Bernese Mountain Dog Goldendoodle Mix: Top 4 Amazing Features

Bernese Mountain Dog Goldendoodle

The Golden Mountain Doodle is among the designer dog industry’s newest and most recent fads. Besides, the Golden Mountain Doodle is a cross between 3 prevalent dog breeds: the Bernese Mountain Dog, Golden Retriever, and Poodle. It’s well-known for its characteristic tri-color coat containing various browns, whites, and blacks. Furthermore, the Bernese mountain dog Goldendoodle mix holds the coveted hypoallergenic as well as nonshedding qualities that arise from the Poodle.  

What most individuals like regarding the Golden Mountain Doodle is that it is an outcome of the higher qualities of the Doodle heredity. Such features make it a well-known family dog. Now. Let’s dive into detailed info regarding this breed. 

Bernese mountain dog Goldendoodle Mix: Breed Features

Golden Mountain Doodles aren’t just smart playmates; however, they are also very pretty dogs. They can have numerous different appearances depending upon what genes they receive most dominantly. However, chances are, your dog will at least contain some of the following qualities.

  • Straight, curly, and wavy hair having beautiful and natural ringlets.
  • The majority of Golden Mountain Doodles are tri-colored, having brown, black, as well as white shades creating their fluffy furs.
  • In size, these dogs might be similar to Golden Retrievers, weighing around 60-80 pounds and being almost two feet tall to the shoulder.
  • Their ears are similar to the Bernedoodle canines; small, floppy, and obscured beneath their coat.
  • Their bodies are strong and compact, making them astonishingly athletic.
  • These dogs contain bright almond-shaped- eyes as well as triangular noses, frequently hidden by the hair on their faces.

The Appearance

Golden Mountain Doodle appearance

The Golden Mountain Doodle is a lovely dog. They have a close similarity to the Goldendoodle, their companion. They seem sturdy with a robust body that grasps the dog’s frame effortlessly.

Soft silky fur further strengthens these attractive qualities. Some of them can have a solid tinted coat; however, the shades will rely on the particulars of the mix. Some dogs might have 2 or even 3 colors on the fur.

Golden Mountain Poodles contain several colors. But one of the leading ones being the dog breed is Merle, a patchwork of many spots as well as colors. They make the canine appear more attractive. 

Coat textures, as well as appearances, also differ. It is likely to get one dog with straight fur, whereas the rest in the litter contain curly ones. Though, whether straight or twisted, none of them sheds. The shedding will be negligible even if it occurs (for other reasons). This is the best news for dog fans who are sensitive to coat and hair. 

Still, the furs of Golden Mountain Poodles grow while the pups are still young. Numerous weeks after birth, one can easily differentiate between the fur colors and say whether the canine contains straight or curly hair. So, you do not need to wait long before determining the pup of your preference.


Golden Mountain Doodle Sizes

The Golden Mountain Poodle originates in 3 sizes: The Standard, the Average, and the Miniature. But the two most prevalent ones are the mini and standard. To start with, the Standard Golden Mountain Doodle is developed from a Bernedoodle as well as a Golden; both dogs can be of any size. Several dogs will weigh between 70 to 90 lbs. They can nurture up to 30 inches. Fascinating right?

The Mini Golden Mountain Doodle is a bit different. It comes from mixing the mini forms of both the Mini Bernedoodle as well as the Goldendoodle. They are lighter, weighing around 24 to 35 lbs. They will raise to 22 inches. 

Grooming Needs

These dogs have an attractive appearance. With diverse, beautiful characteristics and numerous coat colors, you are definite to find one that suits your needs. However, selecting them is one thing, and preparing them is one more. 

One of your vital responsibilities as a Golden Mountain Doodle owner is grooming and giving attention to their coat. To sustain a clean, good-looking, and healthy-coated pooch, you have to promise to everyday brushing. This is right for both the multi-color and solid-colored dog breeds. 

Along with brushing the coat daily, you will also need to visit an expert groomer frequently. Experts suggest it at least once each two months. After doing this, you must ensure that your dog is always hygienic and fights matting. 

Matts are the bumps that tie close to your dog’s skin. If left unrestricted, these mats can cause pain and affect your dog’s skin. So, it would be better to go for your dog only when you are in a situation to provide consistent grooming. 



While making these dogs, there is a perfect balance among the purebred dogs utilized in the mix. This does not just apply to appearance; it also drops down to nature. They are good family dogs. They are smart, friendly, and affectionate. They also create a good connection with kids. Better still, it is comparatively easy to train these dogs. 

Besides intelligence, the Golden Mountain Poodle is also faithful. Like the Golden Retriever, they are keen to gratify and will stop at nothing until they make you glad.

However, you must note that although they are sweet and calm, they can also become territorial. They will be caring, gong at everyone who risks their protection. But this is not an issue, as the pooch is notorious for adapting rapidly. This trait is suggestively exhibited through their exceptional behavior towards outsiders. 

They elaborate on playing outside as well. Yet, they still contain the laid-back characteristic common in Poodles. They will like cuddling on the sofa as much as playing outdoors.

How much will Bernese Mountain Dog Goldendoodle Mix cost, and where to find it?

As it’s a mixed breed, it’s significant that you find a trustworthy breeder and ensure your new dog is healthy and contains the best hereditary traits. There are only some breeders that are experts in the golden mountain doodle at once, meaning you’ll have to admit a long waiting period and a higher cost.

There’s a slight chance that you’ll get this canine as a rescue, as there are only a few of them. Even once they have vanished, they are shortly returned to their owners. But it’s probable to find a canine to rehome, and there are online people keen to have you in touch with individuals who can assemble for that to occur.

There are backyard dog breeders who you must stay away from. You don’t need to find yourself angry out of $3,000 (which is the distinctive price for a golden mountain doodle) to get a pooch with possible health problems that will cost you extra.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Bernedoodles be golden?

This gorgeous hybrid first came into being at SwissRidge Kennels in around 2013. An attractive chocolate Goldendoodle called Lazeeza, and a spectacular tri-colored bernedoodle called Henry were the honored parents of the world’s primary golden mountain doodle litter.

Q: What is the coolest Doodle?

The coolest Doodle mixes are dogs developed by crossing Poodles with highly laid-back dog breeds. For instance: The Maltipoo – a cross between Miniature or Toy Poodle as well as Maltese. On the other hand, the Cavapoo: A mix of Mini or Toy Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Q: Are Bernedoodles high anxiety?

Yes, Bernedoodles are highly likely to get separation anxiety as they get attached to their owners. Besides, a mini Bernedoodle can show these actions, and occasionally, even dog instructors find it challenging to handle this condition when it goes overboard.


From the info above, it appears that Golden Mountain Doodle is the best dog that is worth buying. They are recognized as friendly, smart, and kind and make outstanding family pets. They shed less and are hypoallergenic, best for those having allergies. If you want a dog, why not choose the Golden Mountain Poodle?

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