Top 13 All Time Reputable Labrador Retriever Breeders in NJ (New Jersey)


The Labrador retriever was the most prevalent breed in 2020, as stated by the AKC. Their easygoing personality and calm nature make them one of the perfect family dogs in the world. Thus, if you’re seeking Labrador retriever puppies for sale in New Jersey, we hoarded a list of the top Labrador retriever breeders in NJ.

We highly recommend you do your research before picking a Labrador breeder in New Jersey as not all Labrador breeders are the same. Numerous puppy mills and backyard Labrador breeders want to make a speedy profit and don’t care about the health of their pups. For this reason, we compiled a list to aid you in choosing a Labrador retriever breeder. 

13 Best Labrador Retriever Breeders in NJ

1.     McClan Labradors NJ

McClan Labradors NJ

Labrador puppies are very family-oriented and perfect for first-time owners. Therefore, how good would it be to have them from a place where these dogs have been breeding for numerous years? The McCulloughs have been breeding Labrador Retrievers pups in New Jersey since 1987.

They legitimately became McClan Labs in 2003. Moreover, they have been nurturing their puppies in attractive South Jersey with good care and affection. They guarantee every Labrador puppy is healthy and familiarized with the family. The McCulloughs need adoptees to love their dogs as much as they do.

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2.     Redlion Kennel Labradors

Redlion Kennel Labradors

Are you seeking well-trained canines to adopt that are excellent for championship lineages and games? Redlion Kennel offers the best Labrador Retriever puppies for sale. Situated in Southampton, they originated in March 1977.

They compete in numerous shows, field trials, obedience, alertness trials, as well as hunt tests. Furthermore, they breed all their Lab pups in New Jersey according to the AKC standards and strive to create a good-looking pooch that also has trainability as well as natural retrieving natures. 

Redlion Kennels ensures all their canines are health checked and puppies are assured to be free of PRA, DM, and EDSF.

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3.     Shadowbrook Labradors NJ

Shadowbrook Labradors NJ 1

Labradors have notable characteristics from other breeds, such as friendly eyes, weather-resilient furs, and an otter-like tail with cleverness and a good personality. Shadowbrook Labradors’ breeding plan centers around such features.

They create quality family dogs who are healthy, rigorous, and spectacular in looks. In addition, they have been breeding dogs for 48 years and now focus on black Labrador puppies for sale in New Jersey.

The most exciting thing about this breeder is that they microchip all of their Labrador puppies for sale with an AKC reunite microchip. Meaning that the moment a pup leaves their farm, it becomes registered in AKC. This aids in reuniting pets with their beloved families if ever lost.

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4.     Ark Angel Labradors NJ

Ark Angel Labradors NJ

Ark Angel is maintained by a master coach who is a Labrador Retriever breeder. They train their canines before they sell. Moreover, they do numerous obedience training as well as fieldwork. Ark Angel is keen on breeding and generating only the true Labrador puppies for sale. Their dogs enthusiastically take part in AKC championships and now have three AKC champions.

Furthermore, their Labrador puppies for sale are home-raised in the most comfy environment; thus, they can socialize and be raised as an ideal family pets. They have yellow, black, as well as chocolate Labrador puppies for sale in NJ that are licensed with OFA. Hence, they also provide hip and eye assurance for all their Labrador puppies for sale in New Jersey.

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5.     Crooked Pine Kennels

labrador puppies for sale

Crooked Pine Kennels have been working on their breeding program for over 30 years. Their family-raised Labs are bred with personality, obedience, and a welcoming nature. They adjust promptly with a new family; thus, if you are seeking a new addition to your home, this is the place for you. These attractive Labrador puppies for sale are bred with AKC rules and are healthy. They breed English as well as American Labradors.

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6.     Shore Gold Retrievers

Shore Gold Retrievers

Nothing is better than accepting a pet who is bred and grown at home because they are familiar with the surroundings. Shore Gold creates healthy, beautiful, smart Labrador Retrievers with a good personality. Their Retrievers are homegrown to socialize with kids and other pets.

This guarantees that they are given the essential love, affection, as well as socialization before being accepted; therefore, they can easily adjust to their new homes. They breed Labs in small quantities; however, they are very trainable. Therefore, they are licensed with Canine Good Citizens as well as Therapy Dogs. They ensure that their canines are healthy and completely screened.

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7.     Beechcroft Labradors

Beechcroft Labradors

The Beechcroft Labradors have been breeding Labs since 1969. They have recognized a line of Labradors that are distinguishable as kennel style. They have bred numerous champions Labs, many specialty winners, as well as working titled dogs. Beechcroft Labradors are managed by Mary and Michael Weist. This Labrador breeder is situated in Warren, New Jersey.

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8.     Paradigm Labradors

Paradigm Labradors

The Paradigm Labradors is situated among the stunning rolling hills in Hunterdon, New Jersey. They are a hobby kennel that has been in the breeding industry for 20 years. Their Labrador puppies for sale have the distinguishing qualities of a calm personality and sociable nature.

They have been breeding lovely Labradors with love, care, and attention. Thus, they can become a delightful addition to a family who can shower these valuable Labradors with the same love.

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9.     Parvins Mill Pointing Labradors

Parvins Mill Pointing Labradors

The small family-owned farm is situated on a 10-acre in Southern NJ. The owners have been training canines since they were young; however, they officially began breeding in 2011. They have selected their dogs with so much affection and care. Moreover, they also do numerous training as well as APLA hunt tests of their pooches throughout the off-season.

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10.   Copper Kennels New Jersey

Copper Kennels New Jersey

The Fox red Labradors are rare; thus, if you are seeking a red Labrador, then Copper Kennels is the best place for you! They have been breeding these dogs since 1995. They are expert in breeding English Fox red Labradors. 

Additionally, they have five canines that have gotten genetic testing as suggested through AKC and OFA. They give full information regarding the fox red Labrador puppies for sale together with a thorough guide to dog owners. Therefore, if you want to get a Labrador puppy, you will need a basic guide to nurture and treat them with love.

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11.   Holland Hills Kennel

Holland Hills Kennel

Breeding for more than 32 years, the owner of Holland Hills kennel was a dog groomer for numerous years. They had groomed nearly every dog breed before they bred the English Labrador. They bred Labrador as they consider it an honorable breed.

They spend plenty of time and energy on their Labrador puppies. Moreover, they are licensed by OFA and recorded with AKC. This Labrador breeder breeds only three colors, black, yellow, as well as chocolate. They also give grooming and boarding services, as well.

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12.   Accolade Labradors New Jersey

Accolade Labradors New Jersey

Accolade Labradors was established in 1990, and since then, they are actively breeding their Labrador puppies for sale in the conformation ring. They have created American as well as Canadian champions. Their Labrador puppies for sale in New Jersey become excellent pets for not only the children but also outstanding hunters, rescue, as well as therapy dogs.

They guarantee that the canines they are breeding have a good personality, welcoming nature, cleverness, great health, and attractiveness. You can ask Accolade Labradors and get info regarding their Labrador puppies for sale in New Jersey.

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13.   ICEWIND Retrievers

ICEWIND Retrievers

Situated on the striking 10-acre land in New Jersey, they have devoted a large property for their Labrador puppies for sale in New Jersey. Their Labs are very intelligent, kind, affectionate, fun, obedient, as well as easy to train. They breed only the best Labrador puppies for sale in New Jersey that have all DNA hereditary health clearance documentation with passing marks.

You will get a happy puppy with age-appropriate inoculations, AKC documents, and lifetime assurance. They will offer you all the needed information and familiarity about their Labrador puppies for sale in New Jersey.

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What color Labrador retriever lives the longest?

Chocolate Labradors have a considerably shorter lifecycle than their black as well as yellow counterparts, in keeping with the outcomes of the largest study of the breed in the United Kingdom. The median life expectancy for chocolate Labradors is around 10.7 years, 1.4 years.

Can Labrador retrievers live for 20 years?

Generally, experts approve that Labrador dogs will live for approximately 12 years of age. With defensive care, your Labrador might even advance to around 13 years of age. In the meantime, some of the eldest Labradors can reach up to 14 years.


Ensure you research before selecting a Labrador dog in New Jersey. You should ask for health tests on their breeding dogs and a health guarantee for their Labrador puppies for sale in New Jersey. Moreover, it would be great to find a Labrador breeder you can trust.

Characteristically, Labrador retriever breeders in NJ with longer wait duration will be more trustworthy. I hope that you will find your next Lab puppy in NJ.

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