How to Draw a Bernese Mountain Dog? 9 Easy Steps


In this blog on how to draw a Bernese mountain dog? you’ll learn the drawing method in 9 easy steps – best for children and novice artists. The images will also represent each step involved in this drawing blog.

How to Draw a Bernese Mountain Dog? 9 Best Steps 

Step 1 

01 1

Start drawing from the head! This will look difficult; however, it’s only some lines. Initially, begin with a bent dome for the upper side of the head; after that, do a slight straight line down and then to the left. Then draw the following line down, and curve it in the back direction to create the chin. Place a tiny raindrop directly above the chin to create the mouth and make the lips.

Step 2


Then allocate two circles for your dog’s eyes and a triangle having curved boundaries for the nose. The triangle bottom must have a line down to encounter the top of the tear-drop outline you drew previously, creating the lips. Place 2 circles in the triangle, and the nose is completed!

Step 3


Next, draw two lines to generate the outline of the face. The primary will begin at the upper part of the head and arch down to the angle between the eye as well as the nose. The following line starts close to the top of the head, too, curves near the eye, then doodle to some extent before joining the lips. After that, the ear is drawn by creating an extensive U shape having a fold at the bottom.

Step 4


Before drawing the front limb and paw, initially make a wavy, rounded line that begins at the forward-facing of the chin and ends down to generate a foot. Then draw a whack shape with shrill toes to create the shape; then, add small rounded lines at the bottommost to draw the dog’s toes. Put a wavy line above the dog’s toes too!

Step 5


Then for your dog’s chest! Bernese Mountain dog puppies have a large fuzzy covering of fur on their chests; thus, draw a wavy line that begins in the mid of your ear and goes down to join the foot. After that, curve it back up to meet the line overhead the foot.

Step 6


Now I will draw the second front leg. Generate a sock shape having an extensive top. Draw curved lines to create the toes, plus a wavy line over the toes to generate the coat pattern. Ensure the back line of the foot curves near the back; thus, the leg seems big!

Step 7


Next, draw the back as well as the abdomen. The back is finished with a line that bends twice, initially down, after that back up to generate a smooth back, then goes down again to make the rear. The tummy is drawn with one slightly curving line that travels up and to the rear.

Step 8


Then draw a limb that joins to the unfilled spaces you left! All lines will bend down to each other before generating a sock outline for the primary back leg. Ensure this rear foot is smaller compared to the front feet, then add little toes and a line overhead the toes just like you did before.

Step 9


One more sock form is added to generate the last foot, straight between the anterior and posterior limbs. Small curved lines generate the toes, plus a line overhead the foot creates the pattern in the coat. At that moment, you’ve drawn the Bernese mountain dog puppy!

What pooch is easy to draw?

Dogs that contain natural proportions, such as collies, shepherds, as well as retrievers, are among the easiest dogs to draw. These are excellent dog breeds to try drawing before you go to more uneven dogs like short-legged hounds, canines having extended or shortened muzzles, or heavily crumpled dogs.

Are Bernese easy dogs?

Well-known for being loving and good-natured, Bernese are supposed to be one of the least violent dogs towards people — making them outstanding family dogs. Because of their calm spirit and inclination to play, they are dazzling friends for young kids.


Can I draw a Bernese mountain dog quickly?

Yes, you can draw a Bernese mountain dog quickly by following the steps mentioned above.

How much time is required to draw a Bernese mountain dog puppy?

If you are trained at sketching, it will take forty to fifty minutes to draw a Bernese sketch. 

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