Can A Rottweiler Kill A Coyote? (Comparison and More)

can a rottweiler kill a coyote

Coyote assaults on pets and individuals have gradually become more common in the US. It’s not just rustic places and the regions on the borders of suburbia that are exaggerated, either. Coyotes can also be in developed cities. So many people think can a Rottweiler kill a coyote? Yes, a Rottweiler dog can kill a Coyote as the bite force of a Rottweiler is more significant than a Coyote.

Can a Rottweiler kill a coyote? Complete explanation 

Besides, coyotes appear to follow a pattern of getting bolder nearby humans and their native animals until they get the chance to attack during the daytime. The attacks will start to tackle the appearance of embattled hunts in parks, lawns, and high-traffic outdoor and jogging pathways.

It makes rational sense that a Chihuahua dog or a Yorkshire terrier canine would not cost well in a battle with a coyote. However, are larger dogs, similar to Rottweilers, at hazard, or are the coyotes in trouble should they meet a Rottweiler? Let’s have a look.  

Comparison between Rottweilers and Coyotes


As stated by the American Kennel Club, make Rottweiler dogs weigh around 95 to 145 pounds and are 24 to 27 inches tall. On the other hand, female Rottweilers are less significant, weighing around 80 to 100 pounds and 22 to 25 inches tall.

Additionally, a coyote is shorter than a Rottie, having a height of around 23 inches. But, they weigh under half that of a normal Rottweiler dog, approximately 20 to 50 pounds.

Rottweilers are strongly built. Rottweiler bite force is about 328 pounds. This will cause severe harm to any coyote. Coyotes might have a bite force of around 88 pounds; however, they are fast as well as agile, particularly in comparison to the large Rottweiler.

Can a Rottweiler protect itself and you from a coyote?

Rottweilers are usually protective. Their protective nature is deeply embedded in their DNA. They will protect as well as herd individuals and livestock.

If a coyote reaches into your lawn, your Rottweiler will protect your family and land without uncertainty. His goal in doing so is not likely to be racing the coyote off; he will assault to kill the coyote.

How to look after your Rottweiler dog from a coyote?

Train your Rottweiler to follow your commands, which means that if you get a coyote, you will stop your Rottweiler dog from trying to involve with it. As walking away is a good option.

  • Keep your Rottie on a leash.
  • Carry a stick.
  • Carry a noisemaker.
  • Do not walk at dusk, dawn, as well as at night.

If you are worried about your Rottweiler on your lawn:

  • Form a six-foot-tall fence having a roll bar through the top.
  • Eliminate all possible food fascinations from the property.
  • Eradicate all rodent-attracting food charms from your lawn, comprising bird feeders.
  • Keep an eye on your Rottie throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can a large dog keep coyotes away?

Specific breeds of livestock protecting dogs can protect your possessions as well as animals from coyotes. Akbash plus Anatolian Shepherds can be effective in shielding livestock.

Q: Are coyotes frightened by big dogs?

Bigger dogs aren’t essentially safe: Coyotes don’t frequently go after bigger dogs, except they feel helpless.

Q: What are coyotes scared of?

As a common rule, coyotes have a good dose of fear regarding certain things. In reality, coyotes are scared of individuals, objects unnerved in their direction, and sounds, cheerful lights, and hunter urine. 

Final verdict 

In a chance meeting with a coyote, a Rottweiler dog is out-power a coyote and can kill the coyote with its strong jaws. The bite force of a Rottweiler is about 328 pounds. They are also highly defensive and territorial canines.

If numerous coyotes meet a single Rottweiler, their amount, hunting ability, and survival characteristics can make them above a match for a single Rottweiler. Rottweilers should not be kept for combat, and this brutality should not be fortified in any way.

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