Do Rottweilers Get Along With Cats? 5 Tips


Rottweilers have a status of being on the nastier, more hostile side. This aggressiveness can make it perplexing to try and have a dog mixed with a cat in the same home. Thus, do Rottweilers get along with cats? The answer is yes; Rottweilers can be amazingly good with cats. The main thing is to ensure that your Rottweiler is appropriately socialized as well as trained.

Why do Rottweilers get along with cats?

But, one thing that can make your mind comfortable is this: Rottweiler dogs are more territorial when talking about other Rotties of a similar sex. Thus, even if you putatively took another pooch into the mix; however, they were not the same sex, you possibly wouldn’t have several problems, as well.

What can surprise you is that several Rottweilers can be just good with cats. This might be a hit-and-miss kind of condition; however, for the most part, numerous Rottweiler owners have discovered that they can keep both pets without any problem.

If you need to ensure that your Rottweiler dog can get along with a cat, so there are numerous steps you can take. In reality, there are two main things to recall once trying to get a cat nearby your Rottweiler and vice versa:

With these important things, you must have little to no issues when your dog mixed with a cat in the same home. 


How to train your Rottweiler to get along with cats?

Rottweilers should be comprehensively trained as well as socialized at an initial age. This will regulate their voracious impulse and local drives.

1.      Socialization of your dog

Socialization of Rottweiler must start as soon as you carry them home. This dog is clever and very trainable. Besides, to socialize your pup, you have to place your Rottweiler with cats. The dog park is an outstanding place to socialize your Rottweiler. 

You can also get a dog daycare for your Rottie. Your Rottweiler can go for several days in dog daycare.

2.      Familiarize them with new people

Once individuals enter your house, familiarize them with your dog immediately. Don’t let your Rottweiler jump up at anyone. Utilizing obedience commands such as “down” and “sit” once visitors come round.

3.      Use positive support training. 

Rottweilers can adequately recognize your commands and pick them up through positive reinforcement. They can feel your frustration or wrath. Having a good approach will just aid your Rottweiler to learn quicker. This can help your Rottweiler to enjoy it.

4.      Provide affection 

Rottweilers need love from their owners. Rottweilers love being part of their owner’s family and become obedient dogs. Ignored Rottweilers can become aggressive and unfriendly dogs. 

5.      Consider dog training courses.

If you cannot devote extra time, it’s good to register your Rottweiler dog in a pup kindergarten. Your dog will learn how to mix with cats as well as other pets. With appropriate training, affection, positive strengthening, and socialization, a dog mixed with a cat can become a wonderful friend.


Q: Do Rottweilers dislike cats?

Several reports recommend a dog mixed with a cat does not create any problem. This is unreliable but not to be sacked. Rottweilers are also defensive; if they see a cat as family, they will act consequently.

Q: Will my Rottweiler hurt my cat?

Dogs can cruelly injure cats; thus, it is essential to ensure they combat for a short time. On the other hand, cats can also damage dogs; however, this occurs far less frequently. In several circumstances, the cat is trying to escape from the dog.


Although Rottweilers can pick up to get along with cats, always be cautious with their interaction with cats. Rottweiler dogs frequently walk a fine line between safety and aggressiveness. So as a liable Rottweiler owner, you should socialize and train your dog early

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