Top 9 Reputable Labrador Retriever Breeders Indiana


Indiana is recognized for quite many things, its love for the stunning game of basketball, its vast, productive farmlands, and it’s fun and frequently packed water parks and hilarity parks.

One more great thing that Indiana is extensively known for is its affection for the Labrador Retriever breed. Indeed, the Labrador Retriever is the most prevalent dog breed in Indiana, because it is in most States of America.

If you live in the Hoosier state, and you want to get great Labrador Retriever pups in Indiana, Then this guide is for you. In this article, I would discuss some of the best Labrador retriever breeders Indiana. They create high-quality Labrador Retriever pups for your family.

Without wasting time, let’s dive into it.

Top 9 Most Popular Labrador Retriever Breeders Indiana

1.     Southern Indiana Holiday Kennels

Southern Indiana Holiday Kennels

Southern Indiana Holiday Kennels originated in 1996, it has devoted its time and other assets to breeding some top-quality Labrador Retrievers pups that are of sound personality and possess an enthusiasm to please.

They breed Labrador Retriever pups of all colors and are very careful when it comes to selecting the right breeding dogs to be part of their breeding plan. All their breeding dogs come from championed bloodlines with remarkable pedigrees to match. They are appropriately tested for hereditary defects and cleared from elbows as well as hip dysplasia. They also have eyes as well as heart clearances.

All Labrador Retriever pups are raised in clean, and normally safe spaces, they get much love and care from birth until they leave for their forever homes. They are well socialized and easily trained and you can get a lot of their canines becoming great hunting dogs, service canines, therapy dogs, and great family friends. Bottom of Form

Every pup from this breeder is AKC registered, they are well inoculated, have their deworming records well-run, fed with high-quality food, and have their nails trimmed.

Contact Details

OwnerRamona Schmidt
Breeder Since1996
LocationPalmyra, Indiana
Phone Number(812) 406-7626
FacebookSouthern Indiana Holiday Kennels

2.     Rustic Ridge Labradors


Not a lot of breeders offer a live 24/7 puppy cam that allows you to watch the pups play online, Rustic Ridge Labradors, and this transparency have made them a spot on this Lab breeder’s list. They focus on breeding only chocolate Labrador Retrievers. Their Labs are of the top quality.

The facility is situated on a 5-acre property in Indiana, where all dogs are raised with so much affection and care. They enjoy socialization because they are controlled and carried by both grownups and children of different age groups. Along with that, they are exposed to a wide range of sights, sounds, as well as textures all at a young age to help get them relaxed in any environment.

Their breeding program is pretty standard as only the finest pedigrees are utilized for their breeding plan. They put many resources into exploring each parent’s dog before they are bred. All canines are tested and cleared by the OFA for hips, as well as elbow dysplasia; and they have their eyes and hearts cleared.

All Labrador retriever pups are healthy, well inoculated, AKC registered, and have their dew claws trimmed and have up-to-date deworming records.

Contact Details

OwnerDonna and Joe Powell, Mackynzie Pullen
Breeder Since2001
LocationLebanon, Indiana
Phone Number​​​​​(317) 557-9867
FacebookRustic Ridge Labradors

3.     Buck Branch Labradors

Buck Branch Labradors

Buck Branch Labradors pride themselves in creating classic English-type Labs of fur colors, black, yellow, fox-red, as well as chocolate. Their canines make outstanding companions and great canines both in fields as well as in shows.

They guarantee that all Labrador Retriever dogs used in their breeding program are cautiously picked after substantial investigation is done on each of them. They are selected from championed bloodlines and each has the right qualities they search for in all new litters.

Every Labrador dog is tested for hereditary disorders that would prove detrimental to the Labrador Retriever pups. All Labrador Retriever pups are kept in clean, temperature-controlled places where they are checked 24/7. They get enough affection and care from the family, are fed high-quality dog food, and are kept on food supplements to improve their health.

They are appropriately socialized, particularly with the children, and are exposed to a range of sights, sounds, as well as textures to aid them in getting comfy in new places. Every Lab pup is sold on restricted AKC registrations and all hail from a written health assurance for two years free from hereditary health problems.

Contact Details

OwnerAbby Hoene
Breeder SinceOver 5 years
LocationSeymour, Indiana
Phone Number(812) 521-3574
FacebookBuck Branch Labradors

4.     Labs Unlimited

Labs Unlimited

Labs Unlimited has earned quite a good status as Lab breeders of some of the high-quality Labrador Retriever canines out there. They concentrate on classical English Type Labrador Retriever pups with fur colors yellow, black, as well as chocolate.

They breed dogs that make excellent family dogs and could also be utilized as great companions in hunting. All Labrador Retriever dogs from Labradors Unlimited come from decent and admired bloodlines. They are well-checked and cleared free from hereditary issues and have clearances from hip, eyes, as well as elbow defects.

All Labrador Retriever pups are kept in a clean, relaxed climate-controlled environment, they get much love and attention from birth. They are socialized well and allowed to intermingle and play with children and adults of different age groups. Every Lab pup is AKC and UKC hunt confirmed, they are inoculated, and have their deworming up-to-date at 2,4,6, and 8 weeks.

Contact Details

OwnerBill Cox
Breeder SinceOver 10 years
LocationValparaiso, Indiana
Phone Number(219) 508-4445, (219) 508-4444

5.     Lost River Ridge Labradors

Lost River Ridge Labradors

Lost River Ridge Labradors was developed in 2007 by Sandy Grizzell, their affection for the Labradors dates back to 1998 once they got their initial Labrador Retriever pup. Since then, this breeder has been generating top-quality Labrador Retriever pups of decent personality, high intelligence, as well as good health.

They focus on chocolate Labrador Retriever pups and are quite cautious when it comes to choosing the right breeding canine for their litter. They make sure that all their Labrador Retriever parent dogs experience elbows, hip, and heart testing and many genetic health tests to guarantee that they are free from any hereditary health issues that might be detrimental to the Labrador Retriever litter.

All Chocolate Labrador Retriever pups are grown in clean and comfortable kennels. They get so much love and attention and are fed with high-quality feeds. Socialization is also a main thing for them because they are permitted to interact with different people, and other animals and pets.

All pups from Lost River Ridge Labradors are AKC registered, well immunized, dewormed, and comprehensively health checked by a certified vet.

Contact Details

OwnerSandy Grizzell
Breeder Since2007
LocationMiddletown, Indiana
Phone Number(765) 425-1286
FacebookLost River Ridge Labradors

6.     Stonelane Hunter Kennels


With more than 38 solid years in breeding Labrador Retriever pups of English type, Stonelane Hunter Kennels have consistently created great family companions, rescue dogs, arson pooches, drug-sniffing dogs, as well as service dogs for individuals with disabilities s well as autism.

They breed mostly English-type Labrador Retriever pups with great health, cleverness, and a decent, kind disposition. They create all colors ranging from silver lab puppies to the Black colored Labradors. All breeding dogs are carefully picked and come from champion bloodlines with remarkable pedigrees.

All Labrador Retriever parents are health verified and cleared free from inherited health issues. They also have the necessary clearances including hip as well as elbow dysplasia clearance, and eye clearances.

All silver lab puppies are raised in an affectionate environment and receive love and consideration from their births till they finally leave for their new families. They are well-socialized, having consistent interactions with individuals of different ages. They also are exposed to an extensive variety of sights as well as textures.

Every Labrador pup from Stonelane Hunter Kennel is AKC recorded, they are well inoculated, suitably dewormed, plus are microchipped.

Contact Details

OwnerDaryl and Sheila Knepper
Breeder SinceOver 38 years
LocationEvanston, Indiana
Phone Number(812) 719-2480, (812) 529-8587
FacebookStonelane Hunter Kennels

7.     Marsh-Mutt Manor Labs

Marsh Mutt Manor Labs

Marsh-Mutt Labs was established in 1990, they have long established a status when it comes to breeding Labrador Retriever dogs. They have created many top-quality Labs with the colors yellow, fox-red, black, as well as chocolate.

They take great egotism in their role, and their main objective as breeders are to boost the honour of the Labrador Retriever breed. Because of this reason, they are careful with their breeding. All parent dogs have their hips as well as elbows licensed by the OFA as well as experience an annual eye test by the CERF. They are also checked for hereditary defects, all to guarantee that all their Lab pups are healthy.

Their pups are grown in their home, where they are carefully socialized by adults and children. They are also presented with numerous elements of the environment comprising sounds, textures, as well as sights to further aid them in adapting to new homes.

Every pup is traded on limited AKC registration and all are released with a 26-month health assurance.

Contact Details

OwnerChris Cornelius
Breeder Since1990
LocationWarsaw, Indiana
Phone Number(260) 609-4039
FacebookMarsh-Mutt Manor Labs

8.     Bill Crabtree Silver Labs


With more than 20 years of experience in breeding quality Labrador Retrievers, Bill Crabtree Silver Labs has devoted a lot of time to the Labrador Retriever pups. Their Labrador Retriever pups are easy to train, playful, and highly smart.

Situated on a 5-acre property in Indiana, where they play and interact with the Crabree family. They are kept in a clean, temperature-controlled Kennel, with adequate space for each Lab pup to call its own. They are presented with a wide range of sounds, textures, as well as sights to help with their socialization.

All Labrador Retriever parents are bred according to the rules set by the AKC, they all experience health testing, to be guaranteed they are free from any hereditary defect recognized to the Labrador Retriever. They all have their hips as well as elbows cleared, undergo consistent eye checks and each has their heart cleared from any health issues.

All Lab pups are AKC registered, they focus on breeding silver Labs for sale; however, they also create Labs in many colors like yellow, chocolate, as well as black. All Silver labs for sale are healthy with suitable health records.

Contact Details

OwnerBill Crabtree
Breeder SinceOver 20 years
LocationMuncie, Indiana
Phone Number(765) 744-6201
FacebookBill Crabtree Silver Labs

9.     Hickory Hills Silver Labs


Hickory Hills Silver Labs produce silver Lab puppies. They also create the prevalent and recognized fur colors of the Labradors, however, they are mainly focused on the silver Lab puppies.

All their silver labs for sale are top-notch when we talk about quality, they all have decent personality and a high level of cleverness; thus, they can be easily trained. It’s astonishing they can attain quite a lot despite being comparatively new as they were recognized in 2015.

Their breeding plan is quite standard because all Labrador dogs are picked carefully, they are also well checked for genetic blemishes and each has the essential clearances.

Socialization is a priority for this breeder, as all silver labs for sale are kept in a clean climate-controlled atmosphere where they are permitted to interact with individuals of different ages. They are also presented to a range of experiences to aid each pup appropriately transition into their new families.

Something I love about this breeder is their devotion to every owner of their silver Labs for sale, they are easy to grasp and are eager to support you with any questions you have. All their silver lab puppies are AKC registered. They also go with a 25-month health assurance and 30-day free health guarantee.

Contact Details

OwnerSean and Emily Terry
Breeder Since2015
LocationWashington, Indiana
Phone Number(812) 698-2130
FacebookHickory Hills Silver Labs


Which Colour Labrador Retriever is most expensive?

Today, you might still find that black Lab price is higher than the other coat colors, which comprise yellow and chocolate brown.

Which is the cleverest Labrador?

If you are living around service or therapy Labrador dogs a lot, then your feel that yellow labs are cleverer. If you are living around hunting Lab dogs or police canines, then you might experience that black labs are smartest.


All Labrador Retriever breeders Indiana on this list are trustworthy, they have created suitable Labrador Retriever pups to many families in the USA, and as such earned their reputation all over the America.

With that being said, my top choice while considering Labrador Retriever breeders Indiana would be the very trustworthy Hickory Hills Silver Labs.

Even though they are quite new to the Lab breeding world, they can carve out such a good name. Their breeding plan is quite standard because they guarantee that all new pups are created according to the guidelines set by the AKC.

What I find really remarkable about them is the self-confidence they have in their program, providing both a 25-month health assurance as well as the 30-day free health guarantee with Trupanion.

Their socialization technique is pretty good and the love and carefulness they shower each pup is admirable. Getting a Labrador Retriever in Indiana should be comparatively easy with the list of trustworthy breeders above. However, it is highly suggested to do your personal research before getting a furry friend for your home.

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