11 All Time Best Labrador Retriever Breeders California: Which One is Right for You


Are you a keen Labrador lover living in California? Or have you just moved to CA and are seeking that beautiful dog to make your stay in this spectacular state much more entertaining and pleasing?

Whatever your reasons are, owing a dog to help carry more glares into your life would make your stay more valuable. If you don’t recognize already, the Labrador dog is the most prevalent dog in America. This is as these dogs are quite approachable, adorable, and caring.

In this guide, I will be discussing a list of the top Labrador Retriever Breeders California, where you can buy some of the healthiest, easy-going, best quality Labrador Retriever pups. I see you are quite enthusiastic; thus, let’s not waste time.

Top 11 Labrador Retriever Breeders California

1.     Stofer’s Labs

Stofers Labs

Stofer’s Labs focuses on creating Labrador retriever puppies that are of the best quality and mellow characters and are both attractive and smart. At Stofer’s Lab, you can buy good quality white, black, as well as chocolate Labrador Retrievers puppies with different body categories, that make excellent service dogs, brilliant therapy dogs, and most significantly, outstanding family dogs.

Socialization is of extreme significance to Stofer’s Labs, and they make sure that each puppy is exposed to early socialization. They are also controlled and cooperate with individuals of different ages, all to make sure they adjust in their forever homes.

All their parent dogs are licensed as healthy, before going into the breeding program. They are all picked from championed lines and should have been carefully studied and comprehensively tested for hips, elbows, as well as eye conditions, and any other hereditary health problems that are common in Labrador Retrievers.

This is to confirm that each puppy that is being created doesn’t have to experience genetic health problems that can be easily prevented. All their Labrador retriever pups are healthy, have the essential health authorizations, and are traded on restricted AKC registrations only, this is to guarantee that each Labrador retriever pup is protected from puppy mills and cunning breeders.

All their puppies do not have hip dysplasia and any other eye fault for around 27 months. To buy a Stofer’s Labrador, you would have to pay a payment of $500 to deal with the waiting list and you would be required to fill out a registration form. All their puppies cost a typical amount of $3000.

They also provide puppy training services, where your dog would learn the crate training and potty training skills desired to guarantee you get the best familiarity possible with their gorgeous Labrador retriever for sale.

Contact Details:

OwnerKim Stofer
Breeder SinceMore than 19 years
AddressPrunedale, California
AKC RegisteredSold on limited AKC registration only
Phone Number(408) 540 8999
FacebookStofers Labs in California

2.     Marble Mountain Kennels


A family-owned Lab breeder with beautiful, high-quality litters created every year. Marble Mountain Kennels is situated in the serene Shasta Valley. As Lab breeders, they have acquired quite an exciting goal.

They aim to create great family dogs with six(6) key qualities in mind; Superb looks, Terrific personalities, Higher intelligence, Natural pointing nature, Proven lineages, and an Exceptional hunting desire.

These canines would not only outclass a family of dogs; however, also as a natural winner in hunting and retrieving occasions like pheasant hunts and duck blinds. Their parent dogs are carefully picked to attain this aim.

Before being included in the breeding program, essential health examinations are done and each pooch is comprehensively tested and licensed for any hip, heart eye, as well as elbow defects and genetic illnesses common to Labrador Retriever puppies.

They also expose each pup to numerous sounds and textures to allow them to better adjust to your family. There’s also something exceptional about this Lab breeder, and that is their partner breeding plan where all their female parents are retained in partner families to make sure that each litter is appropriately cared for.

Each puppy comes with a health guarantee, registered AKC documents, and a health assurance free from hip dysplasia, eye disorders, or any hereditary conditions for 26 months. To buy a Labrador retriever pup from Marble Mountain Labrador Retriever, a non-refundable payment of $300 would be essential to get along with the waiting list and their pups range from approximately $2300-$2900.

Bottom of Form

Contact Details:

OwnerPete and Julie Morrill
Breeder SinceMore than 15 years
AddressMontague, California
AKC RegisteredSold on both restricted and full AKC registration
Phone Number(530) 598-0943
FacebookMarble Mountain Kennels

3.     Wallee Kennels

Wallee Kennels

Wallee Kennels has been generating high-quality Labrador Retriever puppies since the ’70s. Their emphasis is on the yellow, black, white, as well as chocolate Labrador Retriever pups and their aim as breeders is to goods the best Labrador Retrievers with high cleverness and of low temperament.

Situated in Ontario, California. On a big and quite airy property where each Lab pup is permitted to run and play. Every Lab puppy at Wallee Kennels gets loads of love and attention from the day of their birth.

When we talk about socialization, the Lab pups at Wallee Kennels have this, as they frequently interact with individuals of different ages (both adults and children), and other animals. They are also exposed to numerous household activities and practices that make sure each Labrador Retriever pup is well-behaved and a good fit into their new homes.

Their breeding canines are all licensed free from health issues that affect their hips, eyes, elbows, plus the heart, The authorizations of each breeding dog are done by the OFA, and of course, each parent dog is registered by the AKC.

Each Labrador retriever pup you get from Wallee Kennels would have had all the obligatory vaccinations as well as shots, they would also have had the deworming and would have been carefully health checked by a certified and very trustworthy vet.

Each Labrador puppy also goes with a written health assurance free from hip dysplasia and any hereditary problem common to Labrador dogs for a year.

Contact Details:

OwnerPauline Holt
Breeder Since1970
AddressOntario, California
AKC RegisteredSold on limited AKC registration only
Phone Number(909) 947-391
FacebookWallee Kennels Labrador Retriever

4.     Tender Oaks Ranch Labradors


This family-owned Lab breeder has devoted their time, effort, and assets to breeding healthy yellow as well as white Labrador Retriever puppies that carry extreme joy and pleasure to their families with perfect personalities and character traits.

They make sure that all Labrador Retriever pups are given sufficient space to run, romp, play, and exercise till they are pleased. Each pooch is family-raised and gets much love and attention from birth.

Socialization for each puppy is initiated at an early age by letting them be controlled by individuals of different age groups. They are carried on walks, permitted to play with other dogs, brought to pet-friendly shops, and permitted to be familiarized with an array of many simulations and textures, such as vacuum cleaners, cars, felines, and fundamentally other pets.

All this is quite significant for the appropriate development of the Lab pups and Tender Oak Labradors are mindful of that, their dogs are socialized with as little undesirable stimulation as possible, and an appropriately socialized Lab must be exposed to little or no terror if possible.

Each parent dog has been licensed to be healthy, clear of all elbows, hips, as well as eye issues and has gone through the essential health examinations and testing to be free of any hereditary illnesses or conditions. All their canines are AKC registered and their puppies are traded on limited AKC registrations only.

To be on their waiting list, a payment of $500 would be mandatory, all payments are refundable if you don’t get what you are seeking in the litter. Each Lab pup you buy from Tender Oaks Ranch goes with a 2-year health assurance free from any hereditary disease common to the Labrador Retriever for sale.

If after in getting the pup, it is guaranteed by a certified vet to be unhealthy or disposed of any major health hazards, you are presented with a complete money-back guarantee. You are permitted to return the Lab puppy back, together with a written report from a certified vet and copies of the AKC papers and authorizations given to you.

Contact Details:

OwnerJudy Carr
Breeder SinceMore than five years
AddressLakeside, California
AKC RegisteredYes sold on limited AKC registration
Phone Number(619) 443-8966
FacebookTender Oaks Ranch Labradors

5.     Summerland Labradors

Summerland Labradors

This well-experienced Lab breeder has been devoted to offering some of the best Labrador Retriever pups with excellent quality and personality for quite some time. Their focus is on the English-type Labrador Retriever for sale.

Since their creation in 2008, They have worked hard to make sure that all their breeding canines come from championed lines. This is achieved by spending plenty of time and income studying each dog. They guarantee that they have stellar lineages and that all canines are at the peak of health.

Testing is done for each breeding canine, for example, having their elbows as well as hips cleared by OFA. They also hold their eyes cleared by a certified vet ophthalmologist. All these are achieved before the Lab dog is deliberated right for breeding.

All their Labradors have shown excellent athletic skills and have grown up to be outstanding hunt dogs and great competitors in obedience events. Some of their dogs have also made outstanding therapy as well as service dogs because they are quite smart, creative, and possess a keenness to please.

Every Labrador pup is home-raised. This guarantees that sufficient love and care are presented to each pup during their stay. They are also socialized having consistent interactions with individuals of varying ages.

They are also exposed to numerous experiences, different textures, and other animals. This is done to confirm that each Labrador Retriever pup stays a calm loving friend for your family. Your Summerland Labrador pup must come home with their dew claws trimmed.

They would also have expected all vaccinations as well as deworming and would have been completely health checked by an authorized vet. They would also go with copies of their AKC papers and would be microchipped.

Contact Details:

OwnerDave and Julia Bunker
Breeder Since2008
AddressPhelan, California
AKC RegisteredSold on limited AKC registration only
Phone Number(760) 792-9636

6.     Yoder Labradors


With more than 24 years in the Labrador Retriever breeding industry, Yoder Labradors is dedicated to offering beautiful families with attractive quality Labrador Retriever puppies with perfect personalities and health.

Plenty of their Labradors have grown to be splendid service dogs and therapy dogs that can sense when somebody’s heart rate falls or could serve as magnificent companions for individuals suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, nervousness, low blood sugar, and usually so much more.

Their breeding plan is top-notch because they perform the six suggested DNA tests that are compulsory for the Labrador Retriever breed. The testing comprises PRA-PRCD, Exercise Induced Collapse, HNPK, degenerative and Centronuclear Myopathy, as well as Cystinuria.

Elbow, as well as hip X-rays, are also done for all breeding dogs by the OFA. All these are done to guarantee that you obtain the best and fittest Labrador Retriever puppy. Every Labrador Retriever for sale is AKC registered and is traded on limited AKC registration.

When we talk about socialization, these Lab pups are top-notch, this breeder for Labradors prioritizes socialization. Each puppy is permitted to interact with individuals of different ages and races and be exposed to numerous experiences and inspirations like car noises, different sounds, and a range of different textures.

Their white Labrador Retriever puppies are sold for around $3000 while other coat colors are sold for around $2500 and to handle their waiting list a payment of $500 would be necessary. This deposit however is completely refundable; however, if you get a pup that you might be involved in buying in a different litter, then you would be permitted to select from that litter.

Contact Details:

OwnerCheryl Yoder
Breeder SinceMore than 24 years
AddressOceanside, California
AKC RegisteredSold on limited AKC registration.
Phone Number(760) 207-3853
FacebookYoder Labradors

7.     Japatul Labradors

Japatul Labradors

Originating in 1998, they have been generating great quality English-type Labrador puppies with conformation, personality, health, and working capability being the main concentration of their breeding program.

They have a very large 22-acre property with 6000 sq ft. Big adequate for each dog to play and frisk to their heart’s relaxation. They also have a whelping place that is both heated as well as air-conditioned and it is cleaned every day.

All their breeding canines are AKC-registered and undergo extensive research before being added to the breeding program. They also experience health DNA testing and are licensed free from any hereditary defects before being selected in their breeding plan. This is to guarantee that each litter that is created is healthy and free from any diseases that could be avoided with a suitable breeding plan.

Their waiting list becomes filled up quite rapidly and a non-refundable fee of around $800 would be essential to get positioned on this list, this is as they don’t sell any Lab pups online. You would however be needed to fill out an acquisition questionnaire, this is because they are cautious in selecting who’s right for their Lab pups.

All their Labrador retriever pups are well-socialized because they are introduced to persons, pets, as well as other animals. They are also exposed to numerous textures and experiences to aid them in getting more relaxed with their new family and outsiders. They also get basic obedience training.

Some puppies from Japutal Labrador have grown to become excellent service dogs, therapy, hunting, as well as retrieving partners, and most significantly great family and friend dogs. All pups are sold on a limited AKC process to further protect the dogs from awful puppy mills.

Contact Details:

OwnerBonnie Hansen
Breeder SinceSince 1998
AddressCorning, California
AKC RegisteredSold on limited AKC registrations only
Phone Number(530) 586-2290
FacebookJapatul Labradors

8.     Almond Blossom Labrador Retrievers


Located in the stunning and calm Oakdale California, Almond Blossom Labrador Retrievers have devoted more than 15 years of their time and capital to breeding the top quality CHIC licensed, OFA licensed, and AKC registered Labrador Retriever for sale.

The farm is a very large 60-acre land with plenty of space for their Labrador Retriever for sale to run, play, and exercise. They offer the best space for each Labrador Retriever for sale to learn and play, it has a pond; thus, each Labrador Retriever for sale can learn to swim and do other water-related actions associated with the breed.

Socialization is quite significant to Almond Blossom Labradors because they guarantee that each puppy has the utmost attention from their birth. They are permitted to socialize and play with individuals and strangers of different ages. They are also presented with numerous stimulations and textures to aid them in better adjusting to their new families.

Some of their canines have grown to be remarkable service dogs, excellent therapy dogs, ideal gun dogs, and perfect loving partners and friends. They strive to create the best Quality Labrador Retriever for sale, because of this reason, they test all parent dogs to make sure that they are free from any hereditary illnesses.

They are OFA licensed and cleared of hips, elbows, as well as eye conditions. All their Labradors are fit and by the time you obtain one, they will have had all their immunizations and shots. They would also have their deworming and would have been carefully health checked by a certified vet.

All Labrador retriever pups are traded on limited AKC registration and go with an assurance of free from any inherited condition for a year.

Contact Details:

OwnerJeanette A. Haney
Breeder SinceMore than 15 years
AddressOakdale, CA
AKC RegisteredSold on limited AKC registration.
Phone Number(209) 605-7792
FacebookAlmond Blossom Labradors

9.     Sterling Sterling Labradors

Sterling Sterling Labradors

Making it to the 9th place on our list of the top Labrador Retriever breeders California, we have Sterling Lab Puppies. This qualified Lab breeder is quite obsessive about preserving the adaptability and temperament that goes with the English-type Labrador breed. And as such are devoted to perfecting the Lab breed.

To Sterling Labrador retriever for sale, every litter being created is a gorgeous art, and because of this reason, before a litter is created, loads of planning is done to guarantee that the goal of that litter is attained. Each parent dog would have their bloodlines, extensively and comprehensively researched and go through full health testing before being selected into the breeding plan.

All their Labradors boast a very smooth and calm personality, coupled with high aptitude and expressive nature. This is primarily because each Labrador Retriever for sale is adored and cared for from a young age till they leave for their new homes.

All Labrador retriever pups from Sterling Labs are socialized, this is done by presenting them to people of different ages (adults and children) and exposing them to numerous experiences, textures, as well as sounds. Similarly, the pups are permitted to play and cooperate with other animals as well as pets to make sure that they better settle down in their new homes.

Each Sterling Lab would have had their compulsory vaccinations and shots and their deworming before eight weeks of age. They are also traded on limited AKC registration and would get a free ISO microchip for identification.

Your Labrador Retriever puppy also goes with a 25-month health assurance free from eyes, hips, as well as elbow blemishes, and free from any hereditary health problems that Labrador Retrievers usually face. To be given a place on the order, you would have to pay a non-refundable payment of $200.

Contact Details:

OwnerMary Anne Sterling
Breeder SinceMore than 5 years
AddressYuba City, California
AKC RegisteredSold on limited AKC registration only
Emailsterlinglabs@comcast.net MaryAnne@SterlingLabPuppies.com
Phone Number(530) 500-2150
FacebookSterling Lab Puppies

10.        Sunny Daze Labradors

Sunny Daze Labradors

Situated in the North of San Diego California, this Lab breeder is focused on creating spectacular chocolate, yellow, as well as black Labrador Retriever puppies. When breeding, their main focus is on each pup’s personality dispositions, and they guarantee that each Labrador retriever pup is well socialized, has steady interactions with individuals of varying ages, and is allowed to play with other animals.

They are also familiar with children and several sounds and textures, this is to make sure they are fully talented to handle some hectic environments, are keen, and are friendly. Other areas of attention in their breeding program include quality and reliability.

This is achieved by comprehensively researching each breeding dog. All their canines are picked from championed lines and are verified and licensed free from eyes, hips, plus elbows through the OFA.

All their Labrador retriever pups are raised in very clean and comfy kennels, with plenty of space, they are frequently exercised to guarantee they uphold the perfect weight and are fed with the best food to guarantee that they grow strong.

You would have to fill out a puppy registration form before you are deliberated to deal with their waiting list. This is to guarantee that indeed their puppies are going to their right homes. A non-refundable payment would also be needed.

By the time you get your puppy, they would have been health examined by a certified vet, have had their main shots and immunizations, would have had their deworming, and usually be as fit as can be. Likewise, each pup is traded on a limited AKC registration.

Contact Details:

OwnerKathy Bailey
Breeder SinceOver 7 years
AddressFallbrook, California
AKC RegisteredYes, Sold on limited AKC registration only
Phone Number(760) 419-4019
FacebookSunny Daze Labradors

11.        Kentfield Kennels Labrador Retrievers


Originated in 1984 by the dynamic couple Ted as well as Laurie Soloski in the quite fabulous scenery of central California, Kentfield Kennels struggles to create the ideal English Type Labrador Retriever that can be a great service canine, hunting partner, show pooch, and most significantly, the best family friend.

Every Labrador Retriever for sale from Kentfield Kennels is AKC recorded, microchipped, and is a part of the AKC reunify programs. All breeding dogs are cautiously selected, they all come from championed lines. They also experience a lot of tests just to be guaranteed that they are healthy to be bred.

All their Labrador retriever puppies get love and affection during their stay at Kentfield Kennels. They play and run with the children, and interact with individuals of varying age groups. They also play with other canines, and other animals and are exposed to numerous experiences all to make sure that they are well socialized.

In their puppy training program, your Labrador Retriever puppy would be presented with the fundamentals of crate training, bait training, outdoor potty training, and some other voice commands as well as hand signs.

All their puppies would have had all their essential vaccinations before reaching eight weeks. They would also have their deworming. A payment of $200 would be needed by Kentfield Kennels to come on their waiting list. All deposits are refundable.

Contact Details:

OwnerTed and Laurie Soloski
Breeder Since1984
AddressSebastopol, California
AKC RegisteredSold on both full and limited AKC registration
Phone Number(707) 787-5277
FacebookKentfield Kennels

Which Labrador breeder in California is right for you?

All Labrador breeders California on this list are trustworthy, they produce only the top quality Labrador Retrievers, however, one breeder has gotten a special place in my heart, and that is Japatul Labradors.

Their facility is quite inspiring, the 22 acres are quite big and spacious for all puppies to play and run. Another remarkable thing about Japatul Labradors is the point they heavily look after their Labrador Retriever pups from puppy mills by only retailing their Labradors on limited AKC registrations.

Additionally, they do not sell their Lab pups online. It truly is cheering to find a Lab breeder who cares so much about where their Labrador retriever puppies are.


What is the cost of owning a Labrador retriever puppy in California?

Normally, a Labrador retriever puppy will cost you around $1000 to $2000 when bought from a breeder. Show Labrador pups frequently range between $1800 to $2000. A field Lab pup could cost less, at approximately $1500.

Are Labrador retrievers worth it?

Labradors are laid-back, rewarding dogs with high energy levels, which means they love more attention as well as exercise. They make outstanding companions, and assistance dogs because of their sensitive and loving nature.

Final Thoughts

These are great Labrador Retriever breeders California that create top-quality Labrador Retriever pups. Each of these Lab breeders has done brilliant jobs to earn a place on this list and if you are in search of a Labrador Retriever, then they would be a great start.

Still, I do suggest you do your search when choosing your puppy, always ask for the essential health clearances and guarantees to be guaranteed you are owing only the best. And I do suggest you take your new friend to your certified vet, just to be assured that they are healthy.

Exercise your Labs regularly, and resist the need or invitation to overfeed them. Love them, as they deserve love.


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