Labrador Golden retriever Mix: A Useful Guide to Golden Lab


The Labrador Golden Retriever mix, also called Goldador, is a mix of the two most popular dog breeds all over the world; the pedigree Labrador retriever ranks No 1, and the pedigree Golden Retriever is No third most prevalent dog breed in the world.

Other names of Labrador Golden Retriever Mix 

  • Golden
  • Golden Labrador
  • Labrador Golden Retriever Mix
  • Labrador retriever Mix
  • Goldador Dog
  • Golden Lab
  • Golden Lab Mix,
  • Golden Retriever Labrador Mix

The Goldador dog is a spirited and good-natured big dog. It’s kind and faithful, making it an ideal family dog and friend for any dog owner. Once you cross a pedigree Labrador retriever with a pedigree Golden Retriever, although both parents are known pedigree dog breeds, the outcome – the Goldador – is a mixed dog breed recently recognized as a designer dog.

As a hybrid dog, the Goldador Dog is not predictable by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Designer dog breeds come in a range of coat colors as well as types based on the genes and look of the parent dog breeds. 

This cross-breed pooch has parents with hunting and retrieving abilities. They are frequently considered therapy dogs, leader dogs, search rescue dogs, and other service dogs, even for bomb detection; however, they are not used as guard dogs or watchdogs!

This mix dog breed has the typical appearance of the Labrador retriever as well as Golden Retriever dogs, receiving their friendly, happy face and their large brown eyes. The Golden Lab is soft, affectionate, and smart.

This bulky, bouncy, and calm dog likes to be active. A Goldador Lab puppy is gorgeous. But keep in mind that nowhere is private with a Golden Lab around!

Goldador Overview


The idea was to produce a working dog with the Golden Retriever’s compassion and the Labrador’s patience. It happened. Cross them, and the outcome is the genial Golden Lab. 

Because of their even-tempered nature and keen cleverness, Golden Labs have proven to be exceptional guide dogs, working dogs, bomb detection dogs, search as well as, rescue dogs, and therapy dogs. However, like their parent dog breeds, Goldadors enjoy working with an individual they love.

Goldadors are vigorous and need at least 30 minutes of regular exercise. When they have physical maturity (between 18 to 24 months), Goldadors make outstanding jogging buddies. Training Goldador is comparatively easy; they come from parents who work closely with persons. 

This makes them an outstanding option for new owners if they get the regular exercise, structure, plus positive reinforcement they desire. Goldadors are also an excellent option for families with kids, as they need nothing more than to love family activities.

The perfect residence for a Golden Labrador is a home with an enclosed yard; however, with steady exercise and friendship, they can live and flourish in apartments as well as condos. A Goldador should live inside with his loved ones.

History of Labrador Golden Retriever Mix


The Golden Lab is not a pedigree dog breed. When two different breeds are deliberately mixed, it is recognized as a designer dog; any mixed dog will get its characteristics and health difficulties from both parent dog breeds; however, the outcome will not be understood until the pup is born and perceived as it grows up.

A Goldador dog is approachable and always needs to be close to you. The Golden Retriever dog was invented in Scotland in the 18th Century. In 1868, Lord Tweedmouth wanted a faithful and diligent gundog to retrieve ducks while hunting on his land in Scotland. Thus, he crossed a yellow retriever (sire) with a Water Spaniel (dam) and created 3 Golden Retriever pups.

Lord Tweedmouth crossed this new dog breed Retriever with an Irish Setter to breed the renowned Golden Retriever pooch. In 1903, the Golden Retriever was recorded by the UK Kennel Club, and they rapidly became prevalent as family dogs and show dogs.

Additionally, the Golden Retriever was listed by the American Kennel Club in 1925 and now is the 3rd most prevalent dog breed in the US.

On the other hand, the Labrador retriever is the most prevalent dog breed worldwide! It holds a solid-color dual coat in one of 3 shades: yellow, pure black, and brown. Whatever the fur color, this is a gorgeous dog breed for any dog owner.

The Labrador retriever is from Newfoundland and was utilized by fishermen to retrieve fish. They are excellent swimmers and have a kind mouth grip that would not destroy any prey they retrieve.

The Newfoundland Labrador Retriever came to Great Britain about 1830 to be considered as a gun dog for saving waterfowl from land as well as water throughout the shooting season in Scotland as well as England.

Current breeding is supposed to have continued our Lab’s pedigree Newfoundland lab bloodline today. The Labrador retriever is the number one most popular pedigree dog in America by the American Kennel Club (AKC). In reality, it is considered the world’s most popular pure dog.

The lab is playful, trustworthy, and relaxed, making it the perfect family pet appropriate for any dog owner. A Lab Puppy, when you train it and socialize it, this dog can be trustworthy and protective near young kids and other family pets.

10 Characteristics of Goldador, Golden Lab, or Labrador Golden Retriever mix 


These dogs don’t differ as much as many mixed breeds, as their parents are similar. They are large, however, not giant, with short furs if they are a first-age group hybrid. They have floppy ears and legitimately broad chests, lengthy muzzles, and long legs. Their tails lie straight behind them and can have some feathering.

Goldadors weigh about 75 lbs as mature dogs and stand approximately 24 inches tall. This will differ greatly from pooch to pooch and depends on whether the dog parents were from leaner working lines or sturdier show breeding.

1.      Golden Lab Colors

Like any hybrid dog, Golden Lab pups might appear more like a Labrador than a Golden Retriever, or vice versa. If Golden Lab puppies closely look like their Labrador parent, then they might be born as one of the following:

  • Black Golden retriever
  • Chocolate Golden Lab 
  • Yellow Golden retriever

If the pups closely look like their Golden Retriever parent, then they might be born as one of the following:

  • Dark Golden Lab
  • Golden Goldador
  • Light golden Goldador

2.      Golden Dog Coat Types

Even though the Golden Retriever parent keeps a longer fur with feathering, a Labrador Golden Retriever mix frequently takes over the Lab’s thick double fur. The double fur has a soft base coat and a rough, water-resilient top fur.

Golden Retriever Labrador mixes might have their Lab parent’s short fur length. Otherwise, they may show a slightly longer and curlier version of their Golden parent’s fur, however, without as much feathering as a thoroughbred Golden. Either way, their fur will be legitimately high maintenance.

3.      Shedding & Grooming

Your new dog is going to shed, occasionally a lot. Both parent dog breeds heavily shed twice a year. Amplified brushing throughout transitional times can aid in catching loose hairs. Golden Retriever Labrador mix will require weekly brushing, likely extra throughout the shedding season. 

Along with weekly brushing, you must frequently brush your Goldador’s teeth to help stop dental issues and gum infections. Their nails must be trimmed often as well.

Is Golden Lab Mix Hypoallergenic?

The Golden Lab will not be hypoallergenic. They are heavy shedders, freely dispersing dander from skin and saliva around your home!

4.      Golden Lab Mix Temperament

Since this is a mixed-breed dog, it is impossible to expect the exact nature of every Goldador dog. With designer dog breeds, such as the Golden Retriever Lab mix, you can only assume their temperament depending upon the general conduct of their parents and the personality of the parent dogs as a whole.

One pup might more diligently favor the Labrador’s personality. In contrast, another pup from the same litter might have a joyful mix of each parent dog breed’s temperament traits. However, as the Golden Retriever, as well as Labrador retriever have almost similar temperaments, it’s usually safe to make some assumptions.

What Is The Typical Golden Lab Mix Personality?

As a highly friendly dogs, a Golden Lab mix won’t perform well in lonely settings. If these dogs are left alone for a longer period, they might become very harsh to your home. They will be scolded for boredom or nervousness.

Numerous Golden Retriever Labrador mixes can get the Lab’s fieriness. As numerous Lab lovers see, these dogs do not recognize a stranger. They also aren’t frightened to show how happy they are about seeing new faces!

5.      Socialization

Socialization, including the Golden Retriever Lab mix, is important for any dog breed. Although it hails from overly approachable and outgoing breeds, there are still no assurances about your dog’s personality. As training, as well as socialization are both best begun early on, pup training classes can be the best technique to both train and socialize your Lab pup simultaneously.

6.      Training Tips

The Golden dog has a calm, eager-to-please temper that aids and makes them highly trainable. Family members should start training from an early age, when their pup comes home. Additionally, obedience classes will help generate a well-mannered pooch and also support the bond between the owner as well as dog. As Goldadors grow to be big dogs, obedience is also significant to prevent them from leaping at your visitors!

7.      Energy Levels

Golden Retriever Lab puppies will become high-energy adults with an affection for playing and a desire for rescuing! If you don’t like playing fetch with your pooch, this dog will not suit you.

A Labrador Golden Retriever Mix makes an excellent companion for jogging and hiking. This is a dog that also likes to swim. Canine sports, such as agility, obedience trials, and chasing, are also an outstanding way to keep your pooch physically active, emotionally stimulated, and out of anxiety.

If your Goldador dog doesn’t get sufficient exercise, dullness and pent-up energy can become destructive bents. As a very public breed, they perform well as indoor dogs; however, they have a large, enclosed lawn to run around. Along with self-exercise, they require walks or other regular activity with their loved ones.

Exercise is particularly significant for the health of your Goldador dog since both Golden Retrievers as well as Labrador Retrievers can develop elbow and hip dysplasia. 

8.      Health Care

All purebred dog breeds are inherited to some extent. The degree of this is termed the coefficient of inbreeding (COI). The more the COI, the greater the risks of health problems arising from inbreeding. Generally, health issues start to arise if the COI is much higher than 5%. In a hybrid such as the Goldador dog, the COI is generally much lower than in a thoroughbred dog, which is a great thing. To start to look at the well-being and care of a Goldador dog, I first have to consider the congenital health hazards of both parent breeds.

Labrador Health

Labrador Retrievers are predisposed to hereditary health situations, joint difficulties, and health problems common to most canines. To help reduce the likelihood of genetic health problems in your new Goldador puppy, check that your Lab breeder has followed the suggested testing for the Labrador Retriever: Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis (HNKP)

  • Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC)
  • Hereditary Cataracts (HC)
  • Centronuclear Myopathy (CN)
  • Hip and Elbow Evaluation
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

Golden Retriever Health

Golden Retrievers hold some of the same genetic health hazards that Labradors do. They are also predisposed to hip and elbow dysplasia, retinal atrophy, and inherited cataracts. However, some other health issues are common to this dog breed. Suggested testing for Golden Retrievers comprises:

  • Hereditary Cataracts (HC)
  • Ophthalmological exams (OFA & ECR)
  • Hip and Elbow assessment
  • Cardiac Exam containing an echocardiogram
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

9.      Goldador Dog Health Problems

Golden Retriever Lab mixes inherit health difficulties common to both parent dog breeds. However, they are in danger of any of the above problems. Make sure that your dog breeder has examined for PRA, hip and elbow dysplasia, and genetic cataracts before you take your new dog home with you. These circumstances plague both parent dog breeds, and your pup would be at greater risk.

Select a Goldador dog breeder who has evidence of testing for all breeds and suggested tests for both parents to enhance the likelihood of carrying a healthy pup home. Unluckily, some circumstances, like cancer and a distended abdomen, cannot be screened for in the parents. Identify the signs of these diseases and watch for them in your pooch.

There is some proof that the hazard of bloat declines with a different diet and small, more regular meals rather than one-time feeding. This was found to reduce, not remove, the risk overall.

10. Life span

Designer breed dogs usually live as long as their parent dogs. A Labrador Golden Retriever Mix frequently lives for approximately 10 to 12 years. However, chocolate Labradors live around a 10% shorter lifetime than other Labrador types and have a higher proportion of ear and skin issues. Thus, a chocolate Goldador dog might have a shorter lifespan than other mixes of this breed.

Rescuing a Goldador Dog

If you adopt or rescue your Golden Lab, I recommend looking at your native animal shelters and numerous Golden Retrievers or Lab particular rescues. Even though some rescues emphasize finding households for animals of a sole breed (generally to find families for aged show or breeding stock), numerous rescues take in hybrid breeds linked to their primary breed and keep them for adoption.

Finding Golden Retriever Lab Mix puppies at a rescue might be challenging. Several designer dogs at rescues are grown-ups or seniors, such as a retired breeding stock drawn from puppy mills.

Searching for a Goldador Puppy


As the Goldador is a prevalent designer breed, you perhaps won’t have to work hard to find a breeder with Golden Retrievers as well as Labrador Retrievers set to cross for puppies. Golden Lab prices differ from breeder to breeder depending upon how much worth they place on their canines. 

Mainly if their dogs are viable and not thoroughly bred as family pets, ensure you pick a knowledgeable and virtuous Golden Labrador breeder that has passed out all the health tests related to both breeds and has watched for Golden Retriever lines that survived longer with lower than usual degrees of cancer. 

An adult Golden Retriever dog might be perfect as he is more expected to have evaded the cancer gene.

Goldador Dog Breeders

There are always several unethical dog breeders with immoral breeding, particularly for designer dogs. These dog breeders emphasize economic gain compared to the health of the dogs they create.

When seeking a breeder, look for somebody who cares about the well-being of the Lab puppies they are selling. And above, they should ask you questions to ensure this breed is a good tie for you.

Visit the Lab breeder and realize the environment your pup lives in. Guarantee that it is clean and well preserved and that the pups all look energetic and healthy. Ask the parents to confirm they look healthy and to notice their nature. Well-treated canines should be approachable and not anxious.

A liable breeder should be glad and can answer all your queries and show you proof of all the health testing accomplished on both parents.


Are Golden Retriever Labrador mix good dogs?

The Labrador golden retriever mix tends to be solid on the lead and contains a strong feeling of smell and an unbelievable visual memory. Both dog breeds are self-assured and stubborn, which serves them well because they learn to be approachable to their human. They make excellent companions as they are calm and like work.

How much does a Golden Lab cost?

Expect to pay around $800 for a Golden Lab puppy. The average price of a Golden Lab puppy from a trustworthy breeder is over $800.

Final Verdict 

Also recognized as Goldador or Golden Lab, the Labrador Golden Retriever Mix is the product of breeding a pedigree Golden Retriever with a pure Labrador retriever dog. Both parent canines are widely common around the world and are recognized for their superiority in service work, therapy, as well as hunting.

These dogs are chief selections for families. They were bred to have the patience and physical power of a Labrador even though also keeping them pleased and loving nature of the Golden Retriever. 

Numerous Goldador dogs serve as support or therapy dogs, and several hunt or detect bombs, whereas some are only trustworthy family companions. The mix dog is people-friendly and is for everybody fitting to any age, given that they get consistent outdoor actions and are given much consideration.

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