How to Clean Rottweiler Ears? 4 Easy Ways

how to clean Rottweiler ears

To eliminate dirt as well as debris from your Rottweiler puppy’s ears, utilize an ear-cleaning product particularly made for dogs. Put some drops of cleaner into your Rottweiler’s ear canal and moderately massage the ear base for around thirty seconds. Here, we will discuss how to clean Rottweiler ears?. Therefore, let’s get straight to it. 

How to clean Rottweiler ears? 4 Steps 

  1. Feed your Rottweiler a healthy diet with no synthetic flavors and colors. Don’t feed your pooch food rich in simple carbs and sugar because this can encourage yeast development and contamination of the ears.
  2. Avoid feeding your Rottweiler from the tabletop – it not only helps begging and hurdling up but also creates chances for yeast as well as ear infections.
  3. Don’t allow your pooch to go swimming or jump into the water for a minimum of one day, if not more. This keeps the ear canal dry as the water in the ears can cause infections.
  4. Don’t use products containing Ingredients like Phenoxyethanol, a preservative utilized in cosmetics. Furthermore, It’s toxic to your dog’s nervous system as well as the reproductive system. Along with water, it generates nitrous acid, which is poisonous to aquatic life. 

How to clean Rottweiler ears properly? 4 Steps

  1. Clean your Rottweiler’s ears two times a week using hydrogen peroxide. You can buy 3% hydrogen peroxide from any drug store or superstore. Place a substantial amount of hydrogen peroxide into your dog’s ear, then massage the lower part of the ear for around 1 minute to go deep into the dog’s ear canal; after that, gradually remove the ear wax.
  2. Do not use any other peroxide rather than 3%. When you utilize a stronger solution, it can cause eardrum rupture.
  3. Clean your dog’s ears gradually so as to not drive all the wax down into other portions of their ear canal.
  4. Particular ear wipes are also accessible from your vet or pet store to clean your canine’s ears!

Why it’s important to keep your Rottweiler’s ears clean?

  • The ear canal holds sensitive tissue that is susceptible to injury, infection, as well as trauma.
  • Extra wax in the ear canal can cause bacterial infections.
  • Water in the ears can cause fungal growth in your dog’s ear canal.
  • Cleaning your Rottweiler’s ears will help avoid these harmful problems from occurring.

Can You Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean Your Dog Ears?

No. Avoid using hydrogen peroxide on your dog. This common domestic product can cause annoyance to healthy skin. Ears hold sensitive tissue, and prolonged use of hydrogen peroxide can damage the ear. Stick to veterinarian-permitted disinfectants.

What To Do If There Is Debris in Your Dog’s Ear Canal?

You’ll need to cautiously eliminate dirt and debris from your dog’s ears with a wet piece of gauze dampened with hydrogen peroxide. You must never twig a cotton swab into your dog’s ear canal because this could harm the eardrum too deeply inside your pet’s ear, possibly causing injury to the eardrum.

Dog Eye Infections

A Rottweiler’s eyes must be clear as well as bright and can be cleaned by soaking a gauze pad using warm water. Always start with the inner corner of your dog’s eye, mildly wiping out toward the external part of the eye. Observing excessive tearing, inflammation, swelling, and discharge might be symptoms of an eye infection. If you observe something is wrong, you should call your veterinarian.

Dog Ear Cleaning Solutions

The net is full of household ear-cleaning solutions for canines. But vet-approved ear-cleaning solutions are the harmless option. Some household ear-cleaning solutions hold harmful or frustrating constituents. Others just don’t do a great job.

The majority of veterinary offices have ear cleaner for canines. You can also question your veterinarian about what product they suggest for your pooch because some solutions might be more beneficial for your pup’s specific requirements compared to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Rottweilers suffer from ear problems?

Yes, their feet, stomach, skin folds, and ears are commonly affected. Signs usually start between the ages of 1 and 3 years. Licking paws, soreness of the face, and recurrent ear infections are the common symptoms of allergies.

Q: Why do you tape your Rottweiler’s ears?

When a Rottweiler puppy pulls his ears in a backward direction due to the uneasiness of teething, his ears can occasionally start to bend back and stay that way. Via ear taping, you can hold that cartilage to fold accurately so that your dog’s ears are carried properly. 

Q: How do you get black grease out of your dog’s ear?

To clean your dog’s ears, tilt your pup’s head down with one hand and spurt a calm cleanser suggested by your vet into his ear, filling its ear canal. Grasping the ear closed provides it with a good massage, squeezing the cleanser there. That makes any gunk soft inside.

Final Thoughts: How to clean Rottweiler ears?  

Taking proper care of your Rottweiler’s ears is not difficult; however, it needs a bit of knowledge concerning what you must do and not do. While preventing water from going into its ear canal during swimming or receiving bathed, always clean their ears cautiously with hydrogen peroxide to eliminate any built-up debris and eradicate the cotton ball from the ear canal. Your Rottweiler puppy has healthy ears without any dirt, wreckage, or water when you do these things.

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