How to Teach Dog to Lift Leg When Peeing? 6 Easy Steps

how to teach dog to lift leg when peeing

Male pups might prefer to crouch down or simply stand to pee rather than lift their leg. Some male dogs never seem to acquire this seemingly natural behavior, though most dogs tend to lift their legs instinctively. If your dog is unable to lift his leg when peeing, follow our guide on how to teach dog to lift leg when peeing.

The truth is that not all male canines lift their legs while peeing; for most, there is no real requirement. However, if you need your dog to learn how to pee, it is a manner that can be trained with a lot of time as well as patience.

There are only some ways to teach your canine to perform this way, each of which is expected to take some weeks, depending upon your dog’s wish to learn and your enthusiasm to train him. The most significant thing to keep in mind is that this will take some time, and you have to be patient.

How to teach dog to lift leg when peeing? 6 Simple Steps

There is a possibility that your dog may imitate what your neighbor’s dog does if he can watch what he does when he pees. It requires a little work, and you will be able to train him to raise his leg when he urinates. Take a look at our guide on teaching dog to lift leg when peeing.

  1. Helpful friend

Putting a male dog near another male dog with the same behavior usually helps teach him to lift his leg while peeing. Male puppies usually learn this from an older male dog.

  1. lift Legs

Put your hand under their raised paw if necessary, during the first phase of learning this method. As the dog lifts the leg, his mark can be more visible near the nose. Lifting their legs improves dog aim and allows them to spray higher.

  1. Plan a training session

Try and arrange daily training sessions for at least a week or possibly longer so that both of you can be there. Allow them to play together with other dogs during the training sessions and provide plenty of water. As the other dog pees, make sure your puppy notices the other dog raising his leg.

  1. Watch the action

Especially when your pup pees, keep an eye on him. A dog can likely mimic the action after several training sessions.

  1. Reward Him

Reward him if he behaves well by giving him treats. You need to reward him with treats and praise every time he does it. To encourage his behavior, give him lots of praise and treats.

  1. Observe him on your own

If he is on his own, you should keep an eye on him and try to catch him when he is getting ready to pee. The best way to encourage his behavior is to provide him with lots of praise and treats. You must be patient as it will eventually lead to him lifting his leg whenever he pees, so let him go through this process.

Why do dogs lift their legs when peeing?

Dogs do this to show dominance, which is mainly a male trait. Most canine scientists and veterinarians feel that, by doing this, male dogs can wish their pee higher, which is good for marking their control in certain areas.

Such as, you might observe your pooch lifting his leg close to a brick wall and urinating on the wall. His female equivalent would squat, and her urine will end up on the earth near the wall. However, by lifting his leg, the male pooch can make his urine more visible, and he spreads its urine over a wider area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s wrong with my dog when he pees and doesn’t lift his leg?

A certain kind of behavior may be hormonal, another may be behavioral, and still, others may simply be unexplained. As leg lifting is typically associated with dominance and territorial marking, weak dogs may not exhibit this behavior.

Q: What does it take for dogs to learn to lift their legs to urinate?

The prevalence of scent-marking in male dogs is one of the reasons they sometimes prefer to lift their legs. The legs of a dog can be raised so they reach a larger area and can urinate on higher surfaces than they can on the ground, a powerful message when compared to urinating on the ground.

Q: When does a dog pick up his leg to pee?

When a dog is approximately 6-12 months old, it begins lifting its leg to urinate. It is common for a neutered dog to squat more often than a non-neutered dog.

Conclusion: How to teach the dog to lift leg when peeing?

The male dog may learn to lift his legs instinctively or learn through observation of other dogs in his social group. Unfortunately, some dogs appear to be incapable of learning the skill normally. So, make sure to check out our guide on how to teach dog to lift leg when peeing to teach your dog this trick.

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