How to Teach a Dog to Close a Door: [3 Best Methods]

how to teach a dog to close a door

If you want to challenge your dog or train it to be a service dog, you will find it easy to teach your pet how to close a door. However, you should first learn how to teach a dog to close a door before beginning this advanced technique.

In addition, it is wise to use clicker training or another similar technique, such as verbal markers, to train your dog. Immediately after your dog learns that skill, teach it basic targeting skills before training him to open doors.

How to Teach a Dog to Close the Door? Top 3 Methods

Training your Dog to close doors can be extremely accommodating for dogs with physical incapacities. Whether you’re not sturdy on your feet or if it just requires a while for you to move across your room, training your dog to aid with basic daily tasks can significantly assist.

Opening or closing doors is a job that’s relaxed and forthright to teach; thus, grasp your companion and be ready to have some entertainment!
The equivalent behavior chain considered to teach your pooch to open or close a door can be utilized to teach your companion to open doors considering a handicap switch, push elevator switches, and work cupboards or drawers.

1.      The Post-it notes Method.

This is a very useful trick for people who will learn how to teach a dog to close a door. To start, you must teach your dog to touch something with its nose – like the end of a ruler or a post-it note. To reinforce this behavior, hold it out in front of them and praise and treat them when they sniff it. Repeat this exercise until your dog goes to reaches the target straight away.

2.      Training your dog to touch the target on a door

In the next step, place the target near an open door at a height equal to the dog’s nose. Reward them for touching the target with their noses. You may find that your dog pushes the door hard from time to time.

It is important to praise them when this occurs to close the door completely. They’ll shut the door on their own once they get the idea. Lastly, let them perform the trick by saying, “shut the door. After your dog has successfully responded, you can remove the target and simply reward him.

3.      The Clicker Method

  • Get your treats and choose a lightweight door, like cabinet doors.
  • If you have a touch stick, you can tap your furry friend to get his attention to the door. Give your dog a click and a treat whenever he touches the door and moves it.
  • You will have to wait until he has pushed the door all the way shut once he has become proficient at pushing it. Show your appreciation by giving him lots of treats and a big click when he does this!
  • Whenever he successfully closes the door, click and reward him liberally.
  • You can now use a command of your choice to close the door with a tap or touch. You can also use ‘close’ and ‘shut’.
  • Due to the association between your voice and the command, it is no longer necessary to tap him. Say your command, and he’ll shut the door for you. Continue to repeat the voice command until he shuts the door every single time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my dog shut the door?

She might be doing this so she can access the water better, or she might just want more room on the rug. Furthermore, she may understand that being naked puts her at her most vulnerable, so she shuts the door to protect herself.

Q: What is the average time it takes to complete the process?

This is determined by the dog’s intelligence. The learning process may take three or four days for him/her if he/she learns quickly.

Q: How come my dog won’t learn to shut the door?

Dogs need the patience to learn to shut the door. Your consistency with training may not be up to par. If you are working with your pup, ensure that you are keeping the same expectations and standards. Dogs can learn. Being consistent and having patience are the keys.


Your dog is smart! He is constantly learning new tricks. The opening and closing of a door is a trick that requires two steps to learn. Dogs are generally unable to turn doorknobs; it’s nearly impossible for them to open some types of doors. In that case, we hope our guide on how to teach a dog to close a door meets all your needs.

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