15 Best All Time Labrador Retriever Breeders Ohio in 2024


The Labrador Retriever is an energetic and playful dog breed. And if you live in the United States, you will see a Labrador retriever or two during your stay. This stunning breed is the most prevalent dog breed in the USA, so it must be the most popular dog in Ohio. However, more than finding a Labrador retriever breeder is required; you need a trustworthy breeder. We are so enthusiastic about dogs that we highlight the best Labrador retriever breeders Ohio that are trusted and make your search easier.

List of Top 15 Labrador Retriever Breeders Ohio

1.     Green Gables Labradors

Green Gables Labradors

Taking on the number one place in our list, Green Gables Labradors is a quality breeder in Ohio. It is owned and run by the Beougher family and situated in the good-looking hills of Granville, Ohio.

They breed Labs with the purpose and aim of raising high-quality, home-raised Lab puppies with great features and strong, healthy pedigrees that could be good contestants, excellent service dogs, and the best mates for your family.

Thanks to their devotion to generating healthy litters yearly, expect to get a Labrador retriever puppy that is of sound nature and good conformation.

All their Labs are OFA-licensed for both elbows and hips. Besides, they also hold their CAER/CERF for eyes and cardiac testing and health certifications demanded by the AKC. Their breeding dogs are carefully researched to decrease the danger of genetic illnesses.

Their dogs are primarily home-raised, where they keenly socialize with the followers of the family. Among the ages of 4 to 5 weeks, their puppies are relocated to a puppy house where they begin the weaning procedure.

Breeder details:

Name of OwnerBeougher Family
Breeder Since1997
AddressGranville, Ohio
Email AddressInfo@greengableskennel.com
Phone Number(740) 745-5789

2.     Heartlands Quality Labrador Retrievers

Heartlands Quality Labrador Retrievers

Heartlands Quality Labrador Retrievers is located in beautiful Jamestown, Ohio. This Lab breeder concentrates on breeding only high-quality Labrador retriever puppies. Their objective as breeders is to create beautiful, fit, and well-rounded puppies that could also be delightful therapy, shows, as well as workforce dogs all over the USA.

All their Labrador pups are kept in their homes, where they socialize and play with the children and usually people of different ages. Before breeding, they carefully study each parent’s line to guarantee that each litter does not have genetic problems.

All Labrador retriever puppies from this breeder go with a 2-year health assurance for eyes, elbows, as well as hip ailments. They are also dewormed individually and are advanced with their compulsory shots.

Breeder details:

Breeder Since2015
AddressJamestown, Ohio
Phone Number(937) 838-3460
Email Addressheartlandslabs@gmail.com
FacebookHeartlands Quality Labrador Retrievers

3.     Woody Farms Labrador Retrievers

Woody Farms Labrador Retrievers

Woody Farms is a family breeder in Wayne County, Ohio, that focuses on breeding high-quality AKC English Labrador Retrievers with yellow, chocolate, and black colors. They are situated on a very huge 113 acres of property, where their puppies have more than sufficient land to run, exercise, and play to their satisfaction.

Each breeding dog is cautiously selected from campaign lines and carefully studied, tested, and specialized, free from all inherited diseases. This is to make sure that only the quality liter is created yearly. They also create some litters a year; thus, do expect a long coming-up list.

Each Labrador pup is well examined and cleared from hip as well as elbow dysplasia via OFA; they also experience a yearly eye exam using CERF and are licensed free from heart illnesses by a vet. They don’t have PRA, EIC, and CNM.

Each Lab pup comes with four health guarantees. A one-year Genetic health assurance, a lifespan guarantee, a 26-month hip guarantee, as well as a primary health guarantee.

Breeder detail

Name of OwnerNikkie Woody
AddressWayne County, Ohio
Phone Number(330) 232-2665
FacebookWoody Farms Labrador Retrievers

4.     The Lab Clan


Lab Clan is one of the trustworthy Labrador retriever breeders Ohio. They are a family-owned of the English Labrador Retriever. Situated on a big property in Ohio, where their Labs can run, swim, play, and exercise.

All their puppies are home-raised; they live glad, luxurious lives and are pretty happy as well as active. All their Labs are AKC recorded and are fit to take part in dog sporting events like trick tests, dock diving, and Frisbee leagues.

They are also socialized because they are exposed to individuals of varying ages and exposed to Prompt Neurological Stimulation. They only create 2-5 liters yearly; thus, do expect a little longer waiting list.

This is to confirm that enough testing and study has been done on their dogs, such as Genetic health testing plus OFA hip & elbow testing. All Lab pups are vaccinated and are properly dewormed.

Breeder details:

Name of OwnerKara Roth
Breeder Since2022
AddressAtwater Township, Ohio
Phone Number(330) 614-1913
FacebookThe Lab CLan

5.     Chestnut Labradors

Chestnut Labradors

This kennel has been breeding best-quality AKC standards Labs for above 20 years. Intending to sustain great health, reliability, and character in all their Labs, this breeder produces Labrador dogs that are working dogs, show dogs, and the best companions to their numerous families.

Each Lab pup is home-raised and is socialized by being presented to new familiarities and people of different ages. They also obtain Early Neurological Encouragement or biosensors at the initial ages of 3-16 days.

This is to aid each exceptional Labrador pup in better changeover and regulate into their new houses and families. All their canines are well studied and tested via OFA for hips and elbows, CERF for eyes and being tested and confirmed free from other genetic illnesses such as EIC, CNM, as well as PRA.

All puppies would have been completely vaccinated before entering their new homes. They also experience consistent deworming, are micro-chipped and would go with all health documents that are needed by the AKC standards.

Breeder details:

Name of OwnerJohn and Jenny Moneghan
Breeder Since2002
AddressGreen Springs, Ohio
Email AddressInfo@chestnutlabradors.com
Phone Number(419) 639-2489

6.     Black Swamp Labradors


This family breeder developed in 2001 and has since made it an objective to create the best family dogs that fit into your family. Their Lab pups are home-raised. They are also socialized from an early age. This is done by uncovering them to people of several age groups, presenting them to other pets, and exposing them to many textures and sounds.

All their puppies are appropriately vaccinated at 6 to 8 weeks; they are also vet-examined at 7 weeks and would have gotten their heartworm medicines before you take them home. What is really delightful about this Lab breeder is their four health guarantees.

Yes! This breeder gives four health guarantees: a one-year genetic guarantee, a Primary health guarantee, a lifetime guarantee, as well as an Elbow and Hip guarantee for around 26 months. 

Bottom of Form

Breeder details:

Name of OwnerBrittany Pascera
Breeder Since2017
AddressGrand Rapids, Ohio
Phone Number(480) 352-9830, (567) 218-1615
FacebookBlack Swamp Labradors

7.     Punk Hollow Labrador Retriever

Punk Hollow Labrador Retriever

Punk Hollow Labrador retriever is one more trustworthy breeder on our list. They are situated in Fostoria, Ohio and are pretty experienced Lab breeders with more than 40 years of breeding experience.

They concentrate on breeding AKC as well as UKC-registered chocolate, black, plus yellow Labs with outstanding temperaments and sound health. Their aim as breeders is to make the Labrador retriever perfect.

They also emphasise creating quality gun dogs and have made many versatile Labrador Retrievers that have become blooming, water, rescuing, pointing, port jumpers, therapy canines, and a range of other champion categories.

Before breeding, they study the parent breed line comprehensively to ensure their litters come with great lineages. They also conduct consistent screening for their pooches, like elbow, hip, and eye screening.

Once you adopt a Punk Hollow Labrador, you get a well-socialised puppy, thoroughly dewormed, vaccinated, microchipped, and tested thoroughly by a certified vet. They also promise a lifetime from all hereditary ailments.

Their puppies come with Inadequate AKC registrations; however, they could also provide full AKC registrations; you would have to follow their breeding exercise as well as screening.

Punk Hollow Labrador Retrievers contact details:

Breeder Since1980
AddressFostoria, Ohio
Phone Number(419) 435-0585, (419) 939-3192
FacebookPunk Hollow Labrador Retriever

8.     Silver Mist Labradors

Silver Mist Labradors

This breeder concentrates on breeding the best champagne, silver, as well as charcoal-colored Labs in the USA. All their puppies are born at home, where they are gowned and intermingle with the family every day. Health is a main concern for this Lab breeder because they make sure that all their parent dogs go thorough testing and screening before contributing to the breed program.

They are approved and registered by AKC; thus, you can be rest assured that all their Lab pups are AKC recorded, too, with all the essential health checks comprising OFA certifications for heart, elbows, and hips and CAER for eyes.

A Silver Mist Lab pup comes with nails clipped, the latest vaccinations, consistent deworming, a certification of parent’s x-rays and health screening documents, a blanket, as well as some other mandatory items.

They also give health assurances for each puppy, free from all genetic illnesses and health problems for a year. Their aim as breeders is to find the best pup for your family; therefore, if you are engrossed in buying a Silver Mist Labrador puppy, look into their details below.

Breeder details:

AddressJackson, Ohio
Contact Number(740) 577-5583

9.     Avon Kennels

Avon Kennels

Avon Kennels is quite experienced, with more than 21 years of experience in breeding. They are an AKC-checked and ODA-licensed kennel that is zealous about their job.

Situated on a 16-acre ranch in Somerdale, Ohio, where their active and healthy Labrador dogs can run and play. Avon Kennels are all about quality, not quantity; thus, only expect some litters a year. Likewise, they breed for conformation, health, and character.

When we talk about socialization, each puppy is home-raised, interacting and socialising with individuals of different ages and other animals and pets. All Lab pups are also AKC-listed and are vaccinated.

When purchasing an Avon Kennel Labrador Retriever, assume to get a pup that goes with its AKC documents, a Microchip, a sample box of the suggested NuVet vitamins, health documents, and a play toy with its aroma from the litter.

Breeder details:

Name of OwnerKim Avon
Breeder Since2001
AddressSomerdale, Ohio
Email AddressAvonkennels@yahoo.com
Contact Number(330) 364-4245

10.   Amber Sky Labradors

Amber Sky Labradors

Amber Sky Labradors, established in 1983, this Lab breeder that claims the experience of more than 35 years of breeding Labrador dogs. They breed high-quality, healthy black, yellow, as well as chocolate Labrador Retrievers for health, character, conformation, and, most significantly, to be the perfect addition to your family.

All their Lab pups are AKC recorded and have compulsory health certifications like OFA certifications for heart, hips, as well as elbows. Their puppies come with claws clipped and a Reunite Microchip. Payments would be needed to be on the waiting list; however, on average, each Lab pup would cost you around $1800 despite the coat color.

Breeder details:

Name of OwnerKim and Russ Krivak
Breeder Since1983
AddressColumbia Station, Ohio
Email AddressRusskrivak@gmail.com
Contact Number(440) 537-5013
FacebookAmber Sky Farm

11.   Devanley Labradors


Devanley Labradors are the most reputable breeders in Ohio, United States. Situated in Valley City, Ohio, this Lab breeder is quite recognized for breeding quality, versatile Labrador Retrievers.

This breeder is a family-run Lab breeder who improves their dogs’ character, health, and structure and commonly participates in AKC shows. Devanley Labradors are also members of the Medina Kennel Club and members of the Northern Ohio Labrador Club.

All their Lab pups are home-raised and are open to people of different ages and textures and sounds at an initial age; this helps them become well-socialized. Within 3 to 16 days of age, all Lab pups are presented to Early Neurological Stimulation to aid them in better control stress.

Then, their Labrador puppies have developed to become AKC Champions, therapy pooches, service dogs, alertness and obedience dogs, and most notably, great family dogs.

When discussing health, All their parent canines possess the needed health checks comprising OFA elbows, hips, heart, and eye consents. They also grasp HNPK, EIC, PRA, CNM, and dilute testing.

Devanley Labradors details:

Name of OwnerJudy and Mark Segedi
AddressValley City, Ohio
Contact Number(330) 764-9717
FacebookDevanley Labradors

12.   Sunny Creek Labs

Sunny Creek Labs

Sunny Creek Labs is situated in the serene Greenville, Ohio and is a family-owned breeder. They focus on intelligence, personality, and health. They are very discriminating with their breeding plan, only guaranteeing that each breeding dog is selected cautiously from the healthy lines.

Therefore, only expect some litters a year. They also inspire genomic testing, and their parent canines are health checked, having all the required OFA as well as CAER certifications.

All their Lab pups are well socialized and get thorough health examinations by a qualified vet at weeks 6 to 7 of age, where they obtain the essential vaccinations and deworming.

This Lab breeder only sells dogs on restricted AKC registrations; thus, you can’t breed them. A Lab puppy form would be filled out before taking on; this is to make sure that only the ideal families adopt their perfect Lab pups.

Breeder details:

Name of OwnerLisa Reier
Breeder Since2012
AddressGreenville, Ohio
Contact Number(937) 621-4357
FacebookSunny Creek Labs

13.    Laurkim Labradors

Laurkim Labradors

Breeding high-quality Labradors from 1992, Laurkim Labradors is a household breeder that emphasises breeding top quality and healthy Labs. Health is a topmost primacy for Laurkim Labradors because all their dogs experience thorough health checks, such as OFA for elbows, eyes, as well as hips. They also go through PRA testing and EIC for heart testing.

While breeding, they focus on perfect, intelligent, attractive temperaments, conformation, and reliability. Their goal as Lab breeders is to create the best Labrador dogs to make excellent show dogs and better family friends.

All Laurkim Lab pups go with limited AKC record-keeping documents, have had their main shots, deworming, a health assurance, their lineages, papers of health authorizations for both parent canines and lifetime backing.

To make sure that all Lab pups are well socialized, they are presented to individuals of varying ages, other pets and animals.

Breeder details:

Name of OwnerLaurie Pierce
Breeder Since1992
AddressMedina, Ohio
Phone Number(330) 421-1603

14.   Highlands Kennels

Highlands Kennels 1

Intending to create good quality AKC-registered Lab pups, Highland Kennels gets the next place on our list. They generally breed English Labrador Retriever puppies to be the best furry friends for your family.

Situated in Summit County, Akron, Ohio. This Lab breeder creates championed lines Labs with outstanding cleverness and low-key, obedient characters that retain a strong enthusiasm to gratify.

All their parent canines are carefully and comprehensively tested before being added to the program. All their dogs have cleared EIC, CNM, and PRA checks. They also get examined for Optigen as well as elbow/hips.

Each Labrador pup is frequently health examined and vaccinated by a certified vet. They also have their nails clipped and microchipped. Some of their Labrador dogs have become great family canines, service dogs, therapy pooches, show dogs, and excellent hunting dogs.

They only create some litters a year, and a non-refundable payment of $500 would be mandatory to secure a Labrador; thus, if you are engrossed in possessing or adopting a Highland Kennels Labrador dog, then look into their website, text, or send an email.

Breeder details:

Name of OwnerTom Hughes
AddressAkron, Ohio
Phone Number(330) 644-4899

15.  Berryhill Retrievers LLC

Berryhill Retrievers LLC

Situated in Thompson, Ohio, Berryhill Retrievers focuses on breeding English Labrador Retrievers as well as Golden Retrievers. They breed their Labs for both show as well as companionship because all their dogs come from champion lines.

Before entering their breeding program, they appropriately and carefully research each parent pooch, accompanying the essential tests and getting the desired certifications for each Labrador pup you buy from Berryhill Retrievers.

All their canines are OFA qualified for both hips as well as elbows and CAER for eyes and checked by a certified vet for the heart.

Each puppy is well-socialized with the help of regular interactions with grown-ups and children of different ages. They are also familiarized with other stimuli and touch to better support them in changing into their forever homes.

Furthermore, each Berryhill Retriever puppy goes with a 28-month health warranty, their mandatory parent health warranties and clearances, lineages, and microchip, and should have been vet cleared and had their main shots, deworming and vaccinations.

Berryhill Retrievers details:

Name of OwnerLinda Hise
AddressThompson, Ohio
Contact Number(440) 862-2744


Which dog is better Labrador retriever?

You must consider a Golden Retriever dog if you need a slightly low-energy pooch who needs less workout. If you love spending time outside, go for a Labrador Retriever. Thus, weigh the aspects, consider your routine, and pick the right dog that fits your lifestyle.

Which dog is better Siberian husky or Labrador retriever?

Pooches of either breed like to exercise and are faithful to their owners. Therefore, whichever dog you select, you can’t go wrong. The Siberian Husky is a attractive breed with some health difficulties. The Labrador makes a great companion; above, as a Lab holder, you can feel satisfied with all the actions they can learn.

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