How to Train Rottweiler Obedience? 5 Basic Commands

how to train Rottweiler obedience

Rottweilers are incredibly obedient dogs. However, they can’t train themselves. So, it is our job to aid them in attaining their full potential. This specific dog is mild-tempered, trustworthy, and captivating. These dogs only want your bond and approval. Here, we will teach you how to train Rottweiler obedience. So let’s go straight to it.  

How to train Rottweiler obedience? Things to consider for obedience training

Rottweilers pick up on your feelings; thus, it is best to stay calm and be ready to have fun with your Rottweiler puppy. 

5 Basic Obedience Commands 

Your Rottweiler must be trained in basic obedience as early as possible. It is recommended to start between six weeks and six months. If you keep an older Rottweiler, that is okay; it is not too old to start obedience training. 

As you are prepared to start training, ensure you have your Rottweiler’s collar on and its leash attached when you are outdoors or if you need to have them close. Keep your reward technique ready to use, stay calm, and be easy-going with your dog.

1.      “Sit”

This must be the primary command you show your Rottweiler puppy. This is an effortless command, and other directions depend upon Command “sit.” You need to get your dog’s consideration by saying its name and telling him, “sit,” Besides, you can also push on your Rottweiler’s rear when you say this command and when its rear is on the earth, you can reward him and say, “Good Job!” in an encouraging voice; thus, he understands that you are glad for him. 

2.      “Shake”

When your dog learns “sit,” the following command can be the “sit” command. Get your dog to sit and say, “shake!” in a passionate voice and lift one of its feet off the earth. When you pick their paws in your hand, say to them, “Good Job, Rottie!” and offer them their reward. 

3.      “Lay Down”

After that, you can teach your Rottweiler puppy to lay down. However, in the sit situation, using a friendly voice, say, “lay down.” Besides, you will have to lift their feet and slide them onward until your dog is laying down. Once they are in the laying position, offer them their treat and appraise them. 

4.      “Stay”

You will have to use your chain for this command. Attach your string to the neckline, and ask your dog to sit. Tell them in a cool but strong voice, “stay.” Then slowly back off from your Rottweiler puppy. Begin with small additions at a time. Once they have effectively stayed even for some seconds, go back to them, and provide them with a reward for staying. 

5.      “Come”

After teaching the “stay” command, you must try “come.” It will be easy if you teach the command “come” from the “stay as well as sit” position. Having the collar as well as a leash on your dog, get them to be seated and stay. Walk some feet ahead of them and say “Come!” and moderately jerk on the leash. Don’t become angry if they don’t listen to you. When they effectively come to you, give them a nice reward. 

7 Obedience training tips

  1. Teach only one trick at once
  2. Always ensure the training is ENJOYABLE
  3. Be persistent with your aggressive Rottweiler
  4. Keep training gatherings short
  5. Reward your pooch for respectable behavior
  6. Don’t hit your puppy; this is not a solution
  7. Be consistent

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is the aggressive Rottweiler easy to train?

Rottweilers are the most intelligent dogs around, so they are easy to train rather than most breeds.

Q: What is the ideal age to train a Rottweiler puppy?

You can train your Rottweiler among the ages of six weeks and six months. 

Q: Why do aggressive Rottweilers bite their owners?

A Rottweiler can attack because of numerous reasons, for example, its natural defensive instincts, retaliation to aggravation, or once it is sick and weak. 


Now, your Rottweiler dog can understand the main obedience commands; you should continue to test them! Just as you trained them to follow your commands does not mean they will think of them whenever they are on the lawn or a park. Thus continue your training session in different places. And don’t become angry. 

Your Rottweiler dog contains a very short-term remembrance, and once there are interruptions, it can make your dog forget what you trained them. Therefore, always keep in mind that training is never certainly finished; it is a continuing procedure! Given that you keep this process fun, you, as well as your Rottweiler dog, will the sessions of your obedience training.

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