How to Stop My Rottweiler Puppy from Biting? 3 Methods

how to Stop My Rottweiler Puppy from Biting

Big dogs, for example, Rottweilers, can be frightening once they show their occurrence. However, if you begin teaching your Rottweiler puppy early that he isn`t permitted to bite, at that time, things must become easier! Thus, how to stop my Rottweiler puppy from biting? Continue reading the article to find an answer.

How to stop my Rottweiler Puppy from Biting? 3 best methods 

Once you buy a Rottweiler puppy, it is best to start observing any potential bad behavior as early as possible. This way, you can find any possible issue immediately. 

You can use several techniques to stop your Rottweiler puppy from biting. The majority of them mimic how your dog would be treated. So, let’s talk about 3 methods. 

1.     “Biting Will Mean No Play” Method

Start playing with your Rottweiler puppy, and in the middle of the game, allow him to bite on your fingers. Be cautious about the force he will use and wait for the perfect moment once he`ll bite firmer.

When your Rottweiler puppy plays with additional playmates, they occasionally make a “noise” of objection when they are bitten excessively hard. Copycat a puppy bark once you observe your Rottweiler puppy biting harder to hurt you. Then take that hand away simultaneously, letting him notify that he hurt his owner.

Then give your puppy a chance to be kind. Allow him to bite you softly again; however, be cautious with the bite force. If your puppy bites hard again, then make a similar noise again and take that hand away. Again if it bites you hard the next time, you will stop the game and walk away. Leave your dog alone for around 20 to 30 seconds before getting back to him. Repeat the process several time until your puppy learn how to stop biting.

2.     “Spray” Method

Get a small bottle full of water. Keep it in your hand whenever you have to play with your Rottweiler puppy. You should still go for the previous method first to understand if you can train your dog without utilizing the spray bottle technique.

While playing with your Rottweiler puppy, allow him to chew on the fingers. Once the pressure gets higher, say “Ouch!”. After that, stop playing and take your hand away.

Then utilize your second hand that is free to grasp the bottle and provide your pup a bit spritz from that bottle. Rottweiler puppy will be amazed by the spray bottle, and he won`t want to get wet. This correction requires to come as close as conceivable after he bites your fingers so he can link his bite with being squirted.

After some seconds, follow the same steps, and each time he attempts to bite you and say “no bite,” although giving him a calm spritz. Try to prevent spraying the dog in his nose to hurt your four-legged friend.

3.     “Scruff Shake” Method

The physical connection must be considered if your pup is tenacious enough to fight the above methods when you are trying to train him that he isn`t permitted to bite. This doesn`t occur with all canines; however, this can backfire and let the actual dog to become more aggressive with some dogs. Therefore, consider any variations in his performance and stop using this specific method as soon as you observe his biting efforts increase.

Just as with previous methods, start the learning session by playing with your Rottweiler puppy and allowing him to chew your fingers. You should wait until he tries to bite a bit rougher.

Initially, you should try to stop your dog from using a verbal amendment if he tries to bite your fingers tougher. Say something such as “Ouch.”

After attempting to correct your dog verbally, confidently but also rather softly, grasp his loose skin on the neck and shake your pup a bit. Don`t overcook it as you can fright him or worst. In its place, you should attempt to mimic the similar action that a female dog would do once she had enough of her child biting her.

Consider this technique just a few times; after that, move to another method quickly. This is only intended to train your dog rapidly that biting rougher and playing irregularly won`t be accepted. Always offer him a delicious treat when he plays moderately and shows acceptable behavior.


Q: How do you discipline your Rottweiler puppy that bites?

Once your pup gives a hard bite, cry loudly. After that, when he frightens and turns to see you, take away your hand. Either overlook him for around a few seconds or, if he begins mounting, get up and back off for 10-20 seconds.

Q: How to teach a dog a ‘no’ command?

When you close your one hand, say “No!”. Allow him to lick as well as sniff; however, do not offer him a delicious treat. When he gives up and moves away, admire him and offer him the treat. Then repeat these steps numerous times until your dog figures out he obtains the treat when he follows the ‘no’ command.

Q: Does smacking your dog on the nose work?

Current specialists urge against all practices of physical punishment. Beating or bopping your dog on the nose can be misapprehended as playful conduct, and being too hard with your puppy can actually cause biting, volatile, and defensive behavior.

Q: At what age does a puppy stop biting?

Even though it can feel like forever, several puppies bite much less when they become 8 to 10 months older, and adult dogs (with 2 to 3 years of age) almost never utilize their mouths the way that little ones do.

Take away 

It`s important not to allow your puppy to own the entire house ” ownership. \” A skillful training session for dog obedience can be useful for learning how to stop your Rottweiler from biting.

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