How to Make Dog Ears Stay Down: (Latest Guide in 2024)


Dogs with a midpoint crease on their ears are natural to have floppy ears. Breeds with straight-up ears, especially puppies, may need some guidance. Their ears may remain high permanently if this is not corrected by the time they reach adulthood. So, continue to read on to learn how to make dog ears stay down.

How to Make Dog Ears Stay Down? 4 Best Methods here.

Dogs are one of the most diverse species of mammals. Due to such diversity, dogs have remarkably diverse physical characteristics. Their ears are no exception. While some dogs have large, pointed ears, others have small, rounded ears.

Almost all dogs have flat ears at birth, but some breeds will become erect as they mature. Considering how valuable dogs’ ears are, any manipulation of them is subject to controversy. Dogs with floppy ears tend to appeal to many guardians.

In the case of dogs with erect ears, some people wonder how to make dog ears stay down? Here is a simple guide to this frequently asked question.

1.    Taping a dog’s ears down

You can make your dog’s ears lay down by using a dog ear taping kit. To accomplish this, the erect ears are pulled down and tapped into place as far down as possible under the chin. In some cases, the ears may even be taped together. As a result of the playful behavior of young dogs, the tape must be strong enough to hold.

2.    Bandages

As an alternative to taping, bandages can be used to teach your dog to keep its ears down. Bandages can be wrapped around a dog’s ear so that the padding hangs off the end of the bandage. It may pull the hair of your dog, but you can pull the ear down gently with the bandage.

3.    Puppy ear glue

It is easier to keep puppies down if ear glue is applied during their early development since it is easier to keep them down. To apply the glue, the tops of the ears must be shaved. The ear is stuck down tightly for a few seconds until the glue dries, and ear glue is applied with a swab at the tip of the ear. Once the glue dries, the hair grows back.

4.    Surgery

Veterinarians will often use surgery to make dog ears stand up. Hematomas, infections, and traumatic injuries can be repaired by modifying the ears. Dogs require anesthesia, and the procedure can be risky. It is rare for veterinarians to perform cosmetic procedures, though some do.

5. Cropping dog ears

Some folks crop their dog’s ears, particularly with breeds like Doberman pinschers, boxers, Great Danes, as well as Boston terriers. Once done solely for beauty purposes, this is a disreputable practice. It’s agonizing for the dog, and usually, the only reason the process is done is for aesthetics.

Unless you have a precise reason to undergo this technique, a reason that will value your dog and aid him in staying safe or better doing a job, it’s better not to crop your pooch’s ears. Once cropping is an elective beautifying procedure, it is not worth the distress to your dog.

Canines use their ears to hear and to talk, and when you crop their ears, they cannot use them as efficiently. Don’t utilize ear cropping to make your pups’ ears stay down.

Why is my pup’s ear standing up?

The muscles, or occasionally the whole dog, shift the ear to obtain sound. You can also cup your ear in the direction of a sound to hear it well! Usually, upright ears indicate that your pup is hearing either you or anything else and that it is attentive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do I need to tape my dog’s ears?

Taping should never go beyond 7 days regardless of the reason! Even if they haven’t been on the full three days, it is recommended that you leave them off for 24 hours. It is because the process of removing the tape from your puppy’s ear irritates the skin, which can cause an infection.

Q: Do puppy ears change as they grow?

Nutrients are redirected to the teeth as the puppies grow and are no longer going to the ears. Within six months of having teethed, the ears usually stand right up again. The puppy may go through several very normal stages on the way to fully erect ears.

Q: Is tapping a dog’s ears cruel?

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) asserts that ear-cropping and tail docking are not medically necessary or beneficial to animals. The procedures cause the animal discomfort and pain and are accompanied by risks such as infection, blood loss, and anesthesia.


Each breed of dog has its characteristics. Likewise, each breed has a different type of ear. There are breeds with floppy ears and others with erect ears. Pet parents who love dogs with floppy ears often ask how to make dog ears stay down.

If you are one of them, please read our above guide to make dog ears stay down. Hopefully, this article will provide you with the assistance you need.

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