What are the different types of Labrador retrievers? (Backed By Research)


The Labrador retriever is one of the most prevalent friendly animals for several reasons. Not only they are loving, clever, and amazingly sweet animals, but they make strong bonds with humans and are appropriate for a wide variety of families. Their admiration has continued for a long time, its origins starting in Victorian Britain. However, for some dog breeds which have been here for such a long time, the breed grows and is frequently divided into different types. The different categories of Poodle can prove this. However, some might wonder what are the different types of Labrador retrievers there.

In this animalpedias.net article, I look at the types of Labrador Retrievers by presenting you both the two major breed variations and a less common type. Continue reading to learn more about the Labrador retriever types.

Labrador History 

As stated by the Labrador Retriever Club (LRC), the true beginning of the Labrador retriever is a bit of a mystery. First seen in the northeastern Canadian area of Newfoundland, there’s little verified history of just once these water-loving canines appeared. 

The UK Kennel Club recommends they were in the region as far back as the 1500s, keen to work together and living with fishers and travelers active in the trade roads between Europe and Canada. These dogs helped save nets in the ocean and wild game on land.

They had numerous names in the early years, comprising Little Newfoundler, black water dogs, St. John’s dogs, as well as Lesser Newfoundland. English noblemen going to Canada deliberated the Lab’s retrieval abilities a great advantage and returned to their motherland with devoted dogs they expected would become brilliant in the field. 

Especially, Colonel Peter Hawker, as well as the Earl of Malmesbury, worked to breed these dogs into gun dogs in the 1800s. Later, the Kennel Club recognized the Lab as an authorized breed in 1903.

What are the different types of Labrador retrievers? English Labrador vs American Labrador 

The Labrador retriever was a breed grown mostly by sailors who were sailing in England as well as Canada. Even though it is a breed primarily developed in Britain, its name originates from the Newfoundland and Lab from Eastern Canada. Actually, some writers confused this pooch with the Newfoundland breed. Even though related, they do not hold the same history of the breed.

One of the basic reasons for their reputation is because of their name. Retriever kind dogs were initially bred for hunting. They are a category of gun dog which was considered to retrieve the prey which predators had killed. As with several other categories of working dogs, for example, water rescue canines or categories of herding dogs, their usage as working dogs might have declined; however, their admiration as companion animals has amplified.

It is the difference between companion animals as well as working dog Labs which has meant this dog breed has been divided into two chief types. The 2 types of Labrador Retrievers are the following:

  • American Labrador retriever
  • English Labrador retriever

Breed standards are fixed by breed standard organizations. The Lab breed standard was first recognized by the British Kennel Club in 1903 and in 1917 by the American Kennel Club. It is significant to note that the bulk of breed standard organizations do not create any official dissimilarity between these two Labrador retriever types. 

The differences are useful and more frequently used by reputable breeders and owners of the breed. To understand better, you have to look at the two Labrador retriever types more closely.

American Labrador Retriever 


Even though a very prevalent dog in America, the American Labrador Retriever was not raised in the USA. All kinds of the Labrador Retriever breed come from dogs grown in Britain. Even if their names recommend otherwise, the dissimilarities between American and English Labrador Retrievers do nothing with the location.

As clarified above, the differences are to do with whether or not they are companion animals or working dogs. American Labradors are working dogs, because of this reason; they are also occasionally called Field Labrador Retrievers. These are the pooches which are most frequently used as working dogs on ranches and additional workplaces.

The American Labrador is more agile, muscular, and stylized compared to the English breed. Moreover, they have finer and somewhat more extended edges than the English type. Such as, their snout is remarkably longer than the English breed.

In addition to appearance, the personality of the American Labrador Retriever is just like that of a working dog personality. They are more energetic and spirited, precisely as they are used more frequently to carry out physical exercise. In the home, this means these dogs will require more exercise.

As they have been made to be hunting dogs, they have an additional acute hunting nature. Although this is very beneficial on the farm, it is something which has to be deliberated when accepting an American Labrador Retriever. 

They should be cared for by an owner who can appropriately educate and teach them. Primarily, their hunting instinct requires them to be guided into healthy deeds. If this does not occur, they might be more expected to attack other animals or even your family members.

English Labrador retriever


The English Labrador Retriever is famous as a Conformation Labrador. The purpose of this is that they have been characteristically bred to show dogs. Although the majority will be considered companion animals, their inherited history has been aimed toward their individual appearance more than their capability to hunt.

As the English Labrador Retriever has not been developed as a working dog, they are not usually as athletic. The English Labrador Retriever contains a larger frame and a somewhat stockier build compared to their American cousin. 

They are also late-maturing canine, which can grow a fairly thick body and be more predisposed to obesity. This is particularly the case with neutered canines. They have comparatively wide-set limbs, a shorter nose and a soberly sized head.

The personality of the English Labrador Retriever is charming. They are very approachable, playful and loving. They make a perfect family pet. They are mainly good canines for kids. However, they will also require education like a working dog. 

As with any pooch, they might develop behavioral issues without it. Correspondingly, the American Labrador Retriever can be a fanciful family dog as long as you show them good respect.

Which Type of Lab Is Best For You? English Labrador vs American Labrador

Whether you’re in search of a skilled dog or simply need a loving and active pooch, you can go right with a Labrador retriever dog. If you don’t have any targets to hunt with your Labrador, avoid working lines because these canines have been developed to work and won’t be glad without a job to do.

Additionally, whatever category of Lab you’d like, be careful to select a responsible breeder. Labs are usually affected by the elbow as well as hip dysplasia and eye issues; therefore, ask the breeder if they do health screenings on their canines and request health credentials free of cost. Any trustworthy breeder will be more than glad to share the health info of their pooches.

Canadian Labrador retriever


Both the American as well as English types of Labrador Retriever were initially developed in Britain. But, after this, both working category and show dogs were raised together in both the USA as well as the UK. For this reason, I cannot essentially say all working canines are from America and vice versa.

Yet, the origins of all Labrador categories also lie in Canada. Once I speak of the Canadian type of Labrador Retriever, I am discussing the unique specimen from which these dog breeds are raised. It is not an existing breed; however, it was lost because of the reputation of existing Labrador retriever types. 

It was a breed which initially appeared in the 16th century; however, it had altered when the Labrador Retriever was developed. All kinds of Labrador Retrievers have more common characteristics than differences. For instance, they are as expected as each other to get illnesses common to the Labrador dog breed.

What are the different color types of Labrador Retrievers?


The coat of all categories of Labrador retriever is thick, dense, as well as soft. It is water resilient, one of the reasons why these dogs love playing in the water and beneficial for duck hunting. Although there might be dissimilarities of tone over a distinct dog’s coat, authoritatively familiar Labradors do not have marks or other patterns. The only recognized Labrador Retrievers on the basis of color are:

  • Black Lab
  • Yellow Lab
  • Chocolate Lab

The initial yellow Labrador Retriever was accepted at the very finish of the 19th century, with most varieties being black Lab before this. This is one of the explanations some individuals confuse the Labrador with the Golden Retriever dog breed.

Some worldwide kennel clubs permit a gene deviation which results in a silver Lab. But, these are not recognized with authorization by most dog shows as well as competitions. It is, hence, seen as an error.

Frequently Asked Questions: What are the different types of Labrador retrievers?

What are the three types of Labrador?

There’s a difference in look between field Labradors and conformation dogs. They are also available in 3 different colors: chocolate, black Lab, and yellow. Some individuals think these different categories of Labrador have different temperaments too; thus scientists wanted to find out.

Which type of Labrador is perfect for you?

Dog agility is a prevalent sport that American kind Labs can excel at, whereas English Labs might lack the agility to participate at a high level. If you need a dog that is also a hunting mate, then an American Lab is your excellent choice.

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