German shepherd Rottweiler Mix: Unveiling Top 7 Characteristics

German Shepherd Rottweiler

As far as crossed dogs are discussed, the German shepherd Rottweiler mix is exceptional as you couldn’t get a mixed breed having two parent breeds very similar. The German shepherd, as well as Rottweiler, are the parental breeds for this mix, which are from German inheritance.

The outcome is a perfect dog, which, once socialized from an early age, is a sturdy, calm, and well-behaved friend. Rottweiler German shepherd mix grows in households with experience with giant breed owners, who comprehensively understand what they are permitting themselves in for.

German shepherd Rottweiler mix: Complete profile

Size22 to 27″ in height
Weight75 to 115lb depending upon the size of the parents
Lifespan10 to 13 years
Breed TypeMixes and more
Suitable ForFamilies having experience with large, commanding breeds.
Color VariationsBlack, Black and Tan, and Brown
TemperamentStrong, faithful, intelligent, loving, and active
Other NamesShottie, Rottie Shepherd, Rotten Shepherd,

If you are seeking a smart and robust dog, who is faithful and loving, you should look no further. Any Kennel Clubs do not document the Rottweiler German shepherd mix. But, they are documented as a Rottie shepherd. 

This canine was bred as a friendly dog with any stylish cross-breed; the expectation is to in-breed encouraging qualities and features and out-breed bad qualities and health problems. To help you know more, let’s look at the detailed information.

1.   German shepherd mixed with Rottweiler: Selecting a breeder

You should be imagining to pay around $850 for a Rottweiler German shepherd mix. Once seeking a German shepherd Rottweiler mix pup, seek out a liable breeder. You can imagine paying anywhere from $250 to $850 USD.

The cost will reflect the parent’s lineage and the kind of breeder. Because of the size resemblances of the parents, the mother and the father can be identical, and the litter size is usually around 8 puppies.

2.   Appearance

The Rottweiler German shepherd mix is a big dog. Their size relies on their parents; however, they start from 75-115lb. They are usually perceived in black, black and tan, and brown colors with a dense coat. Some would be in longer furs if the parent German shepherd had a long hair coat.

Rottie Shepherd

3.   Grooming 

This breed sheds more. Steady brushing will retain his coat in a tip-top state; 3 to 4 baths each year would be sufficient to keep him sniffing sweet. Ensure to use appropriate dog shampoo while bathing your Rottweiler German shepherd mix. 

Additionally, brush his teeth numerous times a week and frequently check his ears. 

4.   Temperament

This breed is a firm candidate for knowledgeable large breed owners due to its faithful and loving nature. With both parents having similar features, they will surely have a strong character, but be watchful because it’s a hybrid; you can certainly not be 100% sure which qualities or features your dog will get, so adjustable owners are essential.

5.   Food and Diet Requirements

Make sure you feed your Rottweiler German shepherd mix a high-quality food that fulfills his daily nutritional desires:

  • As a pup, around 22% of his diet must be protein, and approximately 8% must be fat.
  • Once he is fully grown, this will decrease slightly to around 18% protein as well as 5% fat.

Ensure you read the tag on pet food to ensure it contains the correct quantity of protein as well as fats and isn’t excessively high in sugars. As a pup, you will feed them 4 meals daily – to avoid over-stretching his belly. Once he grows, this will decrease but sustain at least two meals daily for the rest of his life.

6.   Exercise requirements 

With both sire and dam being historical workers, it is surprising that this unique breed is high in energy. They adore being busy, and it is suggested that they exercise for around 60 to 120 minutes daily to maintain their shape and keep their minds active.

Keep to five minutes of exercise each month of age to prevent any skeletal harm from over-working out.

7.   Health issues

This hybrid contains the risk of getting any health problems from its parents. These comprise Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, bloat, and CDRM.

Are German shepherd Rottweiler Mixes Easily Trainable?

In most circumstances, the German shepherd Rottweiler mix can be easy to train as they have  diligent nature and are clever. Based upon your particular pup’s genetics, they might be disposed to obduracy from time to time; however, as long as you train regularly and you consider positive reinforcement training methods, you can train this pooch easily.

Do not use negative reinforcement methods. For example, yelling or hitting to train your rottie mix (or any dog), because they will possibly learn to dislike training sessions and disbelief you, causing destructive as well as aggressive behaviors.

Are German shepherd Rottweiler Mixes Enthusiastic?

German shepherd mixed with Rottweiler dogs are a high-energy and need plenty of exercise as well as other physical inspiration to stay glad. You will have to provide them at least one or two hours of exercise daily and ensure that they get a minimum of 2 long walks every day.

Furthermore, they will require sufficient space to spend time carefully and have outside time to spend with their loved ones and toys. This dog breed is an outstanding choice if you already have a vigorous lifestyle full of hiking, long walks, as well as time outside and need to add an active friend to it.


Q: What is the lifecycle of a Rottweiler mixed with a German shepherd?

This hybrid is a large dog at around 22-28 inches tall, considering between 75-115 pounds weight. The lifespan of this hybrid is approximately 10-13 years.

Q: How big does the German shepherd Rottweiler mix get?

As a cross among German Shepherd Dog as well as Rottweiler parents, you can guess Rotties to be on the big side. Mostly weigh in at around 75-115 pounds, plus range in height from 22-28 inches.

Q: Can Chihuahua mix with Rottweiler?

The Chihuahua mixed with Rottweiler can differ widely in look and physique. Their parent breeds impact their body arrangement — taking after the Rottweiler dog would bring about a muscular as well as a medium-large dog, while taking after the Chihuahua dog will provide a delicate, thin, and petite pet.

Q: How much is a Rottweiler mixed with a German shepherd?

You can assume to pay among $250 and $850. The cost largely depends on the lineage of the parents and the category of the breeder. But, you might have a difficult time getting a high-quality breeder for this cross.

Final thoughts 

When raised appropriately, a German shepherd mixed with a Rottweiler is a robust as well as stable, even-tempered mix.

With both dam and sire being significant guardians, you can result in some remote or possibly wary behaviors; however, these certainly aren’t anything an accomplished owner and prompt training and entertaining can’t tackle. 

Rottweiler German shepherd mix is trustworthy and loving, extremely intelligent, and trainable. This dog is high in energy, and you’ll see if you’ve not encountered his regular exercise and psychological stimulation quota! 

However, at the end of your day, when Rottweiler mix is lying across your feet, then your heart will not wish for a more daring and kind giant. Share your thoughts below.

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