Top 10 Most Popular Labrador Retriever Breeders Colorado


Sometimes, we are confronted with some difficult decisions. Decisions that influence our life quality. If decisions are made quickly or poorly, it could cause terrible concerns for all parties included.

Getting a pooch is one such decision. There are several questions to be answered while deciding which dog to get. Is it trained well? Does it have a good personality? And much more.

The Labrador Retriever would be an excellent option because it is an outstanding family pooch with loads of love to give. You must pick the best breeder to avoid pitiless puppy mills.

This guide is here to help you make those decisions easier. I will include some of the best Labrador Retriever breeders Colorado. They are trustworthy and create great Labrador Retriever pups in Colorado.

Top 10 Most Trustworthy Labrador Retriever Breeders Colorado

1.     Heatherdowns Labradors


Heatherdowns Labradors is situated on a very beautiful farm in Colorado, and they have been generating AKC standard Labrador Retrievers of great quality since they were recognized in 2001.

They are careful once breeding because they plan to maintain their breeding dogs’ pure quality and rich legacy. For this purpose, plenty of effort and capital are thrown into studying each breeding dog. All their breeding canines come from championed lines.

Plenty of testing is also done for all breeding dogs; their hips, as well as elbows, are cleared and licensed by the OFA and their heats. They also experience genetic testing and are licensed as free from hereditary conditions and sicknesses like Copper Toxicosis, PRA-PRCD, and EIC.

The AKC in Colorado examined and approved their breeding capability because they struggle to maintain an appropriate breeding condition, as the American Kennel Club wondered.

All their Lab puppies are well entertained and are of sound character. They are easily trainable and make outstanding service, hunting, and furry friends, and have been included in many publications and commercials since they were established.

Furthermore, each puppy has a 100% refund health assurance for around 30 months, free from hips, eyes, and elbow issues. They all have up-to-date deworming and are each microchipped, vaccinated, and carefully checked by an authorized vet.

Contact Details:

OwnerKaren (Ren) Howards
Breeder Since2001
AddressFranktown, Colorado
AKC RegisteredYes, sold on restricted AKC registration
Phone Number(719) 661-1422
FacebookHeatherdowns Labradors

2.     Bear Creek Labradors


There is something superior about a family working together to create great quality dogs for other families. Breeding Labrador dogs is too much of a business for Bear Creek. They are an enduring part of their lives and have played a main role in what they have attained.

Created by Dr. Kelly Hepworth as well as his family, they have been creating high-quality AKC standard Labs since 1992. Their canines have grown to get great prospects and hunt tests; they are outstanding gun dogs, service canines, therapy dogs, plus delightful family/companion dogs.

Their breeding plan has been perfect, as only the premium lineages are used. Their breeding pooches come from refined championed dogs, which is guaranteed through appropriate extensive study.

Confirmation, Cleverness, and personality are the main concentrations of their breeding plan, and they work thoroughly to confirm that all their goals are attained in each litter.

Each Labrador dog from Bear Creek is free from conditions of eyes, hips, as well as elbows. They are also well-verified for any genetic sicknesses and conditions that could discourage or intimidate the lives of their valuable Labrador Retrievers.

All their dogs hail from an eye and hip warranty that lasts 26 months. They are well inoculated, dewormed, and would have had their nails clipped. They are also easily trainable and have a cute and lovable enthusiasm to gratify their owners.

Contact Details:

OwnerDr. and Mrs. Kelly Hepworth
Breeder Since1992
AddressCraig, Colorado
AKC RegisteredYes, sold on both limited as well as full AKC registrations
Phone Number(970) 824-3693
FacebookBear Creek Labradors

3.     Whispering Pine Labradors


These superior Labrador Retriever breeders are devoted to generating AKC standards English type Labradors with colors like Black, chocolate, yellow, as well as Fox red. Their goal as Labrador retriever breeders is on the Lab’s health, brainpower, personality, and conformation.

Their Lab dogs are very good; most of them are considered therapy dogs, service canines, hunting pooches, dock divers, pointing canines, and, most significantly, companion dogs.

Each Labrador is exceptional, and because of their puppy matching program, you must have no problems locating the right and ideal dog for you.

Their breeding program contains breeding dogs from great quality promoted lines with inspiring pedigrees. Their canines are all healthy, as the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals stated. They are also verified and examined for other genetic sicknesses like EIC, CNM, HNPK, as well as PRA-PRCD.

When we talk about socialization, each Lab pup is grown in a very airy and controlled whelping space, where they can interact with individuals of varying ages. They are also uncovered to various sounds as well as textures.

At ages 5 to 6 weeks, every Lab pup is presented with crate training and potty training essentials. Besides, they have been appropriately microchipped, well inoculated, and have their deworming process up to date.

They also hail from a health assurance free from genetic ailments and are free from the conditions of eyes, hips, and elbows.

Contact Details:

OwnerRoberta Walstrom
Breeder SinceMore than 5 years
AddressBurlington, Colorado
AKC RegisteredYes, sold on both restricted and full AKC registrations
Phone Number(719) 422-1660
FacebookWhispering Pine Labradors

4.     Tovah Labradors

Tovah Labradors

When we talk about breeding great quality Labradors, Tovah Labradors have gained a pretty good reputation. Their emphasis is on the English-type Labradors, with the colors fox red, black, yellow, as well as chocolate.

Each Lab pup is home-gowned, where they are well entertained and have a lot of experience with people of numerous ages. They also like being outdoors because they play with other pets. Additionally, they socialize these dogs by exposing them to a range of textures and experiences to make sure they easily adjust to their new families.

When we talk about breeding, Tovah Labrador retriever breeders spare no cost or resources in receiving the best when it comes to excellence. Their Labrador Retrievers are bred well, emphasising their health and lineages. Each breeding pooch is well examined to guarantee they come from Championed lines with exceptional pedigrees.

They also examine each dog for hereditary health problems such as HNPK, EIC, and CNM and have their hearts checked by a registered vet and their eyes, elbows, as well as hips cleared by the OFA. All this is done to make sure that each litter made is not afflicted with a health problem that could easily be prevented by appropriate breeding.

Some of their Labrador dogs have been raised to be ideal gun dogs, excellent at hunting, and outstanding competitors. Their training makes them ideal service dogs and therapy canines. Each Labrador is AKC recorded and hails from a health assurance free from any inherited health problem for a year.

Contact Details:

OwnerKatrina Tolbert
Breeder SinceOver 5 years
AddressPalmer Lake, Colorado
AKC RegisteredYes, sold on both limited and full AKC registrations
Phone Number(719) 481-9004
FacebookTovah Labrador

5.     Colorado Serenity Labrador Retriever

Colorado Serenity Labrador Retriever 2

This Labrador Retriever breeders is unique, meaning they only breed the yellow-colored Labrador Retriever. Their Labrador retriever breeder creates Labrador Retrievers that are healthy, of sound personality, and are socialized.

The majority of their Labrador Retrievers grow up to be great hunting dogs, friendly dogs, and, of course, excellent family dogs. This is because they are proficient in training their canines for the hunt. They ultimately joined the Platte Valley HRS valley to become outstanding gun dog trainers, where they frequently participate in many hunt trials held by the HRC.

They follow the American Kennel Club breeding standards because each Labrador parent is studied and found to be from pedigree lines with notable ancestries. They also do hereditary health testing for all dogs, confirming they are certified in CNM and EIC.

They are clear from dysplasia because their elbows, as well as hips, are licensed by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Annual eye examinations are done for them where they become CERF certified and have their heart authorizations delivered by a well-licensed veterinarian. All their yellow Labradors have great as well as healthy-looking skin.

When we talk about Socialization, they make sure that each puppy is showered with love and care from day one till they go to their new homes.

Each Lab pup is recorded by the AKC as well as the UKC and is sold on complete AKC registration. They are also well immunized and dewormed.

Contact Details:

Breeder SinceOver 7 years
AddressWestminster, Colorado
AKC RegisteredYes sold on full AKC registrations
Phone Number(720) 291-3586
FacebookColorado Serenity Labrador Retrievers

6.     STK Just Labs 

STK Just Labs

STK Just Labs is situated just outside of Otis, Colorado; these Labrador Retriever breeders Colorado pride themselves in creating great quality Labrador Retriever pups that fulfill the standards of the American Kennel Club.

Their Labradors are a key part of their lives, and they are flourished and cared for from the very initial day of their birth till they go to their new homes. They play with the children, grandkids, and other outsiders. This helps guarantee that all Labradors created by STK Just Labs are well-trained and socialized.

Their breeding plan is very good because they spend sufficient time and resources expansively studying each dog deliberated for their breeding program. They make sure that each dog hails from a championed line and has an excellent pedigree.

They also run a chain of genetic health analyses on each parent dog to make sure that no health illnesses are passed on to their children. Some of these tests comprise Exercise-Induced Collapse as well as Centronuclear Myopathy.

Each Labrador dog from STK Just Labs is registered by AKC and goes with a 26-month assurance that it is free from any eye or hip problems. They are also healthy because they are carefully health tested by a well-certified vet. They are also well inoculated and go with their deworming records.

All their Lab pups would have had their nails clipped and microchipped to stop them from becoming lost. All their canines are gorgeous and well trained with splendid personalities, making them outstanding family dogs.

Contact Details:

OwnerShannon and Terry Klostreich
Breeder SinceOver 5 years
AddressOtis, Colorado
AKC RegisteredYes, sold on limited AKC registrations only
Phone Number(970) 630-7096, (970) 630-7097

7.     Colorado Aspen Labs

Colorado Aspen Labradors

This family-owned Labrador retriever breeders have been in life for above 19 years. With that much understanding, Colorado Aspen Labs sure recognizes what they are doing. They emphasise the English-type Labrador and are quite assiduous in their breeding program.

Their breeding program guarantees that only healthy Labrador dogs with excellent pedigrees are considered in the program. They check each dog for hereditary issues like EIC as well as CNM and also confirm that each Labrador Retriever is certified by the OFA for hips, eyes, plus elbows.

When we talk about socialization, I am quite captivated with this breeder because they follow appropriate and improved means to socialize all pups. All their Labrador dogs are home-raised, and throughout their eight stay at Colorado Aspen Labs, they guarantee that each puppy grows great social talents.

Their dogs are also appropriately socialized with individuals of different ages and various sounds, encounters and several textures to aid them in better adjusting. Every pup goes with a 26-month health assurance free from genetic health issues.

This Health assurance only stays if the Lab pups are retained on NuVet vitamins for 26 months. Written certification from a certified vet would also be required. They are also inoculated, dewormed, as well as microchipped.

Contact Details:

OwnerScott and Kandi Washington
Breeder SinceOver 19 years
AddressWoodland Park, Colorado
AKC RegisteredYes, sold on limited AKC registrations only
Phone Number(719) 687-8819; (719) 649-0289; (719) 649-2813
FacebookColorado Aspen Labs

8.     Albrecht Farms Labrador Retrievers

Albrecht Farms Labrador Retrievers

They are quite competent when we talk about breeding high-quality Labrador Retrievers. They emphasis on breeding English Type Labrador Retrievers with yellow, fox red, black, as well as chocolate colors. All of their canines are mostly bred for the hunting; however, they double as excellent family dogs.

There is something quite inspiring about their breeding program, and that is the point that each new litter is an upgrading on the previous litter. Notwithstanding, plenty of work is done once creating new litters. Each breeding pooch to be deliberated for their breeding plan is carefully researched, confirming they hail from championed lines with good pedigrees.

They also experience a lot of testing like hereditary health testing, for example, Centronuclear Myopathy, Exercise Induced Collapse, plus Hereditary nasal parakeratosis. All dogs are also proficient to be free from hips as well as elbows dysplasia by the OFA and is annually checked by CERF for eyes.

In Abrecht Farms, each dog is flourished in their home, where they gain adequate love and care from their birth till they went to new families. They are also permitted to be controlled by people of different ages and are also exposed to a range of textures and familiarities to help them become more relaxed in their new homes.

All Labrador dogs from this breeder come with a 100% money-back warranty for 26 months exempt hip dysplasia. They are also traded on limited and full AKC registrations and have their nails appropriately clipped. Their immunization and deworming proceedings are appropriate and up to date and are correctly checked by a registered vet.

Contact Details:

OwnerSam and Shari Albrecht
Breeder SinceOver 5 years
AddressParker, Colorado
AKC RegisteredYes, sold on both limited and full AKC registrations
Phone Number(720) 443-7466
FacebookAlbrecht Farms Labrador Retrievers

9.     Bearpoint Kennel and Black Forest Kennel

Bearpoint Kennel and Black Forest Kennel

The combination of Black Forest Kennel, as well as Bear Point Kennel has been an excellent one because they have been generating high-standard healthy Labradors for a longer time. Their breeding plan is quite healthy because they have loads of Grandmasters as well as 4X Grandmasters pointing to retrievers.

Their quite remarkable program has made five halls of Fame pooches. They are trained well with brilliant pedigrees to follow. Their dogs undergo numerous genetic health examinations like EIC, HNPK, and CNM.

Each dog is also verified and licensed to be free from elbows as well as hip dysplasia by the OFA and experiences an annual eye test by CERF. Their Labrador Retriever canines are home, field-raised, and socialized because children and adults of different ages control them.

They are also exposed to numerous sounds and texture familiarities to aid them in better-managing nervousness and better adjusting to their new families. Even though most of their Lab dogs are trained to become outstanding hunting dogs, they are multi-purpose because some are service dogs, great therapy dogs, and exceptional family dogs.

Contact Details:

OwnerDale and Brenda Meritt
Breeder SinceOver 7 years
AddressCalhan, Colorado
AKC RegisteredYes, sold on both limited and full AKC registrations
Phone Number(303) 681-5227
FacebookBearpoint Kennel and Black Forest Kennel

10.   Columbine Labradors

Columbine Labradors

Columbine Labradors are great quality Labrador Retriever breeders in Colorado. This Lab breeder is quite dissimilar from the rest of the Lab breeders on our list. They breed silver-colored Labrador Retrievers. However, they also breed normal colors.

All their canines flourish in their home, where they get lots of love as well as care. They are also socialized, having steady interactions with both children and adults of different age groups. Along with that, they are exposed to a huge array of sounds as well as textures, mainly giving them new know-how to aid in making them more relaxed in their new families.

Their breeding plan is quite standard because they spend more time and income exploring each Labrador Retriever dog; this is to confirm that only the best quality Labs are created from each litter.

They perform loads of extensive analysis on each Labrador dog and guarantee that each new litter does not have genetic health problems like PRA-PRCD, EIC, CNM, and other ailments in the Labrador Retriever breed.

Their Labrador dogs are quite active, making them excellent hunting dogs; however, they also hold a mellow and gentle temperament, making them splendid family dogs and friends.  

Each Lab pup is AKC registered, is appropriately vaccinated, and holds its deworming registers up to date.

Contact Details:

OwnerMichele Ross
Breeder SinceOver 5 years
AddressLakewood, Colorado
AKC RegisteredYes, sold on both limited and full AKC registrations
Phone Number(303) 263-9425

Which Labrador retriever breeder is right for you in Colorado?

The very loyal Colorado Aspen Labs is my top choice for this list of best Labrador Retriever breeders Colorado. There’s something relatively superior about their devotion to improving the Labrador Retriever breed.   

Contributing for more than 19 years towards breeding Labs has to count, as not many Labrador breeders have that much experience. Colorado Aspen Lab’s breeding plan looks pretty decent because they guarantee that only the best lineages are utilized for their breeding program. The level of checkups done for all dogs is also quite notable.

Something interesting about this Labrador breeder is the point that they run a Lab puppy culture program and the fact that they do Early Neurological Stimulation for their Lab pups. Not many Labrador breeders do this, and I feel every Labrador breeder should perform these practices.

Your Labrador would spend around 10 to 12 years with you, and a well-socialized pooch would make these years a pleasing experience, so a lot must be done in socializing and inspiring each dog.


Are Labrador retrievers worth it?

Labradors are tolerant, rewarding dogs with high energy levels, which means they love additional attention as well as exercise. They make outstanding companions and support dogs because of their sensitive and friendly nature.

Are Labrador retrievers high maintenance?

Labrador retrievers might be considered high maintenance because of their energy levels, particularly if you take home a Lab puppy. These spirited, social canines flourish on activity and attention. Those needing a more independent, peaceful, “couch-potato” style pooch might get the Lab to be very much to handle.


As I discussed above, each Labrador Retriever pooch lives around 10 to 12 years; thus, it is quite significant you enjoy each of these years with your Lab to the fullest. Owing a healthy Labrador Retriever pooch should be your first primacy, a great personality is also very significant. Thus, while choosing a Labrador breeder, always remember these things. 

There you are; these are among the best Labrador Retriever breeders Colorado you can find. They create excellent quality Lab pups; they place loads of priority on the overall health of the Labrador Retriever as well as the owner.   

These Labrador retriever breeders are an excellent start for you; remember to do your outstanding diligence. Ask for the health authorizations and guarantee of each dog you are involved in, do not go to puppy mills, exercise your canines regularly, and fundamentally shower them with love because they deserve it. For now, stay positive and continually stay dedicated to dogs.

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