Unveiling Rottweiler Lab Mix: 5 Fun Facts, Characteristics, and More

Rottweiler Lab

The Rottweiler Lab mix has occupied the whole world by storm. Rottweilers mixed with Labradors are not for the new dog owner agreeing with their energetic and tenacious nature. Regardless of that, these dogs will fit into most families.

Rottweiler Lab Mix Overview 

A cross between Labrador as well as Rottweiler, the ancestries of the Rottweiler mixed with Labrador remain unidentified. It is believed that they were initially developed one-time in the US in the 1990s.

Even though they were grown as companions, they are a fit and responsive breed that can be utilized as more than just a beloved pet. They outdo at dog sports, for example, agility or rally.

Weight70-115 lbs
HeightAround 24 inches
Coat TypeDouble coat
Coat ColorBlack, brown, or a mixture of black and tan
Amount of SheddingReasonable
TemperamentFamily-friendly, affectionate, intelligent, active, active, and defensive
Life Expectancy9-12 years
New Owner FriendlyNo

5 fun facts about Labrottie  

  1. Lab and Rottweiler mixes are also called Rottadors, Labrottie, and Labweilers.
  2. They are one of the leading hybrid dogs.
  3. Regardless of the short coat, these canines are not hypoallergenic.
  4. The Dog Registry of America accepts them; however, not by the AKC.
  5. Labrottie is a very adjustable dog and is appropriate for most families.

Top 7 Characteristics of Labrotties

1.    Physical appearance 

As this is a mixed-breed dog, the physical appearance of Rottadors will differ based upon which parent breed the pup takes. Generally, Labradors are reedier than Rottweilers; thus, Labrotties will fall someplace in the mid of these two breeds.

The distinctive size of one of these canines is anywhere from 24 to 27 inches in height, weighting approximately 70 to 115 pounds. These dogs are present in several colors comprising brown, black, or gray.

In addition, black and tan fur like a Rottweiler is most prevalent. They hold a double coat, so these dogs shed fairly.

2.    Personality and Temperament

Rottweilers and Labradors differ slightly in their characters; thus, it can be hard to guess how your mix will act when fully developed. Labrotties will follow you in the house and are pleased once they are on your side.

Due to this character, they are frequently predisposed to separation anxiety; therefore, please be prepared to work through this with this mix. Additionally, Rottweiler and Lab mixes are a caring breed; however, they are not usually aggressive.

Appropriate socialization can help control their anger; however, they will never be very friendly with strangers.

3.    Exercise Needs

Both breeds are high-energy and agile; thus, your mix will be identical. These canines like to go and require a lot of day-to-day exercises. At least sixty minutes of walk daily with another hour of leisure time is the bare minimum vital for these dogs. 

You can also go for dog sports with your mix, for example, agility as well as a rally. Anything that fits good for your dog’s body is acceptable. If these pooches do not get delivery of the appropriate amount of physical encouragement, they can become vicious.

4.    Grooming and Shedding

Due to their short coat, Rottadors do not need consistent visits to the groomers or regular brushing. But they have to be brushed after one day gap. Consistent bathing is also not essential for Labrotties. 

You can provide them a bath once they smell. Excessive baths can dry out their coat and create skin annoyance. You can also utilize a dog towel to eradicate dead hair and the skin.

5.    Feeding and Diet

Dog food with a high protein level specified for large dogs is ideal for your mix. You must consult with your doctor to maintain the protein level your dog wants. As Rottadors are predisposed to bloat, so it is better to feed this pooch in smaller servings during the day. Offering them one cup of food 3 times daily is best.

6.    Recognized Health Problems

Some issues Rottweilers mixed with Lab are predisposed to comprise ear infections, sensitivities, cold tail, and obesity. Getting pet insurance may save you from the stress of going to the medical health care experts with compensation for every bill.

7.      Labrottie Mix Aggression

As a breed, Rottweilers are accountable for a disproportionate number of dog attacks. A certain sum of this could have to do with the kind of situations the breeds get themselves in; however, we don’t distinguish that for sure. Besides, we can’t negate statistics. They appear to be amongst the more aggression-prone dog breeds.

This should be considered by individuals with children. The devastating majority of folks killed by violent dogs are kids, as they’re much more susceptible. Guarding canines are usually good with their families; however, families have friends. Children bring over other children, and a family pet requires to be accommodating of this.

What are the pros and cons of owning Labrottie?


  • Protective and faithful
  • A Family dog and trustworthy companion
  • Smart and loving
  • Active dog great stamina
  • Easily trained
  • Stimulated
  • Usually healthy, low-maintenance


  • The humiliation of Rottweiler’s aggression
  • Harsh if left alone, will bite and chew things
  • Requires company, undergoes separation anxiety
  • Strong and powerful require supervision with small kids
  • Wary of outsiders
  • High Energy
  • Stubborn and unfriendly


Q: How big will a lab Rottweiler mix get?

The Rottador dog breed is a comparatively new mixed breed, so there are some principles when we talk about size. But, as a mix of Rottweiler as well as Labrador parents, you can assume the Labrottie to be on the big side. Many Rottadors weigh around 70-115 pounds and vary in height, starting from 24-27 inches.

Q: Are Rottweilers Lab Mixes good dogs?

Both Rottweilers as well as Labradors make outstanding family dogs; thus, imagine this mix to be no unlike. They are willing to contribute to any tricks that their children get up to. Just keep in mind these mixes are defensive by nature and will frequently view other kids as a risk to their own babies.

Q: How much does a Labrottie cost?

You can imagine a Labrottie pup to cost approximately $600.

Q: What is a Rottador or Labrottie?

The Rottador or Labrottie is a mixed breed pooch–a cross of a Rottweiler as well as Labrador retriever. Big, active, and faithful, these dogs have some great features from both their sire and dam. Other names are Labweiller, Rottwador, as well as Rott ‘n Lab.


Rottadors are great in most families and are very adjustable dogs. They do well in homes with energetic owners and elder kids. However, due to their large size and tenacious nature, Labrotties are not suggested for first-time owners.

They are trustworthy, protective, and lively balls of energy. In addition, they need a lot of regular physical encouragement to keep them healthy. Generally, they are easy to take care of. The chief point to be concerned about is how large they propagate and ensuring they get sufficient socialization as well as exercise.

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