     

Location: 9401 Co Rd 4515, Larue, TX 75770

Website: AlderCreek Labradors


Phone number: +1 903-681-4262

2.     Allen Chief Loyal Labs, Lovelady

Allen Chief Loyal Labs Lovelady

Allen Chief Loyal Labs is situated in Lovelady, Texas, struggle to raise Labradors of top quality. Their dogs are good hunting canines as they are family mates.

At Allen Chief Loyal Labs, you can get Labs in all colors. Their canines are thoroughbred, AKC registered dogs. Their Labradors are growing up on a 5-acre, big farm where they can play and run!

If you need to purchase a Labrador puppy from these Lab breeders, you will be requested to pay around $200 deposit. Pat and Lisa ask all dog lovers that want to buy a Labrador to visit their farm and meet all of their Labs.

Breeder Info

Location: 640 N, Commerce St, Lovelady, TX 75851

Website: Allen Chief Loyal Labs


Phone number: +1 936-636-2262

3.     Diamond M Labradors, Red Oak

Diamond M Labradors Red Oak

Diamond M Labradors is situated in Red Oak in North Texas. They breed English/American and Full cross lines. These breeders provide their purchasers Labradors that make magnificent life friends and that are also excellent in personality and conformation fields.

Diamond M breeders breed black, chocolate, white, as well as yellow Labradors. They state that their dogs are certainly part of their family and they need them to make caring family members to other owners as well.

These breeders don’t have numerous dogs, they generally have several litters per year. But, their Labradors are canines with champion lineages and champion pedigrees. These breeders produce quality breeders.

Moreover being excellent family pets, Diamond M’s Labradors are popular as service dogs as well as hunting dogs.

Breeder Info

Location: 120 Stainback Ct, Red Oak, TX 75154

Website: Diamond M Labradors


Phone number: +1 214-766-6959

4.     Hargrove Heaven Farm, Caddo Mills

Hargrove Heaven Farm Caddo Mills

Hargrove Heaven Farm is situated in Caddo Mills, east of Dallas. They produce healthy as well as strong Labradors in several colors including, silver Labs, chocolate Labs, yellow Labs, and fox red Labs.

These Labrador retriever breeders near me sell their pups with a health assurance and an AKC registration. Their Labs enjoy their 21-acre farm, where these dogs spend time with other animals, like goats, pigs, as well as horses. Like this, their dogs are socialized and introduced to different animals.

In addition to animals, Labs from Hargrove Heaven Farm spend time with small kids. These dogs are being grown as part of a family. Hargrove Heaven Farm’s pups leave their kennel once they are eight weeks old.

Breeder Info

Location: Caddo Mills, Texas

Website: Hargrove Heaven Farm


5.     Labs4ever Labradors, Brookshire

Labs4ever Labradors Brookshire

Labs4ever Labradors is a kennel situated in Brookshire, Texas. They produce quality Labs that are not just gorgeous, but also hard-working, robust, and keen dogs. All of their Labrador puppies experience genetic testing and go with a health assurance.

Labs4ever Labradors produce English Labrador, which is a canine with a square head, robust posture, and excellent temperament.

These breeders socialize their canines so that they are independent once they go to their homes. They believe that, like this, the their puppies will adapt easily to their new homes. Just like owners seek a perfect breeder, these breeders also try to find perfect families for all of their Labrador puppies!

Breeder Info

Location: Sweet Willow Ln, Brookshire, TX 77423

Website: Labs4ever Labradors


Phone number: +1 951-741-3412

6.     Martin Lake Labradors Of Houston, Rosharon

Martin Lake Labradors Of Houston Rosharon

Next on this list of Labrador breeders Texas is Martin Lake Labradors of Houston. Besides, Cory as well as Dave Martin are the breeders behind this farm. Cory was raised enclosed by Beagles and Labradors; thus, has loved these canines for a longer period. Cory is an arson sleuth who also trains pooches to become outstanding in bomb and sedative detection.

These two dog lovers hold 8 children and they needed to transfer their own love towards canines to them. No better pooch than a Labrador puppy for this, right? These Labrador retriever breeders near me state that their dogs have assisted them to learn how to adore and deal with others.

Their Labradors like living on their 80-acre ranch. They are sweet-natured canines that are sure to be excellent protectors and friends for every family!

Breeder Info

Location: 8595 FM 1462, Rosharon, TX 77583

Website: Martin Lake Labradors of Houston

Phone number: +1 281-507-0896

7.     Texas Faith Labradors, Willis


Texas Faith Labradors is situated in Willis, north of Houston. These Labrador retriever breeders near me offer black as well as chocolate Labradors, which are both pleasing family and hunting companions.

These breeders have been in the industry business since 1990. They emphasis on health, conformation, and cleverness in their Labradors. All of their canines are AKC registered and hereditarily tested.

These Labs are socialized with other animals and with kids. They offer healthy pups for reasonable prices. If you are seeking a new family member, try contacting these trustworthy breeders!

Breeder Info

Location: 11125 Tanyard Rd, Willis, TX 77378

Website: Texas Faith Labradors


Phone number: + 936-537-4557

8.     TMH Labradors, Danbury

TMH Labradors Danbury

TMH Labradors is situated in Danbury, Texas. They also offer Labrador puppies to other states, like Arkansas, Louisiana, as well as Oklahoma. All of their Labrador puppies are AKC registered. They breed yellow, black, as well as chocolate Labradors. All of their Labrador puppies are OFA Licensed and experience Embark DNA testing.

Their Labradors are a human’s true friend. They enjoy to play, run, and hike with their human family. As all of their dogs are hereditarily tested, they are assured that they are growing healthy and happy Labs.

Breeder Info

Location: 6232 County Rd 208, Danbury, TX 77534

Website: TMH Labradors


Phone number: +1 832-403-9434

9.     Yellow Rose Labradors, Arlington

Yellow Rose Labradors Arlington

Yellow Rose Labradors is situated in Arlington, Texas and is possessed by Kay and Richard Scott. Numerous of their Labrador breeding canines have become master hunters. In addition to breeding, these breeders also provide basic obedience training for canines.

Kay and Richard have been breeding Labrador puppies since 1993. Their canines are show dogs and hunting winners; however, these breeders show how they are, their loving family canines.

Their breeding program works on the health and personality of Labradors. Before leaving their farm, all of their Labrador puppies are inoculated and dewormed. Visitors are permitted to visit the pups when they are five weeks old.

Breeder Info

Location: 6611 Rickey Ln, Arlington, TX 76001

Website: Yellow Rose Labradors


Phone number: +1 817-929-0589

10.  Rockin’ B Labradors, Forestburg

Rockin B Labradors Forestburg

Rockin’ B Labradors is situated in Forestburg and is possessed by Devin and Lauren Blackburn. These Lab breeders breed best quality Labrador puppies in all colors. All of their pups are AKC registered and leave with a 2-year health assurance.

This is a small, family-owned kennel, located in beautiful nature and surrounded by woods. Labradors at the Rockin’ B kennel enjoy a spacious farm, where they can run and exercise as much as they want.

Along with breeding wonderful Labs, these breeders also provide basic obedience training, which continues for 4 weeks and helps pups to acquire basic commands. Likewise, they provide gun dog training, which continues for 6 weeks and through which, a pooch learns basic commands.

To become a part of waiting list, you will be requested to pay around $250 deposit. All of their Labrador puppies are immunized, microchipped, and fully dewormed before they leave their farm.

Breeder Info

Location: 820 Steadham Rd, Forestburg, TX 76239

Website: Rockin’ B Labradors


Phone number: +1 940-366-0720

11. Seven Oaks Kennel, Spring Branch

lab breeder

Seven Oaks Kennel is situated in Spring Branch, Texas. Chris as well as Linda Gray are the breeders behind this farm. Their Labradors like their 10-acre ranch, where they learn to have the finest life.

A Labrador pup from Seven Oaks Kennel comes with the following:

• Health records

• AKC registration

• Vaccination records

• proof of microchipping

These Labrador retriever breeders near me have a fixed payment for all of their Labs, which is around $300. Seven Oaks Kennel’s puppies are ready to go to their kennel once they are seven weeks of age.

Breeder Info

Location: 510 Elmhurst Dr, Spring Branch, Texas 78070

Website: Seven Oaks Kennel


Phone number: +1-210-777-1464

How Much Should You Pay For A Labrador retriever Puppy?.

The price of a pedigree Labrador varies from $500-$1,500, depending on aspects such as the repute of the breeder, the canine’s health, and the pooch’s pedigree. This price can be higher if it is a champion pedigree Labrador.

Similarly, the color of the Lab indicates its price. Hence, yellow Labradors are more costly than black as well as chocolate Labradors. Besides purchasing a dog, you always have the choice of adopting a Lab. Adopting a Labrador retriever can cost you around $50 to $400. Even though adoption is considerably cheaper than purchasing a dog, it must be noted that, if you want to adopt, you can never be entirely sure of your canine’s ancestry and wellbeing.

Thus, although adopting is a cheaper choice, it comes with an extra price tag.


Why Labrador retriever is expensive?

Labs are fiercely faithful, loving, and highly trainable; however, this lovable dog has a sheer price tag. Among adoption prices, vet bills, as well as food costs, you would pay a penny for your Labrador.

Final Thoughts

Since the Labrador retriever is one of the most well-known and adored dog breeds in the world, these Lab puppies are not difficult to get. But, this does not mean that all these dogs are raised in good conditions and in good health.

These features are the characteristics of loyal breeders who do not breed canines for their own benefit; however, in accordance with the breed rules and with the wish that other individuals should feel the affection and friendship of this delightful type of dog.

All of these Labrador retriever breeders Texas on our list are trustworthy and responsible breeders who will answer any questions that you might have. They will expect you to carry on growing their Labrador puppies with the same affection and caring as they did!

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