Top 11 Most Reputable Labrador retriever Breeders Michigan


Getting a new dog is a big deal. Labrador Retrievers are excellent family dogs and the most desirable dog breeds in America Alone with almost every person in the United States keeping one.

This increased admiration could be a gift as well as a curse as several shady breeders or puppy mills in America is steadily enhancing. If you have been living or just moved to Michigan, and you have been seeking to adopt a beautiful Labrador, then this guide is for you.

In this guide, we would be highlighting the best Labrador Retriever Breeders Michigan. These are some highly trustworthy breeders where you can get top-quality Labrador retriever pups.

Without wasting your time, let’s dive into this article.

Top 11 Labrador retriever Breeders Michigan

1.     Michigan Elite Labradors

Michigan Elite Labradors

Recognized for breeding high-quality AKC standard Labrador Retriever pups in Michigan since 2005, Michigan Elite Labradors has made it their aim as breeders to create great family pets with outstanding calm demeanors and have wonderful field and show skills.

They are licensed by the AKC as H.E.A.R.T Lab breeders as all their Labrador parents experience a lot of testing and broad research before being permitted to breed. This guarantees that each litter being bred is of the high-quality and comes from a fit line, free from any hereditary disorders and likely genetic diseases.

All their Labrador retriever pups are well socialized because they are handled by persons of varying ages. They are also introduced to several sounds and textures to help them adjust into their forever homes.

They provide a 2-year health assurance against all elbow as well as hip conditions, and a lifetime assurance from all genetic illnesses that are common to this breed. Even though to keep that lifetime assurance, you would be needed to keep your new friend on a official top-quality feed.

Each Labrador pup costs around $2900, and they only accept credits to deal with their list after each litter is crated.

Contact Details:

OwnerAlisha, Steve, Bohden & Isabelle Karp
Breeder Since2005
AddressPlymouth, Michigan
AKC RegisteredYes
Phone Number(989) 326-7928
FacebookMichigan Elite Labradors

2.     Superior Labradors

Superior Labradors

This trustworthy breeder has been breeding Labrador Retriever pups from top-quality Bloodlines. They produce yellow, chocolate, as well as black Labs. All Labrador retriever pups are home-raised.

They are well socialized and exposed to people of different ages and being introduced to different experiences. This is done to get them well-behaved in their new surroundings. In addition to giving quality Labrador Retriever pups from greater bloodlines, they also work in improving their breeding program. To make sure that each new litter is better than the previous one.

All breeding dogs are tested for any hereditary diseases. They are OFA licensed to be free from hip as well as elbow issues and possess the needed CERF, plus CAER clearances for eyes and being cleared of numerous heart-related problems.

All their labs are AKC registered and go with a 3-year health assurance free from any hereditary health problems. Each Labrador pup goes for $1750; however, a non-refundable payment of $350 would be necessary to be added to their coming up list.

Contact Details:

OwnerChad Wilkes
Breeder Since Over 10 years
AddressOlivet, Michigan
AKC RegisteredYes
Phone Number(517) 662-2240
FacebookSuperior Labradors

3.     Tall Pine Labradors

Tall Pine Labradors 3

Tall Pine Labradors has the number 3 spot on this list of the reputable Labrador retriever breeders Michigan where you can find high-quality Labradors. Situated in the very attractive Dryden, Tall Pine Labradors is possessed by the team of Revee Kraszewski as well as Ann Morris.

They work together to create the best Labrador retriever pups, by constantly studying methods to improve the breed. Until now have ensured that all their dogs are AKC registered and are chosen depending upon their traits, such as trainability, conformation, health, and personality.

All breeding parents have gone through all necessary genetic testing comprising OFA testing for hip as well as elbows. They also have numerous health assurances that excused them from numerous genetic conditions and hips, eyes, as well as elbow illnesses.

Dewormings are given to all dogs and the necessary vaccinations. To help the pups control stress and become happier with their environments, they expose them to Early Neurological Stimulation.

All their puppies are sold on a Limited AKC registration for around $1600. However, you could get a complete AKC registration, it would cost you an additional $1000; thus, makes a total of approximately $2600 for a Labrador pup. There’s a non-refundable payment of $300, to reserve a Lab.

Contact Details:

OwnerAnn Morris and Revee Kraszewski
AddressDryden, Michigan
AKC RegisteredYES, Sold with limited AKC Registration
Phone Number(810) 441-1091
FacebookTall Pine Labradors

4.     Blackwoods Labradors

Blackwoods Labradors

When looking at the trustworthy Labrador Retriever breeders Michigan, Blackwoods Labradors come to mind, and because of this reason, they are number 4 on this list. Established by Janice Stroope, Blackwoods Labradors has been breeding top-quality AKC registered Labrador Retrievers for more than 25 years.

They focus on creating black, white, yellow, chocolate, and fox red Labradors  that are of nice personalities, well socialized, trainable, and usually healthy enough to be amazing family dogs that you would enjoy.

Blackwoods Labradors are situated on a serene 40-acre land, where all Labrador pups can play, run and usually be their gorgeous spirited selves. They are socialized and are of sound personalities as they frequently interact with children and adults of variable ages.

Blackwoods Labradors get the best elite lineages to include in their breeding program. All breeding parents are health tested and licensed free from any hereditary disorders and conditions.

All Labrador retriever pups are well vaccinated. They are also frequently dewormed and go with their OFA authorizations for elbows as well as hips. Each puppy also goes with a health assurance of 2.5 years free from hip dysplasia. To deal with their waiting list, a non-refundable payment of $300 would be needed.

Contact Details:

OwnerJanice Stroope
Breeder SinceMore than 5 years
AddressOtisville Michigan
AKC RegisteredYes, Sold with limited AKC registration
Phone Number(810) 513-2515
FacebookBlackwoods Labrador

5.     Cherryacre Labradors

Cherryacre Labradors 2

Number 5 on our list of the best Labrador retriever breeders Michigan have got some know-how with them. Recognized in 2004, Cherryacre Labradors has been breeding great quality Labrador Retriever pups that are of sound structure and personality that make great participants in ring, field, as well as show events.

Their breeding program emphases on generating English-type yellow, black, as well as chocolate Labrador Retriever pups that could be named as “all-purpose” retrievers. All dogs get love from their birth till they are released to their new families.

Before being selected in their breeding program, they guarantee that all their dogs are health tested and carefully researched. All their canines are OFA licensed for hips, hearts, as well as elbows. They also experience an annual eye examination through CERF and OFA eye clearances.

They also socialize their puppies appropriately by allowing them have steady interactions with individuals of varying ages and presenting them to numerous experiences and textures. All Labradors are sold on limited AKC registration.

Expect your new puppy to have had all their recent vaccinations as well as deworming, and come with microchips.

Contact Details:

OwnerTerri and Gordon Micallef
Breeder Since2004
AddressDexter, Michigan
AKC RegisteredYes, Sold with limited AKC registration only
Phone Number(734) 341-6204

6.     Crest Kennels English Labrador Retrievers

Crest Kennels English Labrador Retrievers

Crest Kennels are a well-experienced Labrador breeder that was recognized in 1984. They breed only English-type Retrievers of black as well as yellow colors, with the aim of creating pups with optimal health, and brilliant temperaments, and common soundness.

All of their Labrador Retriever pups are bred as stated by the American Kennel Club breeding standards. They produce service dogs, therapy dogs, show, plus obedience dogs, and obviously great family dogs.

Crest Kennels is also linked with several organizations like being members of the AKC, the Macomb Kennel Club, Akita Club of America, and Mid-Michigan Therapy Dogs. All their Lab pups are home-raised. Throughout their stay, they get introduced to different experiences, and being controlled or regularly cooperated with by persons of different ages and by several animals, as well.

As for their breeding dogs, they are studied extensively, to make sure that they come from lines with good lineages and are tested for elbows, hips, hearts, as well as eyes. They are also DNA verified and cleared for Centronuclear Myopathy.

Each Crest Kennel puppy would have had its all vaccinations, and dewormings. And each pup goes with AKC papers, health records, and  mom-scented blanket. You also obtain lifetime support from this Lab breeder.

You would deposit $200 to get on the waiting list. Furthermore, each dog costs around $1700.

Contact Details:

OwnerToni King
Breeder Since1984
AddressOxford, Michigan
AKC RegisteredYes, Sold with limited AKC registration only
Phone Number(248) 343-2628
FacebookCrest Kennels

7.     Oldsquaw Kennels

Oldsquaw Kennels

This outstanding breeder has a lot of experience producing good quality Golden Retrievers. Situated on a beautiful land in Southwest Michigan, they produce English-type Labrador Retriever pups of yellow, black, as well as chocolate coats.

Health is a main concern for this breeder because they ensure that all their dogs are well-loved. Before being selected in their breeding program, each dog is heavily studied to guarantee they come from championed lines. They also experience testing and have authorizations for hip and elbows by OFA, Myopathy via CNM, and eyes with the help of CERF.

All their puppies are raised in comfortable rooms that are temperature-controlled. They are also well-socialized as they intermingle with individuals of varying ages each day. They are also exposed to different pets, sounds, as well as numerous textures.

When we talk about achievements and activities, Oldsquaw Kennels are not missing in that area. They have produced a total of 8 FC AFC Champions and numerous all-age warranted debit list dogs with a lot of derby points.

Each pup from Oldsquaw Kennel goes with a 26-month health assurance free from the eye and all hereditary illnesses that are notorious to trouble the Labrador Retriever pups. They also go with limited AKC registration and full AKC registration,; however, you need to approve their terms.

Contact Details:

OwnerFrank and Sheila Purdy
Breeder Since1969
AddressDowling, Michigan
AKC RegisteredYes, Sold with limited AKC Registration
Phone Number(845) 561-4666

8.     Chocklabs Kennel

Chocklabs Kennel

Chocklabs Kennels produces Labrador Retriever pups that are well-rounded, affectionate, and faithful with a focus on their socialization, abilities, temperament, and health. They breed English Labrador dogs with black, chocolate, as well as yellow furs that have grown up to get good service canines, great hunter pooches, and outstanding companion dogs that fit in faultlessly with your family, all obeying with the breed standards given by AKC.

All their dogs are selected from healthy lines. They still experience numerous tests like OFA for hips as well as elbows, PENNHIP, EIC, OPTIGEN, plus CERF for eyes and must be licensed healthy.

The pups are raised in a kennel that is comfy. It is also temperature controlled so each puppy can be as snuggle. They are also socialized because they frequently interact and are controlled by individuals and pets of several ages. They are also trained regularly.

All dogs are sold on limited AKC registrations and must have had their all vaccinations and dewormings. Their waiting list might fit in; this is as they don’t create several litters a year.

Contact Details:

OwnerJo Morris
AddressWilliamsburg, Michigan
AKC RegisteredYes, Sold with limited AKC registration only
Phone Number(231) 342-9671
FacebookChocklabs Kennels

9.     Mother Pupper Labradors

Mother Pupper Labradors

With more than 10 years of experience in producing quality Labrador Retriever pups, Mother Pupper Labradors produces Labrador Retrievers with excellent personalities and health while in the procedure improving their breeding program.

All their breeding dogs experience tests and research and are licensed free from the four most likely illnesses to affect the Labradors. They have OFA for elbows, OFA for hips and eyes, and EIC.

Their pups are introduced to individuals (both adults and children) of varying ages and being introduced to numerous textures as well as sounds, permitting them to easily adapt to their new families.

All their dogs are AKC registered. If you do, however. “Something truly extraordinary about Mother Pupper Labradors is the strong research being done to create top-quality Labrador Retriever pups,” says a happy customer.

Contact Details:

OwnerNiki Banger
Breeder SinceOver 10 years
AddressGrandville, Michigan
AKC RegisteredYES, Sold with limited AKC Registration
Phone Number(616) 836-5946
FacebookMother Pupper Labrador

10.   Redwood English Labradors

Redwood English Labradors 1

Another Trustworthy breeder takes up number 10 spot on this list of the best Labrador Retriever breeders Michigan. Redwood English Labradors holds its roots back to 2009. They have been devoted to breeding healthy AKC standard yellow, chocolate, as well as black Labrador pups that show great cleverness and superior attractiveness.

All their puppies are bred with affection, because they are showered with affection, care, and consideration from their births till being moved to their new homes. They are also well socialized with by children and adults and are given the very best possible start. It’s clear that each pup won’t have a difficult time fitting to its new family.

They make sure that each adult dog is well-loved, trained, as well as healthy, treating them like family members, not just pets. They appropriately exercise both Labrador puppies and adults to guarantee that they aren’t bulky.

All breeding dogs are carefully added through extensive study and testing. They are all licensed free from health issues affecting hips, elbows, as well as eyes. This is all done to make sure that each Labrador pup is spectacular, healthy, and smart.

Their focus is generally on quality, not quantity. Because of this reason, they only create some litters a year. A nonrefundable payment of $500 would be essential to reserve a place on their waiting list.

Contact Details:

OwnerDan Wood and Savannah Wood
Breeder Since2009
AddressSheridan, Michigan
AKC RegisteredYes, Sold with limited AKC Registration
Phone Number(989) 763-5955
FacebookRedwood English Labradors

11.   Hearthstone Labradors


Hearthstone Labradors are situated on a large property in West Michigan, where their Labrador pups can play. All their pups are produced with the purpose of giving families stunning quality pups with sound personalities, great conformation, and exceptional health.

To guarantee that each litter is healthy, all their breeding canines are selected from excellent proven quality lines with outstanding pedigrees. They experience numerous health tests and are licensed free from elbows, hips, as well as eyes.

To guarantee that each pup is of sound personality, they are well socialized. This is done by guaranteeing they interact and are controlled by individuals of varying ages comprising kids and adults of several races. They are also permitted to intermingle with other animals.

All their pups have raised to be happy canines that make excellent service dogs and hunters, but especially, the best family dogs. They are easy to train because they are smart and possess a willingness to please.

They also go with a 3-year health assurance that sets them free from any hereditary health problems that affect the eyes, elbows, as well as hips. All their dogs are sold on limited AKC registrations.  Besides, each goes with the copy of the parents’ AKC documents, health clearances, as well as puppy food.

To buy a pup, you would have to fill out a questionnaire because it helps them see you better. A payment of $500 would also be necessary to be on their waiting; however, a Hearthstone Labrador Retriever puppy goes for $2200.

Contact Details:

OwnerJenna McPeck
Breeder SinceN/A
AddressDorr, Michigan
AKC RegisteredYes, Sold with limited AKC registration only
Phone Number(615) 915-8391
FacebookHearthstone Labradors

My Top Choices

All Labrador Retriever breeders Michigan on this list are quite prevalent and have obtained a status for producing high-quality Labs. However, two breeders call out to me.

Mother Pupper Labradors are one of these two. The health of their Labradors is their greatest priority and their consideration to detail when choosing the right dog for their program is quite inspiring.

Another top choice for me personally would be the gorgeous mother-daughter combination that is Tall Pine Labradors. Yet again, I’m a lover of family-owned Lab breeders.

Their breeding plan is quite standard, doing extensive investigation and tests on each dog to be added to the breed. One more interesting feature of their breeding program is the point that they do Early Neurological Stimulation on all their Labrador retriever pups.


How much time do you have to spend with your Labrador retriever?

Some dogs will perform better with more alone time compared to others. That said, for a general recommendation, dogs should get minimum two hours of keen social time with people or other dogs daily.

What is the maximum pups of Labrador retriever?

In an average litter, Labrador Retrievers can give 5 to 10 puppies, based on size, age, well-being, diet, and hereditary diversity.

Final Thoughts

All Labrador Retriever breeders Michigan are popular. They are all trustworthy and have produced the best Labradors out there.

Still, do your research before getting a healthy Labrador. Always ask for their health documentations and clearances as frequently as you can, get through their test proceedings and ask about the type of feed they have been offered right from their birth. This is mainly significant as it helps you in determining what to feed them.

Labrador Retrievers are quite gorgeous and could allure you with their eyes, still avoid and decrease the enticement to overfeed your Labrador, as it creates a lot of health dangers, In addition, make sure you frequently exercise them.

Please ensure that you love and care as all pooches deserve. Always, stay safe, drink plenty of water and stay keen to dogs.

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