Top 10 Most Popular Labrador Retriever Breeders Massachusetts


Owing a Labrador Retriever would be an excellent idea for your family. These friendly, fun-loving dogs are a perfect mix of energetic, caring, and trustworthy. Their gentle personalities, winning smiles and general natures make them the ideal dog for the family.

The Labrador retriever is the most popular breed in the United States. Being the most prevalent dog breed in all the American states is no exception.

If you live in Massachusetts, and you want to get a Labrador Retriever, do make sure you search for a Lab breeder that is reputable. Trustworthy breeders are easy to spot. They provide a lot of care for the Labrador Retriever and aren’t just in it to make speedy money.

This article includes the top Labrador Retriever breeders Massachusetts. They are trustworthy and really care for the Labrador Retriever. Without wasting your time, let’s dive into it.

10 Best Labrador Retriever Breeders Massachusetts (MA)

1.     Excalibur Labradors

Excalibur Labradors

Starting up this list of Labrador Retrievers breeders Massachusetts, we include Excalibur Labradors. They are Labrador retriever breeders near me the best Labrador dogs of outstanding quality, health, and personality. They live in the attractive and serene region of Acushnet in Massachusetts and have been Lab breeders near me since 1990.

Their aim as breeders is to create the ideal Lab pups for the ideal family. They try to attain this by cautiously choosing each Labrador Retriever parent dog to be added to their breeding program.

All parent dogs are appropriately tested for any inherited blemishes that could be easily convertible to puppies. They are kept in a family, loving atmosphere where they get much love and care right from their births till they ultimately leave for their new homes.

They socialize their puppies at an early age because they are allowed to run as well as play with different individuals of varying age groups.

All Lab pups are AKC registered. They are well inoculated and go with the following health warranties; one-year eye, 25-month hip as well as elbows, and a four-year PRA health guarantee.

Contact Details

OwnerJustine Collins
Breeder Since1990
AddressAcushnet, Massachusetts
Contact Number(508) 951-3179

2.     Handy Hill Labradors

Handy Hill Labradors

Handy Hill Labradors have gotten a decent status for the first-class English type, yellow, black, as well as chocolate Labrador Retriever pets they generate. Their aim as Labrador breeders near me is to create beautiful-looking Lab pups that are quite relaxed and hold all the traits and features that make the dog so special.

All Labrador pups from Hand Handy Hill Labradors are appropriately socialized. They grow up in a family where they get total love and care during their stay. They are fed good feed and retained on NuVet plus vitamins. They are open to a wide range of experiences and inspirations all at an early age.

Handy Hill Labradors claim a very strong breeding program. Hours are spent studying each Labrador dog wisely choosing them to be part of the breeding plan. They all experience several extensive tests for hereditary health problems that can prove risky to the Labrador Retriever dog.

Additionally, they have their hips as well as elbows licensed by the OFA, and their eyes by CERF. All Lab pups are AKC recorded and traded on lImited AKC registrations, every family is wisely considered before releasing their pups. Every Lab pup is microchipped, suitably immunized, and dewormed. And they hail from written health guarantees.

Contact Details

OwnerStephanie Von Jess
Breeder SinceOver 10 years
LocationAcushnet, Massachusetts
Phone Number(508) 264-6408

3.     Pacheco Kennels

Pacheco Kennels

Pacheco Kennels have become robust Labrador Retriever breeders near me in the Massachusetts area. Maintained and run by the Pacheco family. Besides, George, Joan, Keven, as well as Kim have devoted their time and energy to breeding excellent quality AKC standard Labrador Retrievers with colors black, chocolate, plus yellow fur.

The affection for the Labrador dog and other dog breeds, generally, has kept them working for all these years. They guarantee that all Labrador dogs are kept entirely healthy irrespective of the cost.

All breeding dogs are cautiously selected through extensive study. They all hail from championed lines with unbelievable pedigrees. They are health verified and each goes with the compulsory health documentation and clearances.

All Lab pups are raised on a 10-acre property which delivers more than sufficient room for the Lab pups to run, play, as well as exercise to their heart’s satisfaction. They are bare to a wide range of sounds, sights, textures, plus folks. They are fed only the most healthful and suitable feed for them.

Every puppy from Pacheco Kennels is retailed on limited AKC registrations. They are inoculated and dewormed with up-to-date records to verify it.

Contact Details

OwnerGeorge, Joan, Kelvin, and Kim Pacheco
Breeder Since1972
LocationRaynham, Massachusetts
Phone Number(508) 254-8444
FacebookPacheco Kennels

4.     Hoof-N-Paw Labradors

Hoof N Paw Labradors

Hoof-N-Paw Labradors are quality Lab breeders of the finest class English type Labrador Retrievers with yellow, chocolate, fox-red, charcoal, black, and silver coat colors. Their aim as breeders is to create Labrador Retrievers that have a calm, friendly, outbound, and gentle personality that is free from hereditary health issues.

They do this by concentrating on health, cleverness, and soundness while breeding. Ever since they initiated breeding in 1979, they have been cautious when choosing Labrador Retrievers for their breeding plan all to maintain high standards and look after the honor of the breed.

All their parent canines are verified for health conditions like HNPK, EIC, DM, and CNM. They are also checked and possess the required health clearances for defects.

The pups are kept on a 5-acre property that is tailored with a pond. They have to run and play and socialize with several people of many age groups and other pets. They are also familiarized with a massive range of sounds, textures, and visions to help them adjust to new homes.

All Lab pups are AKC registered and traded on limited AKC recordings. They all go with health guarantees, for example, a two-year health assurance for hip dysplasia, a lifetime inherited health guarantee, and a one-year eye health assurance.

Contact Details

OwnerMelody Roderiques
Breeder Since1979
LocationAcushnet, Massachusetts
Phone Number(774)271-0141
FacebookHoof-N-Paw Labradors

5.     Mello Labradors

Mello Labradors

Yet one more Lab breeder near me situated in Acushnet, Massachusetts, Mello Labradors has been a top creator of some of the best Labrador Retriever breeders near me in the Bay State of Massachusetts. They create primarily English Type Labrador Retrievers of fur colors yellow, chocolate, as well as black.

Their aim as top breeders is to create family companions that are perfect field and show pooches. To attain this only the best lines have to be considered, because of this reason, they have both Canadian as well as American international champion lines. They were all cautiously selected with appropriate research.

They also go through extensive health checks for genetic blemishes and are OFA licensed for hips and all Cerf certified for eyes.

All Labrador dogs are grown in clean kennels that are supervised 24/7. They are fed with high-quality feed suitable for them and are appropriately socialized. They are permitted to play with individuals of numerous age groups, getting affection and attention, and are familiarized with numerous simulations and experiences.

All Lab pups are AKC registered, traded on limited AKC registrations, and are suitably dewormed These dogs are also immunized with records to show.

Contact Details

OwnerGeorge Mello Jr
Breeder Since2003
LocationAcushnets, Massachusetts
Phone Number(508) 763-4910

6.     Canal Labradors

Canal Labradors

Canal Labradors originated in 1997, and they have devoted more than 20 years towards the Labrador dog. They pride themselves in making top-quality Labrador dogs with a focus on the health as well as the personality of the breed.

They breed mostly English-type Labrador Retrievers, of the known fur colors by the AKC, yellow, chocolate, plus black. All breeding dogs are studied, they are picked on the basis of their lineages, health, and temperament. Besides, they come from inspiring championed lines. They all go through genetic, ophthalmological, as well as orthopedic health examinations before being included in the breeding program.

Every Lab pup from Canal Labrador is a member of the family, they live in the family where they are lived with love, attention and so much consideration. They like proper socialization because they are permitted to interact with adults and children of different ages. They are also exposed to several sounds, sights, and touches.

Every pup from this breeder is AKC registered. They are traded on restricted AKC registrations; thus, no bragging rights. They are appropriately dewormed and inoculated and each has their nails clipped at an early age.

Contact Details

OwnerSteven and Maria Smith
Breeder Since1997
LocationPlymouth, Massachusetts
Phone Number(508) 833-5217
FacebookCanal Labradors

7.     Dunrovin Farm


Dunrovin Farm has been in life since 1987, they have been enthusiastic about breeding the best Labrador Retriever dogs for numerous families in Massachusetts. They breed all colors of English-type Labrador dogs, however, they are mainly concerned with black as well as chocolate Labs.

Their breeding plan is quite standard because they breed in harmony with the standards fixed by the AKC. This means all Labrador dogs in their breeding plan are carefully researched before being included in the program.

They test all their canines through hereditary testing for detrimental health problems. They also make sure that all their Labrador dogs are OFA as well as CERF certified. All Lab pups are kept in clean kennels, they are offered great quality and healthy feed.

Their kennels are quite big with sufficient space for each puppy to call its own. All dogs are appropriately socialized because they play with adults and kids.

Every Labrador dog from Dunrovin farm is AKC-listed. They are sold on limited as well as full AKC registrations. They are suitably immunized and dewormed, they must be microchipped and must have their nails removed before going to their new environments. 

Contact Details

Breeder Since1987
LocationHalifax, Massachusetts
Phone Number(781) 294-1498
FacebookDunrovin Farm

8.     Silver Brook Labs

Silver Brook Labs

Not a lot of Lab breeders near me have been able to develop the kind of status Silver Brook Labs have. They create great-looking, excellent health, top-quality Labrador Retrievers of Chocolate, yellow, silver, champagne, black, as wellas fox-red Labrador Retrievers.

Their breeding plan is very vigorous and quite remarkable because all their Labrador Retrievers are cautiously picked from championed lines. They achieve the full panel hereditary tests for their Labrador dogs which you don’t get in most Lab breeders near me. They also make sure that each Labrador parent is confirmed free from hip as well as elbow dysplasia, experiences yearly eye tests and contains their hearts tested by a registered practitioner.

When we talk about their socialization routine, every pup is appropriately socialized. They are presented to early Neurological stimulation, plus puppy culture from day three to day sixteen. Their kennels are cleaned and even temperature controlled with 14 acres of property; therefore, the Lab pups have sufficient room for them to play.

All pups are AKC recorded and sold with restricted AKC registrations, they are microchipped, suitably dewormed, and inoculated and each goes with written health assurances.

Contact Details

OwnerGina Tardibuono Cislak
Breeder SinceOver 10 years
LocationLudlow, Massachusetts
Phone NumberN/A
FacebookSilver Brook Labs

9.     Paddington Labradors

Paddington Labradors

Paddington Labradors are owned by the Burns family, Paddington Labradors are the best breeders of Labrador Retriever dogs with a concentration on the health, character, and appearances of each new litter.

Their canines all have a high level of cleverness making them easily trainable, because of this reason, a lot of their lovely Labs grow up to become treatment dogs, work dogs, show canines, and hunting or gun dogs.

They are quite discriminating when it comes to choosing new breeding pooches for their breeding plan. All Labrador parent dogs are champion canines originating from champion lines.

Every sire and dam experience health tests to be guaranteed they are free from hereditary defects that would be detrimental to the new litter. They are also checked and cleared free from the elbow as well as hip dysplasia. They go through a yearly eye test and are free from heart problems that would be dangerous to the breed

All Lab pups are well-socialized, with steady interactions with individuals of different ages. They are also out to many simulations and experiences to aid them good adjusting to new environments. All Lab pups are AKC registered. They are appropriately inoculated and dewormed, plus are microchipped.

Contact Details

OwnerAnn and Rich Burns
Breeder SinceOver 30 years
LocationCharlton, Massachusetts
Phone Number(508) 248-3618
FacebookPaddington Labradors

10.   Mountain Side Labradors

Mountain Side Labradors

Even if most Labrador Retriever breeders near me are focused on one category, Mountain Side Labradors breed English ‘bench-type and American ‘field-type lab pups. Situated in Freetown, Massachusetts, they have been in process since 2009, even though their affection for the special dog goes back to 1996.

All Lab pups are raised in the home where they get care and attention. They are suitably socialized at an early age and are out to massive inspirations, sounds, sights, folks, and textures from an early age.

Their program is typical as they carry out their far-reaching research on each Labrador sire and dam they aim to work with. This has been directed to a refined line of show dogs and AKC hunt bosses. Their priority is to maintain their puppy’s health, which is why each Lab parent is verified for inherited defects that would be dangerous to the newly created litter. They also get their compulsory health clearances and guarantees through OFA as well as Cerf.

Every Lab pup from Mountain Side Labradors is registered by AKC.

Contact Details

OwnerHarmony Eastman
Breeder Since2009
LocationFreetown, Massachusetts
Phone Number(774) 510-2065
FacebookMountain Side Labradors


What does a silver Labrador retriever look like?

Basically, silver labs look like the traditional Labrador breed; however, with an exceptional coloration that makes them be obvious. A Silver Labrador retriever is mainly captivating with its glossy blue eyes and cloudy grey shade. After that, these blue eyes will alter to yellow, normally between 6 to 8 months of age.

Which one is the most expensive dog?

The most expensive pooch ever sold was a red Tibetan Mastiff called Big Splash going for around 1.5 million dollars.

Final Verdicts: (Which Labrador Breeder Is Best)

Initially, All Labrador Retriever breeders Massachusetts on the list are top-quality breeders. They upkeep a lot for the Labrador dog and have earned their numerous spots on the list. Many beautiful families in Massachusetts have attained their fury friends through these Lab breeders near me and they are truly extraordinary.

As such, I highly suggest you consider them while searching for a pet that is just ideal for you as well as your family. Additionally, my top pick when we talk about choosing Labrador Retriever breeders near me on the list above belongs to Silver Brook Labs.

Their breeding standards are quite high, and their breed program is very strong and has shown their promise to the Labrador dog. I select Silver Brook Labs for two main reasons.

Primarily, I love the importance placed on guaranteeing the health and comfort of each Labrador litter to be made. You rarely get plenty of breeders giving full panel DNA examinations for all their Lab parents, but Silver Brook does.

Next, I love a well-socialized pooch, and this Lab breeder guarantees that all their Lab pups are socialized from an early age, presenting them to puppy culture from day three to day sixteen.

Even though all Labrador Retriever breeders near me on this list comprising Silver Brook Labradors are trustworthy, I sturdily advise that you do your investigation before selecting to work with any Lab breeder. Ask good questions, request the right documents, authorizations, and certifications, and make sure that you relish the quality of life you devote to your furry friend.

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