Chocolate Labrador Retriever Breeders Near Me In 2024


If you are seeking a chocolate lab, here are top 6 chocolate Labrador retriever breeders near me. Are you looking for a chocolate Lab to take home? With their good demeanor and robust personality, chocolate Lab puppies are ideal companions for any pet owner.

If you are seeking a trustworthy Chocolate Labrador retriever breeder near me, here are 6 options you can consider.

Top 6 Best Chocolate Labrador retriever Breeders near me

1.     TruPride Labradors


TruPride Labradors is situated in Land O’Lakes. Their goal is to breed healthy, good looking, as well as well socialized chocolate Lab puppies that meet the Labrador breed standard. You can find their upcoming litter of chocolate Lab puppies, here.

All of their canines are tested by the OFA and by a BCVO. Your chocolate Lab will be released with AKC registration documents, three generation lineage, microchip, primary puppy shot series, full deworming, veterinary health license, and written as well as signed guarantees.

Here is a review from a satisfied customer:

“Amazing breeder that gave us with one of the sweetest and affectionate dogs, good-looking too! Erica and Carrie were magnificent to work with and great knowledgeable regarding their dogs. I highly recommend.”

To contact them, you can email at

2.     Penny Lane Labradors


Penny Lane Labradors is a kennel situated about 30 minutes outside of Ocala. Their goal is to breed the healistes chocolate Lab puppies with the ideal start possible to life by ensuring they have good heredities and pedigree, with no known genetic complications in any of their parent.

All of their dogs are heritably tested for eye infections and common genetic problems found in the Labrador. You can find Penny Lane chocolate Lab puppies here.

Their puppies are generally reserved 2 to 6 months previously and the price is $2500.

Here is a recommendation from a happy pet owner:

“We bought our fist puppy from Sarrah several years ago and couldn’t have been better-off!! She’s very sweet and raises undeniably gorgeous little fur babies!!”

To contact them, you can call 352-322-8688 or email at

3.     Jubett Labradors

Jubett Labradors

Jubett Labradors breeds English Labrador Retrievers. They create quality chocolate Lab puppies that shine in conformation, while being exceptional companions. They also breed black and yellow labs in Miami. You can find their future litters, here.

All of their parent dogs are free of hip as well as elbow dysplasia and their eyes are tested by CERF. To get more information and to make contact, you can visit their official website here or email at

4.     Mythic Labs


Mythic Labradors is situated in Brevard County. They breed to create quality English Labrador Retrievers that follow to the breed standard, are smart and have brilliant temperaments. All of their Labs are tested and health-checked before breeding. You can find their Latest puppies here.

Here is a testimonial of their breeding from a happy client:

“It is difficult to believe that our Riley will be four yrs old in July! She is our first Labrador from Mythic Labs and I am assured she will not be our last. Mythic Labs have been brilliant from the excellent breeding procedure to answering questions during the puppy stage and to adulthood dietary requirements. I love the honest pledge to the breed and the customer. Riley is extraordinary due to great breeding, training, and adoration. And it all happening with excellent breeding.”

To contact, you can call 321-676-5221 or email at

5.     Southwest Florida Labs

Southwest Florida Labs 2

Southwest Florida Labs is situated in Punta Gorda, Florida. They are devoted to breeding for personality, health, as well as confirmation. Here is their list of upcoming puppies.

Before leaving, all of their chocolate Lab puppies will have a veterinarian health license, AKC registration papers, their primary shots, and will have been dewormed 4 times.

Here is a review from a satisfied client:

“Highly suggested Ray – his dogs are amazing! Just selected Buddy and he has been relaxing in magnificently over the last few days ❤️ I was waiting for a chocolate lab for a long time. All I will say is Buddy was undeniably worth the wait.”

To contact, you can visit their official website here or email at

6.     River Retrievers

River Retrievers 1

River Retrievers focuses on “breed categories, health, personality, and the natural working capabilities of the Labrador Retriever.” They are situated in Brooksville, Florida. You can find their litters here.

Once you bring your chocolate Lab home, they will come with:

  • AKC Limited Registration
  • Health Certificate
  • Vaccinations as well as deworming
  • Microchip
  • Free examination
  • Lifetime breeder support

Puppies are around $3,000 with a 6.5% Florida Tax.

Here is a testimonial from a happy client:

“I’ve owned thoroughbred dogs for more than 30 years and I’ve never met a Lab breeder who is so devoted to preserving a dog breed. Not only are the canines at River Retrievers exceptionally beautiful specimens of their breed, these dogs are the most well socialized canines I’ve been around. Individuals always stop us to comment on our beautiful chocolate lab. He has the stunning head and lines of a show type dog and the personality of a hunting dog. I will be a client for life!”

To contact, you can call 903-474-4625 or visit their official website here.


How rare is a chocolate Lab?

Chocolate Labs have shorter duration than rest of the Labs. 44.6% of Labs are black, while 27.8% are yellow Labs and around 23.8% are chocolate Labs.

How big do chocolate Labrador retrievers get?

The robust, well-balanced Labs can, depending on the gender, stand from around 21.5-24.5 inches and weigh around 55-80 pounds. The thick, hard fur comes in yellow, black, as well as a luscious chocolate.

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