How to Draw a Labrador retriever? 12 Easy Steps


At this moment, learn how to draw a Labrador retriever. We believe that this article will be useful and exciting for you. In this guide, we will show you how to draw a Labrador. Labrador retriever is one of the most appealing dogs. They are active, friendly, and easy to train.

They are most frequently used as a nurse, guard, and companion dogs. Labrador rapidly becomes a pet and does well with humans and other animals in family. They have a strong physique. Labrador retriever has a large head, droopy ears, and smart eyes.

You can see all these traits in the figure, and now you are going to draw the same dog. By following the easy steps, you too can draw a Labrador easily.  Let’s dive into drawing a Labrador.

Research says that Labrador Retrievers trained with a professional trainer experienced hyperthermia, respiratory alkalosis, hypocapnia, and mild metabolic acidosis within 5 minutes postexercise during training and field trial competition at 85 degrees F (29 degrees C).

Time required for drawing a Labrador retriever: 1 hour

How to Draw a Labrador retriever? Step by Step Guide

1.     Prepare the base.


Draw 3 circles of different sizes, and specify the location as well as size of the key parts of the dog’s body.

2.     Add the back and legs.


Draw a smooth line that attaches the head with other parts of the body and easily passes into the tail. Utilize thin lines to mark the limb’s location.

3.     Draw the lower outline of the chest.


Depict a smooth line at the bottom and draw the neck, belly, as well as lower part of the tail.

4.     Depict the front part of the snout.


Be cautious in this step and draw the front of the snout appropriately. Outline the big nose and depict the upper jaw with a curved line.

5.     Sketch out the rest of the muzzle.


Depict two almond shaped eyes, and draw the lower jaw by one smooth line.

6.     Draw the floppy ears.


The Labrador contains soft floppy ears. In this image, the Lab’s ears are shaped similar to triangles with round corners.

7.     Depict the front paws.


Draw the front paws. Try to appropriately depict all the bends on dog’s paws.

8.     Draw the lower parts of Lab’s front paws.


Draw the curve of each foot, draw the fingers having short strokes and depict the small claws on dog’s paw.

9.     Depict the back legs.


The back legs have an extensive base and a constricted lower part. Be cautious once you draw bends.

10. Draw the lower parts of the rear legs.


The feet on the rear legs have the same shape such as on the front paws, and adding these parts should not cause problems.

11.Correct inaccuracies.


All contours of Labrador’s body are already depicted, and now remove the additional lines and make the drawing clear.

12.Color the Labrador.


Utilize beige to color the coat and do not overlook to add shadows so that the picture looks more accurate. You can also color the Labrador retriever in brown or black. Watch the video below to understand better!


Is Labrador retriever a beginner dog?

Labradors are playful as well as smart, with a warm, friendly nature that makes them perfect for new owners. Labradors are even-tempered, rewarding dogs, meaning they love additional attention as well as exercise.

How does a Labrador retriever look?

Their broad heads, gentle eyes, medium-length muzzle, plus thick tails are some physical characteristics you look out for to identify a Labrador. They have a muscular body.

Wrapping Up

After you completed all the steps in these directions, you can assess the outcome of your work. We believe that you properly painted all the parts of Labrador’s body and you have an outstanding drawing. If this guide was useful for you, then give your feedback in comments. Happy Labrador drawing!

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