How to Make a Rottweiler Love You? 7 Ways

how to make a Rottweiler love you

Like all relations, your affection for your Rottweiler puppy takes work. This love is not always easy, and occasionally your Rottweiler dog is perhaps not very contented with you. However, numerous more delightful ones will make it well worth those knocks in the road for all those ruthless days. In this new guide, you will learn how to make a Rottweiler love you. So, let’s dive into this…

How to make a Rottweiler love you? Top 7 ways

1.     Learn Your Rottweiler puppy’s Language

What better method to improve your connection and develop your bond than to know your dog better? You have to learn how your Rottweiler communicates via body language to do this. 

2.     Massage

3.     Training

Do you see some Rottweilers herd? Utilizing your pup’s natural intelligence, character, and capabilities through training can indeed build up your bond. It also aids you in learning to link with each other well, and training utilizes energy, which your dog requires to consume to feel good regarding life.

4.     Give your Rottweiler exercise.

Rottweilers are meant to get loads of exercise daily to be fully inspired. Once they do not get sufficient exercise, it can let them behave strangely and develop additional problems. Usually, it is suggested to exercise them for around an hour every day, and the American Kennel Club suggests providing them with two hours of exercise every day. 

Currently, if your Rottweiler is not getting enough exercise, it can help to ensure that it does begin getting exercise as long as it is healthy.

5.     Feed your Rottweiler right

It is also significant to ensure that you are feeding your dog the right food. You can see what kinds of foods you should feed. You can also ask your veterinarian about its diet to ensure that you are nourishing it in the right quantities and that it is consuming the right food.

6.     Take your Rottweiler for yearly checkups.

It is also significant to take your dog for yearly medicals with the veterinarian to diagnose possible issues.

7.     Avoid punishing your Rottweiler. 

You should avoid punishing your dog since it might not recognize why it is being rebuked, and it could lead to have feelings of anger or become hostile. As an alternative, it would aid in using regular positive strengthening training to get it to act the way you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Rottweilers choose a favorite person?

Rottweilers can be one-person dogs, able to develop a strong bond with their beloved person. Rotties can bond with all family members; however, they can be fortified to favor one individual in general.

Q: What do Rottweiler puppies love the most?

Rottweilers are robust, athletic, observant dogs with a wish to please. They like dog sports such as barn hunting, alertness, herding, tracking, and carting.

Q: Which dog breed is very friendly?

Golden Retriever is one of the most friendly dog breeds worldwide. 


Why is it so significant to be attached to your Rottweiler? It leads to a more contented, better life together. That relationship usually develops through your everyday routine with your pup, as you play, groom, train, workout, and live together. So, if you want your Rottweiler to love you, you have to follow all of the ways mentioned above to get it done.

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