Top 11 Labrador Retriever Breeders Wisconsin: (Comprehensive Guide)


If you are looking for Labrador Retriever breeders Wisconsin, then we realize the struggles of finding a trustworthy breeder. In the end, the number of puppy mills needs more research now to preclude you from unintentionally supporting them.

If you are looking for a Labrador Retriever friend, then you perhaps know how exceptional this dog breed is. Our list of Labrador retriever breeders Wisconsin got you covered. This guide will help you take home a friend in no time.

List of Labrador retriever Breeders Wisconsin

1.     The Labrador Lodge


This is one of the best Labrador retriever breeders Wisconsin for healthy Labs that are bred with plenty of experience. This Lab breeder has been in the industry for 35 years, and they have bred other dog breeds, as well. They have piles of experience in liable breeding, and they are fervent about making healthy Lab puppies that have great traits.

These dogs can be utilized as service canines, they can be loving pets, and they can even be skilled as hunting canines. These are good-looking dogs that like swimming, and they have hunting experiences once they are being entertained. This means that the Lab puppy that you buy from this breeder will be ready to have countless fun with you as well as your family.

The Labrador Lodge also runs a training business; thus, you can count on Lab pups that have been controlled with skill and that are ready to be your new companion. You can select between different colors of this dog once you work with this dog breeder, and you will only need to put down a realistic deposit to buy a dog.

Lab pups are sent to new owners with their dew claws detached and with their puppy vaccines. They will also give a 2-year hip warranty with ease dog. Labrador puppies are also given a vet examination, and they are dewormed, too.

Breeder Details

OwnerTodd & Michelle
Year founded or number of years breedingMore than 35 years
LocationHortonville, Wisconsin
Phone NumberN/A
FacebookThe Labrador Lodge

2.      Dutch Acres Labradors


This is a very trustworthy breeder that has been in the industry for more than twenty years. They have almost 65 acres where they run their canines while training, and you can get a friend dog here or a hunting dog.

The dogs are health tested to ensure that they are going to have an outstanding life with their new owners, and they are affectionately socialized. This breeder ensures that all of their litters are intended very cautiously and that all Lab pups are vaccinated and have a health check.

You can get a partial registration with all pups for the AKC; however, they do provide breeding animals with complete AKC registration after a cautious selection procedure. This is a great option if you need to work with an expert and devoted breeder who is passionate about their work.

Breeder Detail                                                                                                                                 

Year founded or number of years breedingFor 26 plus years
Location​Portage, Wisconsin
Phone Number(608) 697-0295
FacebookDutch Acres Labradors

3.     Balsam Brand Labradors Kennels


This breeding program provides dogs that are bred for hunting as well as working; however, that can be ideal for pet homes, too. This is an excellent choice if you need to know about your Lab breeder before you choose a Labrador puppy, and you will like that the canines bred here are visible to several new experiences before they are led to their new homes.

This breeder produces Fox Red Labradors, which are very gorgeous and which are perfect for hunting as well as competition. This breeder also contains enough land to take Lab puppies out to train for hunting, and several pheasants on the property are utilized for training older dogs.

This breeder confirms their dogs as being free of health illnesses that can be common for this dog, and they also pay attention to the puppy’s first shots, vaccines, as well as health checks before Lab pups are sent to their new homes. If you are seeking a quality dog with a great personality and is healthy, this is the right Lab breeder to select to work with.

Breeder Details

Number of years breeding30 plus  years
LocationBalsam Lake, Wisconsin
Phone Number(715) 554-4822
FacebookBalsam Branch Kennel

4.     Thunder Labradors


This is one of the best Labrador retriever breeders in the state. You will like access to Labrador puppies cautiously chosen for their health and outstanding genetics to prevent health difficulties for this breed. This Lab breeder focuses on high dogs that can be considered for hunting and field trials; however, they also release Lab pups to pet homes.

This Lab breeder takes the time to entertain all their pups, and they also provide screening for genetic sicknesses and other common harms. You can be sure of a dog that is ready for your family to have amusement with. You will relish that you can trust this Lab breeder to have taken the time to confirm that their canines are so well-set in every way.

This Labrador breeder provides black, yellow, as well as chocolate puppies; thus, you can deal with the waitlist for whichever shade you choose. This is not common to other dog breeders; therefore, this is the right site to shop for a Labrador pup that is a definite color.

This is the right Labrador retriever breeder to pick for an all-in-one process to get your puppy and for glad and healthy pooches that come with outstanding health promises.

Breeder Details

OwnerRichard & Mirella Spike
Breeder Since1994
LocationBusseyville, Wisconsin
Phone Number(608) 212-7799
FacebookThunder Labradors

5.     Jungle Lake Labradors


This breeder delivers puppies in numerous coat colors, and this breeder also breed field thoroughbred dogs and English Labradors. This very talented and careful breeder works with owners cautiously to count on getting the pooch they have been seeking.

You will see that this breeder takes pride in their performance, and their pups are wisely produced through crosses resulting from years of experience.

All puppies are confirmed as healthy and are only permitted to go to new households once they have been vaccinated, socialized, and wormed to be prepared. This Labrador retriever breeder does not eliminate dew claws and permits owners to decide if this is the right breed. Puppies are sent with a parents’ health assurance as well, and they offer 100% breeder support. If you have problems with your dog for any reason, you can talk to the breeder, and they will aid in making the condition right for everybody involved.

This very liable breeder takes the time to offer well-bred and healthy Labrador puppies to the individuals on their waiting list. This breeder is also outstanding at educating new owners.

Breeder Details

LocationCrandon, Wisconsin
Phone Number(715) 370-6046
FacebookJungle Lake Labradors

6.     South Fork Retrievers


This abrader breeder produces hunting dog litter; however, they care very much about trainability and personality. They are alert that numerous people will need to have a dog that is a friend first and a working mate second; thus, they take the time to offer dogs that can do both tasks with comfort.

These dogs grow in an atmosphere full of affection and care and are uncovered to all kinds of required stimuli and training at an early age. Labrador Puppies are sent to new homes with vaccinations, worming, as well as health certification.

The parents are also tested for common hereditary defects; thus, you can feel guaranteed that your Labrador will not develop these common sicknesses. This is a very liable and involved breeder that produces litters of canines that can work hard; however, dogs make outstanding family friends and companion animals.

Breeder Details

OwnerHelena and Ryan
Number of years breeding15 plus years
LocationTrevor, Wisconsin
Phone Number(847) 833-5632
FacebookSouthfork Retrievers

7.     Bird Crazy Gun Dogs


This breeder produces quality hunting dogs, and their pups go together with a 3-year health warranty and screenings for all the common Lab health issues. These canines are only sent to new homes when a vet has examined them, and they are vaccinated properly, wormed, and given limited AKC record-keeping.

The Labrador puppies bred in this place are all provided socialization work; however, also are visible to common hunting skills. This means that if you are buying a dog you will have as a pet, that pup will have revealed many things before they are prepared to be free to go. This makes for cool and trainable canines ready to flourish in any condition.

This family breeding setup stands behind their pups, and they provide warranties and puppy preparation before they are sent to customers. The dogs are also bred for old-style lab traits, such as blocky heads, shorter limbs, and deep chests.

You can also be sure of this breeder for lodging and full-service care of grown-up dogs. This is a very experienced and expert breeder who can aid you with all of your Lab desires. If you are a new Lab owner, you will have an excellent time working with this Lab breeder for your next dog.

Breeder Details

Owner Steve & Amy Pappas
LocationPortage, Wisconsin
Phone Number(608) 581-9156

8.     Zig Zags Pointing Labs


This breeder focuses on Pointing Labs, which make brilliant hunting dogs. They are great companion canines, and this breeder has created the best pedigrees you can get for this kind of pooch.

You will like that your pup will be confirmed as free from common health defects once you work with this dog breeder, and you will also buy a puppy that has been wisely bred for its physical character and looks.

This is a breeding program; thus, pups are well-socialized and more than prepared to flourish in pet and competition homes. This lab breeder will cooperate with you if you need to get a breeding dog; however, this needs an approval procedure.

You will adore how responsible and kind this breeder is and will need a great experience once you work with them.

Breeder Details

OwnerTim & Charity Zeigler
LocationWeyauwega, Wisconsin
Phone Number715-412-3549

9.     Kohler Creek Labradors


This breeder produces healthy and happy Labrador puppies that are ready for their new homes once it comes time to select them. Puppies are sent at seven weeks with all vaccinations, worming, as well as vet certification.

All of the dogs here are appropriately socialized and prepared to move into new families. These dogs are confirmed as clear of common Labrador health illnesses, and they are also observed at for eye defects by a board-qualified ophthalmologist. These canines are EIC clear, PRA clear, plus dilute gene clear.

This breeder is great to work with if you need to guarantee that the breeder will stand behind the furry friends they create and if you need a very healthy dog.

Breeder Details

OwnerJackie Hess
Breeder Since1995
LocationFredonia, Wisconsin
Phone Number(414) 588-3227

10. Winter Valley Labs


This breeder allows you to get a white Labrador puppy, a fox red lab, a black lab, a chocolate, and an English lab. You can trust that this Labrador retriever breeder is careful while crossing each litter to keep the pups healthy. This dog breeder provides limited AKC cataloging with their puppies, too.

This experienced breeder provides a unique combination of different fur patterns and licensed and well-behaved puppies before they are released to new homes. You will also like working with this dog breeder, as they are very knowledgeable. This Lab breeder generates animals for research and the show ring, and they ensure that their dogs have the right nature to be impeccable for pet homes, too.

Breeder Details

LocationHatley, Wisconsin
Phone Number715-432-9683
Facebook-Winter Valley Labrador Retrievers

11. Waterdog Specialities Kennel


Patti and Doug Kennedy this breeder. In 1973, Doug Kennedy initiated training Labrador retrievers for field trials as well as hunting. It didn’t take time for his interest to gradually evolve into a desire. He started breeding Labs for sale in Wisconsin in around 1981. He hasn’t stopped since.

This breeder creates natural hunters with dignity and discipline. Their breeding standard is completely OFA and CERF approved to confirm their dogs are free of inherited abnormalities. Each Lab puppy also comes with a recognized 30-month medical guarantee against genomic abnormalities.

LocationWaukesha Wisconsin
Phone Number+1 262-544-1938
AddressS40 W28188 Hwy. 59 Waukesha, WI 53189

How to Find the Best Labrador Retriever Breeders Wisconsin?

If you are not assured how to vet out dog breeders when you are seeking a puppy, you have to know a bit more about how to know breeder quality. There are common aspects that all skilled and responsible breeders will share. Once you know what to seek, you can easily govern the honesty of a breeder that you are seeing communicating about a puppy.

Using this list of factors will aid you in learning about a Labrador breeder and get a good clue of whether or not they recognize what they are doing. This is significant to do when you learn about a Lab breeder, even if you have been stated about them depending upon word of mouth. 

Not every Lab breeder provides the same advantages either; thus, even if they see what they are doing, they still will not be a worthy fit for your requirements. Part of being assured that you are working with a great breeder is being guaranteed that you know what you are seeking in a Lab puppy. 

When guaranteed what type of dog you need, you will also have a great time finding the best Labrador Retriever breeder for your desires.

1.      Check on the Puppy Policy

Puppy strategies are a key feature of an expert breeder’s industry plan. You must be able to discover the puppy plan right and look at what specifics are incorporated in the puppy policy. 

This might comprise the age that they send the canines they have bred, the vaccines as well as worming that can be done, and the registration assistances that you have contact with. This puppy strategy should also comprise information about the health assurances given to pups. You must be assured that your pooch will be certified to be healthy.

2.      Confirm That Parents Are Health Certified

Parents at a quality Lab breeder will be health-licensed and tested to be free of genetic faults. This is a critical task that all Labrador breeders should do to confirm that they are breeding healthy canines. You will have to select not to work with any Lab breeder that does not do this required step in the breeding procedure.

3.      Socialization and Supervision

All breeders will refer to the work done to organize puppies to be prepared to head to new households. Socialization must be a great part of how pups are ready to be released to new homes, and several breeders will also mention what type of handling they are offering their dogs once they are pups. 

Family breeding programs might comprise information regarding how the family cooperates with pups, and kennel breeders will describe how the staff controls new puppies. This is an important part of buying a puppy that is happy to go to a new house, and you must be anxious if you do not see any info about this on the Lab breeder’s website.

4.      Verify Reviews

One of the great ways to see what other individuals have experienced with a Lab breeder is to read reviews. You need to think that all businesses will have a few negative connections detailed in reviews; however, if most reviews are positive, then you must feel like this Labrador breeder cares about clients. 

You will have to check out some different review sites to be guaranteed that you get a good clue about the performance of this Labrador retriever breeder.


Is a Labrador retriever a good first dog?

Together with the golden retriever, the Labrador is deliberated a classic first-time pooch, mainly for families. Their kind yet fun-loving traits make them good playmates for kids and for adults, as well. They are highly smart and keen to please, which makes training labs easy, even for unproven owners.

Which Labrador breed is best?

The English Labradors, as well as American Labradors, can be categorized as either hunting dogs or show dogs. These Labrador dogs are frequently sociable, responsible, friendly, and lively, and they love being around persons. They are used as a service as well as companion dogs.

Final verdict 

When you want a Labrador Retriever, you must look into these best Labrador Retriever breeders Wisconsin. They are all experts at what they do and give healthy, glad dogs, and ready to go to new homes. 

You will have a great purchasing experience when you select from these breeders; however, if you look at other dog breeders not on this checklist, you need to consider our tips about finding the best breeder for your requirements. Buying a dog from an expert breeder matters, and you must be assured that you are not working with a dog breeder that is not a good option for your desires.

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