Top 8 Best dog treats for training Rottweiler puppies


If you are a Rottweiler parent, you undoubtedly want to indulge them in activities to train them to play. But, to train Rottweiler puppies, you’ll need dog treats. If you care about your pet and want to locate the best dog treats for training Rottweiler puppies, they will enjoy them while staying healthy.

There are thousands of options for dog treats. You can give nibbles and flavor bites to your Rottweilers. Here are a few puppies treats you can use to train your Rottweiler puppies.

8 Best dog treats for training Rottweiler puppies in 2023

Top Seller
Stewart Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Stewart Freeze Dried Dog Treats
Best freeze-dried treats
Best beef liver dog treats
Available in duck, salmon, and turkey flavors
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Best Seller
PupFord Frozen Dog Training Treats

PupFord Frozen Dog Training Treats
Suitable for all dog breeds
The best flavor that keeps your dog interested
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Best Seller
ZIWI Peak Good Dog Rewards Training Treats

ZIWI Peak Good Dog Rewards Training Treats
Good for sensitive dogs
No added carbohydrates and fillers
Available in lamb and venison flavors
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Best Seller
Best Bully Sticks All Natural Training Treats

Best Bully Sticks All-Natural Training Treats
100% natural, free-range, grass-fed cows
No preservatives, additives, or flavors.
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Best Seller
Charlee Bear Original Crunch Dog Treats

Charlee Bear Original Crunch Dog Treats
No artificial components added
Best low-calorie rewarding treats
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Best seller
Bark worthies Lamb Lung Chip Chews

Bark worthies Lamb Lung Chip Chews
All natural, real chicken containing ingredients
Protein-rich dog treats.
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Best Seller
Jiminys Cricket Treats

Jiminy’s Cricket Treats
Best protein sources like crickets and vegetable
Natural ingredients with preservatives
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Best Seller
Freeze Dried Raw Dog Treats by 360 Pet Nutrition

Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats by 360 Pet Nutrition
No preservatives and artificial flavors added
Carefully cultivated and preserved
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Rottweilers are extremely family-oriented canines. However, they need proper training and grooming before you can keep them in your house. The best age to train a Rottweiler is the young age.

You can train your Rottweiler puppy using the best. But, it’s tricky to choose the dog training treats if you are a new pet parent. So here we have this list of best dog training treats for your Rottweiler puppy.

1.   Stewart Freeze Dried Dog Treats


The Stewart freeze-dried dog treats have the main component of freeze-dried beef liver. It is a natural and healthy grain-free dog treat that keeps your pet healthy and happy. It is a dehydrated meat product that is available in multiple flavor options.

Freeze-dried treats                                                                                        

These are the frozen dog treats that comprise natural meat products. Natural meat products need different preservation methods to keep the products fresh and healthy. These natural and organic bites support the immune system and improve eyesight and muscle strength in your Rottweilers. 

Natural ingredients

The ingredients are all healthy and natural. The basic component of these protein-rich dog treats is the beef liver. The beef liver is cleaned and processed before making these dog treats.

Healthy and delicious

These treats are mouth-watering for the Rottweilers. It is available in multiple flavor options as well. Your dog will love the flavor of this beef liver without being nosy and picky.  

Available in different flavors

These beef liver dog treats are available in different flavors. You can use the dog treats available in duck, turkey, or salmon flavors as well. All these new flavors in beef liver freeze-dried dog treats will give your dog a sense of newness and change.

The dogs can become bored with the monotonous products easily. So, you can also use these different flavors to satiate the feeling of craving in your pets.

Feeding directions

The best feeding recommendations are the following. You can use these puppy training treats up to three times each day. If the puppy weighs less than 30 lbs. Give 1–2 kibbles to these dogs. For a dog with a weight of 30–60 lbs. Give 2–4 treats. For dogs over 60 lbs weight, give 4 to 6 treats. To help your dog live a healthy and happy life, give high-quality dog treats.


  • Best freeze-dried treats
  • Best beef liver dog treats
  • Available in duck, salmon, and turkey flavors
  • Natural and healthy dog treats.


  • Some dogs may dislike the odor of these dog treats.

2.   PupFord Frozen Dog Training Treats


Best dog training treats for giant dog breeds that are minimal in calories. Large dog breeds are prone to gaining weight. These healthful, savory, and delectable dog treats will keep your puppy pleased without causing him to gain too much weight.

Variety of tastes

PupFord freeze-dried finest dog training treats are the greatest summer treats. In the sweltering heat, these cool delights are refreshing. These delights come in a variety of tastes, including chicken, salmon, rabbit, liver, and sweet potatoes.

Complete training reward

PupFord will protect your pets from summer heat with these nutritious, high-value dog treats. The option is paramount if you want to keep your dogs’ weight stable. Large dog breeds, such as Rottweilers, are prone to gaining weight.

Low-calorie treats

PupFord training treats are the most nutritious dog training treats on the market. They made these snacks using natural ingredients. Each dog treat comprises less than 1kcal, and each bag contains over 475 treats, allowing you to practice tricks and orders with your Rottweilers for many rounds.

They made all the components and dog treats in the United States. The treat kibbles are freeze-dried to keep nutrition and taste intact. There are no fillers, trash, sugar, or other potentially hazardous components.

Attention to commands

Your dog must like the flavor of his rewards in order to focus better during training sessions. Your dog will pay more attention to the commands because of the exquisite flavor, savory scent, and modest size of each dog treat you give them as a reward.


  • Suitable for all dog breeds
  • The best flavor that keeps your dog interested
  • Natural and healthy ingredients
  • 1 kcal per treat


  • Potato starch can cause starch allergies in Rottweilers.
  • The treats disintegrate quickly.

3.   ZIWI Peak Good Dog Rewards Training Treats


These are the best meat and organ-based protein dog training treats. It is the best treat for Rottweiler puppies because the protein-rich formula helps them to gain good muscle mass. These are the best grain-free dog training treats for the Rottweilers.

Irresistible flavor

These dog treats have multiple protein sources. All these protein sources are animal-based, and they give a mouth-watering effect to your puppies. The flavor of this dog treat is very irresistible for your dogs. 


The Rottweilers need a low-calorie diet. These dogs are prone to gain weight efficiently. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a track of the calorie count in food and treats of the Rottweilers.

Gluten is a common source of carbohydrates available in most dog training treats. However, the ZIWI peak good does not contain any gluten product. So, this product is very suitable for Rottweiler training.

Boost immunity

These dog treats are rich in components like vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. All these components help to boost the immune function of your dogs. The Rottweilers puppies are very prone to infections, so it is healthy to use these treats to boost the immune functions in Rottweilers.


The main protein sources in these dog training treats are beef, Beef Liver, Beef Kidney, Beef Heart, Beef Tripe, Beef Bone, Beef Lung, New Zealand Green mussels, insulin from chicory, and Dried Kelp. The sources of minerals include Sea Salt and parsley. They provide minerals like Potassium Bicarbonate, Zinc Amino Acid Complex, Copper Amino Acid Complex, Selenium Yeast, and Manganese Amino Acid Complex.

The Vitamins in this dog training treat are Vitamin E Supplement, Vitamin B1 Supplement, Vitamin D3 Supplement, and Folic Acid. These dog treats do not use any synthetic preservatives ad dyes. The mixed tocopherols act as natural preservatives in these dog treats.


  • Good for sensitive dogs
  • No added carbohydrates and fillers
  • Available in lamb and venison flavors
  • Healthy with a soft jerky-like texture


  • Very brittle and breaks off easily
  • Have a strong fishy smell.

4.   Best Bully Sticks All-Natural Training Treats


These are the best dog treats that support dog training along with oral and dental health. The dogs can have teeth infections like gingivitis and bleeding gums. These healthy dog treats remove the plague and kill the germs in the oral cavity, keeping it healthy and clean.

Natural ingredients

This healthy and nutritious dog chew treat is the best treat for Rottweiler puppies. It is a 100% beef-based product with no additives and preservatives. There are no added preservatives and flavoring agents in these natural dog training treats.

Available in different size

These stick treats are chewing treats. You can give one stick to your Rottweiler as a reward after a successful training session. These chew sticks are suitable for all dog breeds.

You can give different size treats to your Rottweiler depending on their age and health. It is available in sizes like 2-3 inches, 4 inches, 4-8 inches, 6inches, and 12 inches. It is suitable for small breeds, but you can give them to Rottweilers as well.

Promotes dental health

These chew treats are the best solution to prevent dental problems in Rottweiler puppies. These sticks scrape off the tartar and dental plaque from the teeth of the Rottweilers. It promotes the cleaning of gumline and saliva production to kill the germs and clean the oral cavity.

Alternate for Rawhide

Mostly the people provide rawhide to the Rottweilers for chewing. However, the rawhides carry many germs and cause intestinal infections in dogs. Therefore, these chew sticks are the best alternatives to rawhides for the Rottweilers.


  • 100% natural, free-range, grass-fed cows
  • No preservatives, additives, or flavors.
  • An excellent alternative to rawhides
  • Single-ingredient chew sticks


  • I can go bad and give a foul odor.
  • Dogs can become sick by chewing on poor-quality sticks.

5.   Charlee Bear Original Crunch Dog Treats


These are the natural low-calorie training treats for Rottweilers. These treats are available in different flavors and different packings. These dog treats are suitable for all dog breeds.

Best reward treats

These dog treats are the best way to reward your pet, who understands your commands. Your pets love these thin, crunchy, hollow, and small dog treats in every way. These are simple low-calorie treats for your pets.

Low calorie treats

These dog treats are low-calorie treats. Your pet Rottweiler puppies will love the flavor of these dog treats because there are natural ingredients. Similarly, dog treats fall into three categories.

There are low-calorie dog treats. These treats do not play any role in the weight gain of your dogs. The medium-calorie dog treats play some role in weight gain and provide energy for high activity. The large calorie count of puppy treats helps in muscle gain.


There is a range of flavors that are available in these dog foods. You can give any of these flavors to your pet and change them repeatedly to prevent monotony in your dogs. These flavors include cheese, cheese and egg, chicken liver, chicken soup and veggies, and turkey liver with cranberries.

No preservatives

There are no preservatives added to these dog foods. There is no soy, corn, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives added to this dog food. They make it up of all-natural ingredients with no GMO added to these products.

However, it is best to use these dog treats in moderation. Do not overfeed or use these puppy treats as a complete meal. Also, provide a large amount of drinking water to your Rottweilers.


  • No artificial components added
  • Best low-calorie rewarding treats
  • A wide range of flavors


  • The garlic powder sometimes causes diarrhea in dogs.

6.   Bark worthies Lamb Lung Chip Chews


These are all-natural, highly digestible dog treats. These organic dog treats have a delicious flavor that your dog will like. These lamb lung chews help to promote dental health in Rottweilers. 

Sensitive dogs

These chews are the best solution for puppies that have sensitive stomachs. These dogs love to have these chews made from 100% natural ingredients. These dog chews are seasoned and made from the meat chunks of grass-fed lambs.

Highly digestible

These dog treats for Rottweilers are highly digestible and healthy for dogs. These do not cause any excessive caloric accumulation in Rottweilers. You can safely use these puppy treats to train your Rottweiler puppies. 

Alternative to rawhide

These dog training treats are highly digestible for Rottweilers. These treats are natural alternatives to rawhides. People introduce rawhides to their pets for dental cleaning.

These dog training treats promote dental health by cleaning the gumline and jaws of Rottweilers.

Feed wisely

These dog treats are healthy, but it is not a good idea to give these treats in high amounts regularly. You must use these protein-rich dog treats in a moderate amount.


  • All natural, real chicken containing ingredients
  • Protein-rich dog treats.
  • Good for oral and dental hygiene.
  • Highly digestible for dogs.


  • Has an awful smell.

7.   Jiminy’s Cricket Treats


These are the best hypoallergenic dog treats for dogs having allergies. These cricket dog treats contain vegetable extracts that provide a healthy source of nutrition for large dog breeds like Rottweilers. These are gluten-free, high-protein dog treats for Rottweilers.


Beef, chicken, and other meat products can cause allergies in Rottweilers. Beef, chicken, lamb, and soy are the products that can cause allergies in dogs. The hypoallergenic dog treats are easier to digest for the Rottweilers.


The vegetable extracts reduce the carbon emission by the Rottweilers. It contributes to the benefit of the environment. The insect-based proteins use less water for hydrolysis and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

Immune booster

The omega fatty acids have a crucial role in immune-boosting action. The omega-fatty acids also act as a prebiotic to reduce the risk of infections. It mainly contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12 supplements. 

Improve gut health

These natural ingredients by the Rottweilers help to improve the gut health of Rottweilers. The cricket proteins help to balance the gut Ph and support a specific microflora in the intestines.


The natural source of proteins and carbohydrates include Pumpkin, Carrot, Oats, Cricket, Vegetable Glycerin, Molasses, Tapioca Starch, and Vegetable Gelatin. There are sources of fatty acids and other additives like Canola Oil, Salt Natural Flavor, Cultured Dextrose (A Preservative), Distilled Vinegar, Natural Smoke Flavor, Garlic, and Rosemary.


  • Best protein sources like crickets and vegetable
  • Natural ingredients with preservatives
  • Hypoallergenic dog treats
  • Boost immune system and sustainable energy source.


  • Some dogs dislike eating insects.

8.   Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats by 360 Pet Nutrition


The 360 Pet Nutrition single ingredient excellent dog treats are sure to please your Rottweiler puppy. It is a very healthy organ meat raw treat, adding taste and excitement to your pet’s life. The nutritious dog treat is appropriate for medium and large size dog breeds.

Simple and delicious

These are delicious dog treats with just one basic ingredient. They infused the exquisite kibbles with the most flavorful and aromatic beef, chicken, and liver flesh. Organ meat is the finest method to feed your dog with proteins, antioxidants, and all required minerals and vitamins.

Ingredients derived from nature

This product’s natural components promote strong bones, good teeth, and lean muscles. These components, including vitamins and minerals, are required for Rottweiler’s heart, brain, and circulatory health. The360 pet nutrition contains beef liver, chicken liver, and bison liver.

Delicious and freeze-dried

Try to offer your dog these freeze-dried raw beef liver dog training treats in moderation. When the Rottweilers perform admirably, reward them with these snacks. You may use the 360 pet treats as a training incentive when your pet follows your directions or learns a new ability.

There’s no need to rehydrate these delectable morsels. These ready-to-eat puppy snacks are safe for your dog to enjoy straight away.


  • The fresh and high-quality meat content
  • No preservatives and artificial flavors added
  • Carefully cultivated and preserved


  • These kibbles are very hard and lack water.

Best Rottweiler puppy treats: Buyers guide

The Rottweilers are very loyal dogs. They love to stay around the family, but you need to buy some best dog training treats to keep your dog busy. You must consider these factors while buying dog training treats or puppy treats for Rottweilers.


The most significant factor that decides the best product for dog training is the quality of these treats. The dog training treats are the best way to bond with your pet Rottweiler. However, you must not compromise on the quality of Treats for Rottweiler puppies.

Usually, the cheap puppy treats contain fillers and side ingredients. These side ingredients can damage the health of your Rottweiler puppy. Therefore, it is best to choose the best Rottweiler puppy treats on the basis of quality and ingredients.

Nutritious ingredients

Make sure that your dog loves the ingredients. The ingredients must be healthy and should not burden the stomach of your Rottweiler puppy. Some dogs are also sensitive to specific diet components.

Therefore, before buying the best dog training treats for your Rottweilers, know about the food allergies of your pet. Choose the ingredients that suit your dog the best. 

Texture and size

The other important factor is the kibble size and texture. It is necessary because Rottweilers can become very picky in choosing. Give them chewy treats that are excellent for teeth and keep them occupied.

The texture and kibble size are also very important to maintain the quality of the treats. The kibble that is hard to have a high number of fillers and protein content. However, the soft kibbles have more moisture, and they are low in quality.


Another factor you must consider while purchasing the right Rottweiler puppy treats is cost-effectiveness. The cost should be affordable for you to continue these treats for a long time. It is not a good thing to spend a lot of money on treats just to keep your pet happy.

Attractive smell

They usually attract the dogs to the fragrances. If the treats smell pungent and make your dog feel the taste from far away, you must choose these treats. If your dog loves the smell, he surely will love eating those treats as well.

How Many Treats To Feed A Rottweiler Dog?

Treats should be offered to a Rottweiler occasionally and within the limit. Even then, it is significant that the type and quantity of treat you offer matches their age, health, as well as activity level too, as not all treats are naturally appropriate for Rottweilers of all ages.

For example, some tough chewier treats are less perfect for puppies than the smaller, plus softer ones. Yet, even when you have picked the right dog treats – they still should not be trusted too heavily.

They must be usefully fed either to the current diet or to please your dog. And keep in mind a healthy diet for your Rottweiler dog is focused on protein-rich food.

The diet must be supplied with vitamins and minerals, where treats give more as a reward than as a resource for basic nutrition.

When Should You Give Your Rottweiler Treats?

You must only offer your Rottie a treat, or two, due to showing positive behavior once they are quiet and away from any planned meal times. There is no preferred time for a treat. So, they should not be offered for the sake of it or throughout any regular mealtime.

Simultaneously, your Rottweiler dog should only be offered a treat when they are enthusiastic and full of energy. In addition, you do not need to reward them for this panicky behavior.

So, be assured to only give your Rottie a treat once they are calm. If you are considering them as training support, be sure to give a treat after the achievement of an action or the appropriate response to your call.

If they behave unresponsively or not as anticipated – do not treat them! And finally, be aware of how many treats you are offering, which is one of the reasons why it is good to keep training periods shorter yet more regular and consistent.

Too many dog treats at one time could be better. In addition, you need them to eat their dinner!

Frequently asked questions

Q: What treats do Rottweiler puppies enjoy?

The Rottweiler puppies enjoy natural and organic dog treats. They love the treats having the flavor of natural organic ingredients. You can choose the treats based on the nutritional contents of these treats.

However, make sure that your Rottweiler puppy loves the smell of these treats. The kibble size and consistency of the treats are also very significant. Good quality treats play a major role in puppy training for Rottweilers.

Q: How to know if the puppy treats are of good quality?

The moisture level can explain a lot about the quality of the Rottweiler puppy treats. If the kibbles are too hard and dry, they will have a longer shelf life and a higher protein content. The kibbles with high moisture will be brittle and break off easily.

Similarly, a puppy treat nutritional content also matters a lot. For young Rottweilers, it is good to have a dog treat with high protein value and low carbohydrate value. However, for grown-ups, it is better to have puppy treats with higher protein content.

Q: Should I give dog training treats to my Rottweilers daily?

Yes, the dog training treats do not have a significantly high nutritional value. It is safe to use these dog treats on a daily basis. However, always use the dog treats in a calculated amount.

The excessive use of dog treats can reduce the appetite of your Rottweilers. It can also make them dependent on treats to obey every command. Therefore, wisely use the dog training treats to train your Rottweiler puppies. 


The Rottweilers are the best dogs for both guarding your place and having a loving family pet. If you are a new Rottweiler parent, the first thing you must do is to train your Rottweiler puppy. For training the Rottweilers, you must use positive reinforcement and rewarding methods.

The best way to reward your little puppy for behaving well is by using dog training treats. However, it is necessary to use these dog training treats in the best way. The excessive use of these products can harm the health of your pet.

While purchasing the best dog treats for Rottweiler puppies, make sure the ingredients are right. Do not use any product that can cause food allergies in Rottweilers. You can use the products from the above list and have unlimited fun with your pet during training and play sessions.

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