10 Best Most Responsible Labrador Retriever Breeders In Virginia


Do you want to find Labrador retriever breeders in Virginia? Then, look no further,  you are at the right place. In this guide, we will discuss the top Labrador retriever breeders in Virginia that you can reach and become a Labrador retriever pup owner.

Top 10 Labrador retriever breeders in Virginia

1.     Mountain View Champions

Mountain View Champions

Starting our list of the top Labrador Retriever breeders in Virginia, we have Mountain View Champions. Even though they are new, they create high-quality Labrador Retriever pups of numerous colors, that make excellent family pets and are bred by following the breed standards. Their Labrador Retriever pups make outstanding family dogs, service, as well as work dogs.

All dogs in their vigorous breeding plan come from championed lineages with inspiring pedigrees to match. They are cautiously selected depending upon their health and character and are well-checked for hereditary health blemishes that could prove detrimental to the Labrador Retriever pups.

Each breeding dog is licensed free of elbow dysplasia, they also have their eyes health checked by a certified vet. All Labrador Retriever pups from Mountain View champions are kept on 80 acres. They are permitted to socialize with individuals of different ages and are also presented with a wide range of sounds, textures, as well as sights to aid them in adjusting to new surroundings.

Each Lab pup from Mountain View Champion is traded on limited AKC registration; they go through regular health checks to a certified vet where they get their consistent deworming and inoculations. They each have their nails trimmed and are fed with high-quality dog food.

Contact Details

OwnerCaleb Jacks
Breeder Since2018
LocationMontvale, Virginia
Phone Number(540) 685-3145

2.     Longmeadow Labradors


Longmeadow Labradors are trustworthy breeders of top-quality Labrador Retriever pups of the standard yellow, black, as well as chocolate fur colors. They breed Labs according to the breed standards fixed by the AKC.

Their focus on Lab pups is the athleticism, personality, and conformation. All their breeding canines come from championed lines with remarkable pedigrees. They are carefully genetically checked as they are confirmed to be free from hereditary health issues.

All Labrador Retriever pups are raised in a clean and comfy kennel that is temperature-controlled. They are fed high-quality dog food and are permitted to interact with individuals of varying ages.

Each pup is AKC recorded and is sold on limited registration. Complete AKC registration is given but some circumstances have to be met. The Lab pups are appropriately checked by a vet, have their vaccination records up-to-date, come with health assurance, and are Microchipped.

Contact Details

OwnerMary A. Foley
Breeder SinceMore than 10 years
LocationKing George, Virginia
Phone Number(973) 634-4246
FacebookLongmeadow Labradors

3.     Cameron Mtn Labradors

Cameron Mtn Labradors

Cameron Mtn Labradors was founded by Becky as well as Marc Hofmann in 2011. They produce many AKC-registered Labrador Retriever pups of coat colors. The key focus of the breeder is the conformation, personality, and cleverness of the litter.

Each breeding dog comes from championed bloodlines full of hunt and show masters. Their dogs are well-socialized and grow up to become outstanding hunt and show dogs. Every parent is health checked via hereditary testing and each holds their hips as well as elbows licensed by the OFA. As well as experiencing yearly eye tests.

The Labrador Retriever pups are kept on a huge property in Gordonsville, Virginia where they get excess love and attention from the family. They are permitted to socialize with other pets and exposed to numerous sights.

Each pup is AKC recorded and raised and goes with a 1-year health assurance. Each has received their complete vaccinations and deworming protocol.

Contact Details

OwnerBecky and Marc Hofmann
Breeder Since2011
LocationGordonsville, Virginia
Phone Number(540) 832-2326
FacebookCameron Mtn Labradors

4.     Piney Creek Labradors


This breeder resides in the State of Virginia. Originating in 1996, Piney Creek is building a decent status as a producer of top-quality Labrador Retriever pups of English type with fur colors yellow, fox red, black, as well as chocolate.

Every pup is offered state-of-the-art treatment. They produce many champions in obedient rings as well as agility rallies. Their Labrador Retriever pups make excellent hunt dogs and outstanding family companions. They like appropriate socialization right from birth. Each Labrador is exposed to an extensive range of sounds and sights to aid in boosting socialization.

All pups are tested for hereditary health imperfections that would prove detrimental to the Labrador Retriever pups. Each breeding dog also has their hip, plus elbows tested and cleared by the OFA and has its eyes checked by a registered vet.

Each puppy goes with a written health assurance free from hereditary health issues and with their restricted AKC registration papers.

Contact Details

OwnerJoanne Osborne
Breeder Since1996
LocationCrewe, Virginia
Phone Number(434) 292-9960
FacebookPiney Creek Labradors

5.     Retrievers of Hillside Farms

Retrievers of Hillside Farms

The Retrievers of Hillside Farms are happy breeders of top-quality Labrador Retriever pups. Established in 2009, they have devoted more than ten years and additional valued resources to their breeding plan, raising chocolate lab puppies, and black Labs that make excellent family pets.

The facility is situated on a property of above 200 acres. There’s more than sufficient room for each Labrador dog to play and be their pleased little selves. They are raised in frequently cleaned, temperature-controlled kennels where they are watched all day.

Each pup is offered the best in puppy food, they are fed supplements to increase their immunity and are well socialized permitting interactions with people of different ages.

They boast a breeding line because they go everywhere in search of top-quality dogs to be selected for their breeding program. Their line consists of championed, titled canines with remarkable pedigrees.

All parent canines experience genetic health checks and are all licensed by the OFA. They also have healthy hearts as cleared by certified professionals.

Every Labrador pup from this breeder is AKC registered and available on limited AKC registration to guard the breed. They are dewormed and immunized appropriately and each has up-to-date records. They are also Microchipped.

Contact Details

OwnerTrey Smith
Breeder Since2009
LocationVictoria, Virginia
Phone Number(434) 321-.3306

6.     Blue Ridge Lane Labrador Retrievers

Blue Ridge Lane Labrador Retrievers

Blue Ridge Lane Labrador Retrievers create both imported European Labs and Normal English Labs of yellow, chocolate, as well as black colors. Their pups are well-socialized with decent personalities and a high level of cleverness.

This is done through their breeding technique which includes the in-home growing of the Labrador Retriever pups. From birth, the puppies get love and attention; they are permitted to mingle with individuals of many age groups and other pets.

The key focus in their breed plan is health because they prioritize the health of pups as well as the mum. Their breeding line has championed show dogs as well as hunters with perfect pedigrees associated with them.

Each Labrador Retriever experiences health checks for hereditary defects. They also obtain their hips and elbows licensed by the OFA and have their eyes verified by CERF and their heart examined by a certified vet.

Every Labrador dog is AKC registered, they are traded on limited AKC registration and are appropriately checked by a certified vet. They are dewormed as well as vaccinated.

Contact Details

OwnerNancy Weber
Breeder SinceOver 10 years
LocationBoston, Virginia
Phone Number(540) 222-5034, (540) 729-5766
FacebookBlue Ridge Lane Labrador Retrievers

7.     CiaoBella Labrador Retrievers

CiaoBella Labrador Retrievers

CiaoBella Labrador Retrievers produce therapy Lab puppies that make excellent companions, therapy dogs, sports dogs, campus canine ambassadors, and service dogs. All their Labrador Retrievers pups have decent temperaments and intelligence.

Their breeding plan is concentrated on improving the health, personality, and cleverness of each litter. The breeding dogs are picked from very remarkable lines with very notable pedigrees.

They are health checked and licensed to be free from hereditary conditions and each has the desirable hip and elbow guarantees from OFA along with eye clearance from CERF.

All pups are kept on a 28-acre property where they receive love and care. To become excellent service dogs, they go through crucial training. Socialization is a topmost priority for CiaoBella Labradors because each Lab is permitted to socialize with individuals and pets and be exposed to a wide variety of practices and inspirations. They go through Early Neurological Stimulation between days 3-16.

Contact Details

OwnerSybille and Mark Nelson
Breeder Since2009
LocationTroutville, Virginia
Phone Number(540) 529-9532
FacebookCiaoBella Labrador Retrievers

8.     Cresthill Kennels

Cresthill Kennels

Cresthill Kennels was established in 1998. They produce excellent Labrador Retriever pups that have made outstanding participants in hunt tests and show events all over the country. The puppies created by Cresthill Kennels are of fur colors yellow, black, as well as chocolate.

Their breeding plan is quite vigorous as they only work with lineages that are considered ‘top-notch’. Their breeding dogs are championed hunt as well as show dogs. Each of their breeding dogs undergoes hereditary testing for PRA, SD, RD, as well as CNM.

All breeding canines are OFA licensed to have healthy hips and elbows, and their eyes are also examined by certified vets.

Socialization is a priority for them as each puppy is permitted to intermingle with individuals of many age groups.

Every puppy goes with a health guarantee, they are appropriately health checked by a certified vet, have their vaccination and deworming records up-to-date, and are microchipped.

Contact Details

OwnerWendy Bonello
Breeder Since1998
LocationWoodford, Virginia
Phone Number(540)226-9595, (540) 419-7483
FacebookCresthill Kennels

9.     Lakobie Labs

Lakobie Labs

Taking up the 9th spot on our list of the most reputable Labrador Retriever breeders in Virginia, we have Lakobie Labs. They have enjoyed endless popularity since they were established in 2005. With more than 15 years of experience, they have earned a status for breeding black Labrador Retriever pups.

Their pups are of sound personality and health because they are bred according to the standards set by the AKC. Their breeding canines hail from a long line of titled dogs. They each experience DNA testing to make sure that they do not have health defects. The pups are OFA licensed for hips, elbows, as well as heart and experience an annual CERF test.

Every pup is kept in the family home where they receive the love and attention they deserve. They relish appropriate socialization and are given high-quality dog food. They are also exposed to a wide range of sights, sounds, as well as textures and are permitted to mingle with several people and pets.

The pups are sold on restricted AKC registrations, they are carefully checked by a certified professional. All pups are dewormed and inoculated and each is microchipped.

Contact Details

OwnerJunius and Janet Saunders
Breeder Since2005
LocationRoanoke, Virginia
Phone Number(540) 400-1775
FacebookLakobie Labs

10.    Winding Creek Labrador Retrievers

Winding Creek Labrador Retrievers

Firstly a family of farmers, Winding Creek Labrador Retrievers have devoted time and resources to breed good quality Labrador Retriever pups that make outstanding family pets, hunt pooches, service dogs, medical dogs, and work dogs.

With more than 10 years of breeding experience, they can develop a robust breeding line including AKC champions in show events and hunt masters. All their parent dogs go through DNA testing. They are each licensed by OFA for hips, elbows, as well as hearts and each experiences the standard CERF tests.

Every Labrador pup is kept in the family home where they play and interact with the family. They are fed good quality food and are offered supplements. On safe days, all puppies are taken on walks and are introduced to new sights, and feel new surfaces as well as textures to have them to be happy in any situation.

Each puppy is sold on limited AKC registration, they go with a 26-month health guarantee free from hereditary health issues, have their deworming as well as vaccination records up-to-date, and are microchipped.

Contact Details

Breeder SinceOver 10 years
LocationShenandoah Valley, Virginia
Phone Number(540) 476-1292


Which Color Labrador retriever is best?

When it comes to the top Labrador color, the common rule among the world is that black color is good, yellow suitable, but chocolate is firmly for the show events. Black color has always been the leading color in the shooting field.

Which Labrador retriever color is rare?

White, red, as well as silver are the rarest Labrador fur colors. In the meantime, chocolate, yellow, as well as black Labradors are more common.

Final verdict 

The State of Virginia has created top-quality Labrador Retriever breeders. All of them on the list above are trustworthy, they have produced many great quality Labrador dogs for several families in Virginia.

Their devotion and care for the Labs are truly worthy and as such, they have numerous spots on this list. So, my top choice from this list would be the CiaoBella Labradors. With their breeding plan, they show the world the significance of this breed to our daily lives. Bottom of Form

The consideration of Early Neurological Stimulation on all pups to boost socialization is amazing and their loyalty to the health sector is inspiring. I highly suggest you perform detailed personal research on all Labrador retriever breeders in Virginia before selecting to work with them. 

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