How to Potty Train a Labrador Puppy in 2024

How to Potty Train a Labrador Puppy
Labrador puppy

House training or potty training is one of the initial things you must focus on after owning a Labrador Puppy. However, you should know what to think when potty training a Labrador puppy, you must be ready with patience and enthusiasm, as house training can be challenging initially. In this article, I will explore how to potty train a Labrador puppy and house-training essentials that you should follow to train your Lab puppy. So, let’s dive into this article.

How to Potty Train a Labrador Puppy? Defining Responsibilities 

Potty training a Labrador puppy will need you to have a potty spot before training initiates. You must know where you need your Lab to go potty and don’t change that spot while house-training a Labrador puppy. 

Taking the puppy to his potty spot constantly and on time during the day and night will be essential to house training a Labrador puppy successfully. You must watch his signals to let you know he wants to go. 

Getting your Labrador puppy outside as soon as you get these signals and not allowing him to have a chance is crucial for training your puppy to allow you know he wants to go potty. There will be different times you must take your puppy outside quickly without waiting for your pup to give you the sign that he wants to go. These times will comprise after meals as well as after waking from sleep.

Essential Tips to potty train your Labrador Puppy.

house training a labrador puppy
white and black lab puppy

Select an area of your apartment as your canine’s “bathroom” This place requires it to be easy to clean. If you have one, you can also take your Lab puppy into your lawn. Training your puppy to go potty on the lawn is excellent since Labradors create extra waste once grown. 

If you live in an apartment, you need no other choice but to take your Labrador retriever outside to empty. However, don’t take your Labrador retriever puppy to potty out on the road or park until the vaccines have been done. 

Labs love to go outside and discover new territories; however, this could be hazardous for an unvaccinated pup. Thus, the initial months of potty training will occur indoors for apartment residents. 

Puppies can decline to go potty outsides. Such as, if your puppy is used to evacuating on floors inside an apartment or house, going potty in the grass will make them awkward, and they will choose to do it on the footpath. Thus, considering an artificial grass puppy pad during potty training, a Labrador puppy can help to change to real grass once your puppy is prepared to discover the outside world. 

How to potty train a Labrador puppy: Essential training supplies

Usually, a puppy cannot control Its bladder plus bowel until they become 12 weeks older; thus, ensure you have all the basics in case your new puppy chooses to go where it’s not thought to. For this time, you might require the following items to start potty training a Labrador puppy. Ensure they are all pet-friendly and of a trustworthy brand name.

1.      Absorbent pee pad:

Usually, dog training pads come in handy in the first phases of house training before your dog can go potty outdoors. The advantage of a pad is that the mess your Lab pup makes will be limited to one place only, and it will be stress-free for you to clean up.

2.      Stain Remover: 

Having a good cleaner is very important while house training a Labrador puppy. Together with a pet, cleaner ensure you also have sufficient small towels on hand.

3.      Dog poop bag as well as Pooper scooper: 

Keeping these is also very significant. These things will come in handy once you have to collect and throw away the mess your Lab pup makes. You can bring these in your bag when you go outside on a walk with your canine.

4.      Dog treats:

Numerous dogs are inspired by food, and because of this reason, you will have food treats that your puppy enjoys. After your canine listens to and follows your instructions, offer him a treat; thus, he understands that food arrives after he follows that command.

5.      A leash and collar: 

This will permit you to show your pooch where the right place is.

6.      Obstruction gates: 

This is also a significant supply because it will restrain your pooch to a particular place. Barrier gates also keep your house clean.

7.      Pee finder: 

This item finds and cleans dried pee, which would prevent future accidents.

When should you start house training a Labrador puppy?

Labrador puppies have a short attention span. But, you can imagine starting to respond to obedience commands like “sit”, “down”, or “stay” once they are at around 7-8 weeks of age.

At what age should you house train a Labrador puppy?

House training should initiate as soon as your puppy reaches home. This is usually at 7-9 weeks of age. Thus, if your Labrador puppy is some weeks old, you might initiate with basic commands to get used to the house routine. 

The best moments to train a Lab pup are:

  • Post playing
  • After a nap
  • After eating or drinking
  • If they are smelling the ground or going in circles
  • When they look excited

How to use a crate for house training a Labrador puppy?

labrador crate training

Using a crate for house training a Labrador puppy can be a valuable idea in the short term, particularly if you want to leave the house or can´t continue watching your dog for some time. 

Crate training teaches your puppy to hold it in till you open the crate and allow him to go outside since your puppy will imagine the crate as its home and will be unwilling to go potty inside. So, here are some essential tips for using a crate:

If the crate is being utilized for more than 2 to 3 hours at a time, ensure you also offer your dog fresh water. You can have a dispenser and attach it to your dog’s crate for your suitability.

Don´t have your dog inside the crate for over 4 hours at one time. 

Ensure the size of the crate is huge enough for your little friend to stand, turn, or lie down. However, not large enough for your dog to go potty on one side.

Selecting the right place for your Labrador puppy to go potty   

To train your Lab puppy to go potty in a particular place, use a verbal signal such as “go potty” and retain your canine until he does potty. Offer him a treat after praise. Ensure the treat and praise is only offered if your puppy uses the area that you need him to.

Setting an appropriate routine:

Regularity is the best technique to teach your Lab puppy some important housetraining. Take your dog to go potty in the same area at the same time daily. Remember to utilize the command word, and admire your Lab puppy once it evacuates effectively in the right place. Begin by taking your pup out primary thing each morning and before night. 

Similarly, puppies generally need to go after consuming or drinking water; thus, take your puppy to its right place after each meal. Some puppies also want to go potty after playtime and once they wake up from sleep. 

To attain a potty routine for your puppy is great to know; how frequently lab puppies pee. Well, generally, Labrador puppies can keep it for 60 minutes per month of age. Therefore, an 8-week-old puppy must go every 3 hours, and a 12-week-old puppy after every three hours, and so on. 

Every puppy is different, and the good way to potty train your Lab puppy is to see how frequently it wants to potty. Keeping a steady feeding schedule will aid a lot in this procedure. 

Deal and prevent hindrances:

  • Don’t punish your Lab puppy
  • Clap loudly when you catch your pup
  • Your response matters to your puppy
  • Clean up using enzymatic cleansers instead of ammonia-based cleaners

Stay outdoors with your puppy for longer periods because this might help him to limit incidents. It will also let him discover and get familiar with the spots he frequently uses.

FAQs: How to Potty Train a Labrador Puppy

How often do Lab puppies poop?

Even though a 2-week-old puppy might defecate after every feeding, it might be down to only four times daily by twelve weeks. By six months, it might be three times daily. Generally, they will have adjusted to their “normal” behaviors by one year. An adult dog generally poops once daily.

How long does training a Labrador retriever puppy to poop outside take?

It usually takes 4 to 6 months for a Lab puppy to be completely house-trained; however, some puppies might take up to one year. Size can be a predictor. Such as smaller dog breeds have smaller bladders as well as higher metabolisms and need extra regular trips outside.

You now have a complete guide for your Labrador puppy; ensure you act with benevolence and love and let him have some space to explore. Good luck

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