How to teach a dog to hold something? Latest Guide

how to teach a dog to hold something

Chewing on things is a dog’s favorite pastime. You can train your dog to keep an object in its mouth without chewing it up, although this can be a difficult task. This article will show you how to teach a dog to hold something?

How to teach a dog to hold something? 6 Best Steps

To start, you will require a leash, some tasty treats of your dog, and one or two six-twelve inch long items. Items that can fit into your puppy’s mouth. Objects, for example, recovery bumpers, dog toys or chew dog toys.
Select a calm place to train your dog, for example, inside your house or an enclosed lawn.

You can have your puppy hold items in more distracting sites when your dog has learned the calmer places.
Keep all things entertaining, and if you get yourself becoming irritated, end the session on a positive note and start it later, once you are feeling good.

Upon mastering this trick, you can even train your dog to bring you the newspaper in the morning. Here is my guide on how to teach a dog to hold something.

  1. Viewing The Item

  1. Let them Sniff

When your dog sniffs an object, praise them. Once the dog has nose-to-nose contact with an object, click on the clicker and treat them. You can use a clicker to praise them before you give them a treat, or you can say “good job” with many praises.

  1. Mouth Open on the Object

As soon as your dog sees the object, they may nudge it a few times with their nose. They won’t get rewarded for doing so, but by waiting, they’ll be more likely to open their mouth around the toy. By clicking or saying “yes,” reward them for completing that task.

  1. Reward them if they Pick Object

Your dog will learn to pick up objects with more success if he is rewarded with a treat. If your dog opens its mouth over the object after you click the clicker or you say, “good job”, you should give them a treat. Your dog can be rewarded when he or she follows the object again after sliding it away and catches it again.

  1. Voice Signal

The next thing you need to do is introduce your voice cue. When the item is picked up, tell your dog to “get it” or “hold it. You can continue marking their actions and reward them immediately. If you practice this using a cue word, you will soon get your dog to pick up an object without any problems.

  1. Variety of Objects

Objects of various sizes and shapes can be fun for your dog to hold. Your dog can easily hold a specific training object once it has mastered that skill. It will be easier to teach your dog that you can give his commands with any object by performing exercises with a variety of objects.

How do you teach your dog the hold command?

To teach your beloved furry friend to grasp, say, “Hold,” and all together touch the rod. Then instantly move your hand around an inch away from the rod. Repeat this until your dog does not drop the rod once you touch it. After that, rather than just touching the rod, grasp the end of the dowel between your finger as well as the thumb.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the seven most important commands for dogs?

An ideal pup should be able to follow the following commands: Stay, no, Come, Heel, Off, Sit, and Down.

Q: How can I train my dog most effectively?

Positive reinforcement is almost universally regarded as the most effective way to train a dog. Positive reinforcement rewards good behavior rather than punishes bad behavior.

Q: Among all the tricks you can teach your dog, which is the easiest?

Having your dog sit is one of the easiest tricks you can teach him, and it establishes the foundation for many others, such as “shake” and “stay. This trick needs to be taught to your dog by keeping your foot on their leash while letting them move freely, but not to the point where they jump up.


Holding items in your dog’s mouth is an important trick to teach. You can teach even novice dog owners how to teach their dogs to hold objects without chewing them. Therefore, check our guide on how to teach a dog to hold something.

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