Great Dane Bernese Mountain Dog Mix: 9 Best features

Great Dane Bernese mountain dog

Great Dane Bernese Mountain Dog mix happens due to crossbreeding Great Dane as well as Bernese Mountain dog. Both dogs are affectionate, like pleasing their lovers and enjoying the consideration; they also have their transformations in that Great Danes are tenacious, but Berners are not. Continue reading to know whether this mix is appropriate for you or not.

Great Dane Bernese Mountain Dog Mix: History

Responsible breeders deliberately bred this mix in the 1990s, they occurred before that, however, primarily because of accidental breeding. This mix doesn’t have much history, but their parents can aid us to know this hybrid better.

Great Dane History

great dane

These dogs are frequently stated as the dogs’ Apollo. They are German. Predictably, the breed has occurred for above 400 years. German dignity raised mastiff-like canines to guard country lands and hunt boars, and they are the descendants of the Great Danes now. They served as notable estate and carriage protectors in the 18th century. Some other dogs could take down a boar; thus, they were also famous among the higher class for sporting aims.

In the 1800s, these dogs were resemblant to dogs we know nowadays were produced. But the breed is still stated as Great Dane in English-speaking while the Germans banned the name “Great Dane” and as an alternative called the dog “Deutsche Dogge,” which interprets as “German mastiff.”

In spite of their size, Great Danes have grown to be very prevalent among city residents who have them as family dogs to scare away crooks.

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy History


A Berner first appeared near the Swiss city of Berne, which allows its name. Their descendants came to the region a lot of years ago, and amid other dogs, they are ancestors of Roman mastiffs. 

Bernese mountain dogs were used to watch ranches, drive animals, and pull carts. Because machines controlled much of their task, the breed’s approval began to disappear near the end of the around 1800s.

In the 20th century, Berners arrived in America. The American Kennel Club stated the dog to be a standard breed. They presently rank among the prevalent dog breeds in America.

Size And Appearance

Bernese Mountain Great Dane mix has a height of around 26 to 32 inches and a weight of approximately 120 to 170 lbs. They can also hold droopy or straight ears based on the parent dog they inherit from. These dogs will have a robust frame similar to the Great Dane.

Some Great Dane mixed with Bernese Mountain Dog will contain a double coat, whereas others will contain a single coat. The fur length is average that frequently shed during the year.

Great Dane Mixed with Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Temperament

This mix is brave, friendly, and keen. You can assume a Great Dane as well as a Bernese Mountain Dog mix to have a Bernese Mountain love towards kids and the inflexibility of a Great Dane.

They need socialization as puppies to control destructive activities that can be difficult to control in adulthood. Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with Great Dane enjoys kindness and will be unhappy if left alone for a long time.

Grooming Needs 

Whether the fur is long or short, you will need to brush it regularly. If the fur is long, grooming can also be essential. Investing in a decent vacuum cleaner can aid in removing hair from your house. To stop eliminating the skin’s natural oils, you must bathe your dog every six weeks. Cut the nails, brush his teeth often, and clean his ears frequently to keep your pooch in good shape.

Exercise Requirements

This active hybrid requires regular exercise. You can exercise your dog through hikes, physical exercises, and mental as well as physical games. They need roughly 30–60-minute exercise every day.

Bernese Mountain Dog Great Dane Mix Training

This mix can be easy or difficult to train based on the parent dog they inherit. If he receives traits from the Great Dane dog, he can be difficult to train; however, if he inherits more from the Berner parent, you can train him easily.


Several times diet is done for each dog. Each dog is exceptional and contains different nutritional necessities. Most dogs in America are obese. This hybrid dog can get hip and elbow dysplasia. So, a good diet should be given to prevent health disorders. 

Great Dane Mixed with Bernese Mountain Dog Health

Yet Great Dane mixed with Bernese Mountain Dog is a strong dog. This mix can have health issues inherited from the dog’s parents, such as:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Osteosarcoma
  • Epilepsy
  • Cardiomyopathy, 
  • Cardiac Problems
  • Eye Issues

Bernese Mountain Dog Great Dane Mix Puppy Cost

Great Dane mixed with Bernese Mountain Dog puppy can cost approximately $500 to $1000 from a trustworthy breeder. You can also have these pups from shelters as well as rescue homes at a good price.

How long do Great Dane mixed with Bernese Mountain Dogs live?

These dogs are loving and enthusiastic, with a normal lifespan of approximately 12-15 years. Although they can shed temperately, their fur is hypoallergenic. This makes these dogs great for individuals who are allergic to canines. This hybrid dog breed is great for children, as several Bernese Mountain dog mixes.

Are Great Danes good family dogs?

Great Danes are huge, active canines that require a lot of space to explore. A house having a large orchard for them to roam essential, and they are not suitable for apartment living. Due to their size, these dogs might not make great pets if you have young kids due to the risk of hitting them over.


Q: What is a Sheparnese dog?

The Euro Mountain Sheparnese is a mixed breed of German Shepherd as well as the Bernese Mountain Dog. This mix is an up-to-date designer dog planned as a companion pooch and does not contain a long and famous history.

Q: Do Great Danes howl a lot?

As a whole, Great Danes don’t bark too much. They might alert their owners to outsiders outside the home or rare circumstances; however, with appropriate training to dampen barking as puppies, this dog is not known to get loud habits.

Q: Are blue Great Danes uncommon?

Blue Great Danes are not excessively rare, even though they are among the infrequently recognized colors. Some patterns, for example, blue harlequin, are deliberated rare; however, blue as a tint can be present in several Great Danes. Still, these dogs are different from common canines, and they might not be as typical as some additional coat colors, for instance, black.

Q: Are Great Danes anxious?

A Great Dane can be anxious when seeking kindness from you. Canines try to get our consideration when they want something from us. An attention-seeking dog will cry, howl, paw, or follow the owner everywhere to attain his attention.

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