Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mix: 4 Main Characteristics  

Bernese Mountain Dog Husky

Bernese Mountain dog mixed with Husky is one of the exceptional Bernese Mountain Dog mixes. Besides, huskies have become very prevalent even in warm environments, and Husky mixes are exploding everywhere. What kind of canine is the Bernese Mountain Dog Husky mix? Let’s dive in to find this…

Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mix: History 


Similar to other mixes, Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with Husky doesn’t happen as its breed – just as a hybrid. It is a young one as well: usually, Huskies, as well as Bernese Mountain Dogs, have never been purely close. 

Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with Husky is one of the exceptional Bernese Mountain Dog mixes. You perhaps know it’s a pooch from anywhere up North; however, where precisely are they from?

Over the eras, these dogs became prevalent not just for their best skills in harness drawing. They are smart, hardworking, hilarious, friendly, and outgoing dogs. 



Similar to any mixed breed, once we talk about their appearance, the Husky Bernese Mountain Dog mix can take traits from both parent breeds. Berners are big dogs. A Berner male can reach up to 70 cm (27.5”) tall and weigh around 30kg-40kg.

A female Berner can reach up to 50 to 66cm and weigh around 22-30 kg. It’s a muscular, strong dog with a thick coat, with tricolored markings. 

Siberian Huskies are smaller compared to Berners. They can rise to 21 to 23.5 inches (males) and around 20 to 22 inches (female). 

Normal Siberian Husky body weight can reach 45 to 60 pounds (for males) and approximately 35 to 50 pounds (for females). 

Color-wise, Berners are well-known for their characteristic tri-color patterns. When we talk about Huskies, there is a wide variety of coat colors and outlines. 

Black and white Siberian Huskies are more prevalent: this is where approximately 50% of fur is white, and around 50% is black. 

When we talk about Husky Bernese Mountain Dog mix, all these colors can blend with traditional Bernese Mountain Dog patterns and appear in any colors and blend. In terms of coat superiority, these dogs have longer, thicker coats than their Husky parents.



Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with Husky will likely get character qualities from parent breeds. These big goofy-looking dogs are enthusiastic family members; always up for any activity you can crop up with. These dogs are also keen when we talk about training and working, even though they can be a bit tenacious.

Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with Husky mix will inherit warm nature towards the public. This canine deeply adores its family and wants to spend a lot of time with them. These dogs are not good outdoors canines. 

This mix is good for kids. Berners don’t have extra hunting/prey nature and, as such, are safe near small animals as well as kids. When we talk about Husky, they certainly have more hunting instincts than Berners; however, they are very intelligent.

Training requirements

training 1

One thing is sure: training is essential, particularly when you have a big, strong dog like Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with Husky. But what procedures and plans of training would suit this dog?

As I revealed, both Huskies, as well as Berners are very distinctive, self-determining, and confident dogs. They like their owners and struggle to satisfy them; however, that doesn’t essentially translate into unkind obedience, particularly in terms of training as well as following instructions.

This mix will want to know why it is requested to do something and hold its inspiration. I don’t suggest working on a similar command many times in hopes that your dog will follow it each time. They certainly know what you need from them. However, they don’t essentially know the reason why they would do it.

Yet again, this is an intelligent, working pooch that has grown to learn to understand the condition and make planned, significant decisions. The best method to train this pooch is in play; thus, you both have fun.

Energy levels

Both Berners, as well as Huskies, have been developed as energetic, working dogs. It was ranch work, herding livestock for Berners, and pulling sleds for Huskies. High levels of activity are much in this mix’s genetics.

You can assume that this mix will thrive in an active atmosphere. This is an excellent dog for a family that spends their time outdoors and frequently engages in external activities. It might be hiking, biking, swimming – whatever you can arise with.

A Berner Husky mix will participate in any activity and make it fun. If these dogs don’t get sufficient exercise, they might get unsatisfied and tired, making them unhelpful or violent. 

Frequently asked questions 

What is a Husky mixed with a Bernese mountain dog called?

Bernese Mountain Dog Husky pups get a friendly and loving nature from their parent breeds. Individuals will get them friendly. They are frequently not violent unless triggered. Another character this mixed breed inbred from its Husky lineage is wandering around its environments.

What is the infrequent Husky breed?

The infrequent breed of Husky is called Sakhalin Husky. There are a few dogs of this dog breed left. Although experts are indefinite on how many exactly, it is predictable that there presently are less than fifty Sakhalin Huskies worldwide.

Is there such a thing as a Berner?

Berners are big—they weigh among 70 to 115 pounds and might be 23 to 27.5 inches tall—and have a friendly spirit and communicative dark brown eyes. Berner puppies even look like plush dog toys.

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