Are Rottweilers herding dogs? Complete Guide in 2024


In ancient Roman legions, people originally bred Rottweilers as herding and farm dogs. They commonly kept them to guard the flocks and protect the farms. Sometimes the Rottweilers were also used to carry their goods in carts. But the question is still there that are Rottweilers herding dogs?

The simple answer is yes. Rottweilers are suitable as herding dogs because of many traits. Though Rottweilers have done a variety of canine occupations over the years, they are now considered giant softies that prefer lying about with their owners.

Numerous people select to herd with these breeds as they’re active and their breeds are fasteners among the culture. But, just as these dog breeds seem to take over the cultural prospect of herding doesn’t mean any other breeds cannot share the attention. When you seek a herding dog, you desire a pooch that keeps a high sense of defense, trustworthiness, and intelligence.
One dog breeds that fulfills all three of these potentials is the Rottweiler. Today I will examine these herding dogs and how Rotties fit into the timeline as operative herding dogs.

What Is a Farm Dog?

It’s worth rapidly illuminating exactly what is a farm dog. There are numerous kinds of farms and just as several roles for canines to fill. The majority of farm dogs are predictable to do a little bit of all, which could comprise herding, droving, guarding property, stalking pests, and, although it’s not very common any longer, even pulling farm carts of goods. Rottweilers can manage every one of those works and more.

Furthermore, there are numerous precise farm jobs, such as living with and protecting livestock, for which Rottweiler dogs may not be as good suited. But these dogs make a great choice when we talk about general or versatile work on the farm.

Rottweiler: A herding dog:

The Rottweilers are the oldest dog breed known for herding and guarding the cattle. The ancient Romans utilized these dogs for various farm tasks. Despite being carnivores, the dogs lack the inherent urge to eat cattle. But are Rottweilers herding dogs?

However, the Rottweilers make the best herding dogs because of their guiding abilities. They can guide and control the herd by circling and barking. Their stout appearance makes them scary enough to lead the herd or the flock.

3 Tips for Training Your Rottweilers to Herd:

Rottweilers are willful dogs, and they need proper training before you keep them for a specific purpose. Here are some tips you can use to train your Rottweiler to become a better herding dog.

1.       Teach them basic commands.

The first step is to teach basic commands to your dog. Your dog must obey you and know your instructions and signals. Teach them the basic commands like sit, stand, run, grab, etc.

2.       Identify the herding behavior.

In the next step, you must know if your dog is suitable for herding or not. You can judge the nature of your Rottweiler by observing their behavior around the livestock. If your dog barks and becomes aggressive around other animals, it might not be a suitable candidate for herding. However, better training can reduce the aggression and panic in these pets.

3.       Teach them herding commands.

The next step is to teach the herding commands to your pets. The basic herding commands must instill a sense of direction in your pet. Therefore, teach them the signals and sounds to come towards you, go away from you, or move right and left.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are Rottweilers naturally a herding dog?

Rottweilers are a very suitable breed for herding because of their protective nature. These dogs are naturally loving and caring pets. They have the best leading characteristics making them the best breed for herding.

  1. Do I have to teach herding to my dogs?

Yes, dogs need training for herding the flock and leading the animals. The untrained dogs might not understand your signals. The ability to protect is naturally present in dogs. However, you must teach some basic commands to your Rottweilers to help them comprehend what you want them to do.

  1. Are Rottweilers suitable for farm duties?

A cattle farm or herd can have many duties to perform. One duty is to lead and protect the cattle herd. Another duty is pest control on the farm. Similarly, the farm also needs animals to carry the instruments or feeds. Rottweilers can perform all these duties very efficiently. Therefore, you can keep Rottweilers as farming or herding dogs.


Over millennia, Rottweilers have excelled at agriculture and herding tasks. But you might think Are Rottweilers herding dogs suitable for this century? They might not be appropriate for every farm or activity; they are still capable of herding and serving as security dogs in the correct situations.

Good training with cattle is the best way to prepare your Rottweiler for a happy and healthy life on a farm. Rottweilers make excellent herding dogs due to their strong desire to love and defend their owners.

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