8 Things You Must Know About Husky Rottweiler Mix

husky rottweiler mix

Husky Rottweiler mix, also called Rottsky, is a stylish dog breed developed by crossing the world’s two most healthy dogs—Rottweiler as well as Husky. They take over the required features from both of their parents.

However, if you are captivated by this wonderful breed and need to recognize if it is the right choice for you as well as your family, then this article is the right place for you.

But before we start, you have to know that, similar to other mix-breeds, specific traits or Rottsky pups may differ based upon how much they are congenital from each parent. But, Rottskies are high-energy canines who look to never become tired.

So they are better matched for houses with sufficient restricted outdoor space, where they can walk around freely.

Rottweiler and Husky mix comparison

Height: 20-26 inches
Weight: 55-95 pounds
Lifespan: 8-14 years
Color: Black, red, brown, cream, white
Temperament: Highly active, caring, vocal
Suitable for: Households with enclosed outdoor space, retiring parents
Other names: Rottsky, Rotteiler and Husky mix, Rott Husky mix, Rottweiler Husky mix

1.   Husky Rottweiler Mix: Appearance

Just like their parents, Rottskies tend to have a dense and robust buildup. Rottsky has inherited extra from its Rottweiler parent, and it has a larger buildup having a short as well as an extensive muzzle and a wide-ranging head like Rottweilers. 

Their eyes are almond-shaped and generally have a blue or brown color. Rottweiler and husky mix contain erected ears, and in some circumstances, they contain sloppy ears that fold down based on their ancestry.

2.   Temperament

Rottsky dogs are faithful, playful, and caring. They get the safety of the German dog—Rottweiler—and the mischievousness of the Siberian doggo—Husky. So, they are very defensive of their loved ones and their property. 

Additionally, Rottskies are a joy to be around. They make outstanding friends and family dogs because they survive well with kids. When we talk about strangers, Rottweiler and Husky mix can be a little standoffish, particularly at an early stage once they are decisive if it is a welcoming stranger or a possible threat.

3.   Coat

Both Rottweilers, as well as Husky, have a double coat. The Rottweiler’s fur is short and silky, lying smoothly against their bodies; on the other hand, Huskies have medium-length coats, shielding them against the cold weather and harsh weather circumstances. 

4.   Grooming

The grooming needs of a Rottsky depend upon its coat. Besides, 3 to 4 grooming sessions will be sufficient if it contains the typical short fur of its Rottweiler parent. However, if your Rottsky dog inherits the denser fur of its Husky parent, it will need almost regular brushing.  

To the extent that bathing is concerned, Rottweiler Husky mix requires a bath once it is essential. You can consider a vet-approved shampoo for bathing your dog. You must remember that bathing your Rottsky more often will deprive him of its ordinary oils that are important for the skin as well as coat health. 

Moreover, you should brush your Rottsky’s teeth every day. This will keep dental problems at bay and uphold that kissable odor to your doggo.

5.   Rottsky exercise needs

Rottskies are high-energy dogs wanting extensive physical workouts and mental encouragement to stay fit as well as healthy. If you’re going to keep a Rottsky, organize yourself for all the shots, walks, as well as dog park tours. If you don’t deliver your Rottsky with sufficient regular exercise, he might get behavioral problems.

6.   Training

If you need your Rottsky pup to grow into an obedient pup, you must start training your dog early. You should use positive assistance and be patient and steady for training sessions to be useful. As these puppies are not a good pick for new owners.

7.   Health Problems

Generally, crossbreeds are hypoallergenic; however, they are less predisposed to health situations than other dogs. So, mixed breeds are deliberated healthy rather than purebred dogs due to their extensive gene pool. 

But, Rottskies are prone to health conditions, for example, hip dysplasia as well as elbow dysplasia, because of their large size. 

8.   Rottsky Lifespan

The average lifespan of a Rottsky is around 9-14 years. 

Should you get a Rottweiler Husky mix or not?


  • They are very loyal and protective.
  • They are great family dogs because they live with kids pretty easily
  • They love to go with you on your morning walks


  • They shed more
  • Rottskies are not apartment-friendly
  • They need a lot of grooming as well as exercise, letting them a big responsibility.


Q: How much is a Rottweiler Husky mix?

The Rottsky is a comparatively new breed, and for itself, there are some breeders nearby, and this is the main factor when we talk about the pricing of Rottsky pups. The rate of a Rottsky starts from $600 and can touch thousands of dollars.

Q: Are Rottweiler and Husky mix good dogs?

Rottskies can be very loyal and protective. If entertained from a young age, these dogs can be great with children. They will be a bit anxious about guests, though, mainly strangers.

Q: Are Rottweiler Husky mix hard to train?

Rottskies are keen and easy to train. Approachable with individuals, whereas still being defensive of his family. They contain a bit of dog anger despite being entertained from a young age.

Final Verdict 

In general, a Rottweiler Husky mix can be a great addition to your home. They’re adorable creatures that like playing as well as having fun. With their conspicuous good appearance, it’s not difficult to get why they’re so prevalent.

If you want to get a Rottsky, do your research to ensure that you can manage their exclusive personalities and requirements. They want a lot of consideration and determined training to flourish. 

If you are committed that you need one, then find the perfect breeder that you can trust. Although it may appear like a lot of work owing to a Rottsky, it will be worth it once you’re relishing time with your furry friend.

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